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The Australian National Corpus is a discovery service that collates and provides access to assorted examples of Australian English text, transcriptions, audio and audio-visual materials. If you have any questions, comments or feedback about our website or the content please contact us via email at:
The contribution from AustLit provides full-text access to select samples of out of copyright poetry, fiction and criticism ranging from 1795 to the 1930s. The collection includes literature intended for popular audiences as well as literature intended for audiences concerned with literary quality or the establishment of a national canon. The bibliographical information associated with these records enables researchers to investigate the relationships between texts and particular publishers or to track the first publication of each text in newspapers, magazines or journals. The collection includes bibliographic and production information for works of fiction and poetry, writing for the theatre, biographical and travel writing, writing for film and television, criticism and reviews and the people and organisations who produce them.
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Australian Corpus of English
The Australian Corpus of English (ACE) was compiled to match Australian data from 1986 with the American (Brow) and British (LOB) corpora of written English from the 1960s. It includes 500 samples of published texts taken from 15 different categories of nonfiction and fiction, including newspapers, reportage, editorials, reviews; magazines and journals: popular, academic; government and corporate documents; fiction monographs and short stories (both popular and literary).
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Australian Radio Talkback
Australian Radio Talkback (ART) is a set of transcribed recordings of samples of national, regional and commercial Australian talkback radio from 2004 to 2006.. It includes 27 audio recordings and transcripts of talkback from ABC National Radio (NAT), ABC Radio broadcasts to eastern Australian (ABCE), ABC Radio broadcasts to southern and western Australia (ABCNE), as well as commercial stations broadcasting to eastern Australia (COME) and southern and western Australia (COMNE).
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Braided Channels
The Braided Channels research collection includes materials collected on Australia women, land and history in the Channel country. The collection is constructed from some 70 hours of oral history interviews with women from Australia's Channel Country, together with archival film, transcripts, photos and music. It includes both audiovisual recordings and transcripts of interviews.
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Corpus of Oz Early English
The Corpus of Oz Early English (COOEE) includes 1353 samples of texts written in Australia, New Zealand or Norfolk Island, or by native Australians on travels, between 1788 and 1900. It includes a selection of unpublished letters and published books, and historical texts.
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Griffith Corpus of Spoken Australian English
The Griffith Corpus of Spoken Australian English (GCSAusE) comprises a collection of forty audio recordings and transcriptions of spoken interaction amongst Australian speakers of English, as well as users of English in Australia more generally, collected by staff and students at Griffith University. The recordings are transcribed using conversation analysis transcription conventions.
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International Corpus of English (Aus)
The Australian component of the International Corpus of English (ICE-AUS) is an approximately one million word corpus of transcribed spoken and written Australian English from 1992-1995. It consists of 500 samples of Australian English (60% speech, 40% writing) that matches the structure of other ICE corpora (associated with the International corpus of English). The spoken data includes recordings and transcriptions of face-to face spoken conversations, telephone conversations, monologues, broadcast dialogues, and scripted speech. The written texts include samples of unpublished letters (personal and professional), student essays, newspaper writing, popular nonfiction, academic writing, and fiction.
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Mitchell and Delbridge
The Mitchell and Delbridge database contains recordings of Australian English as spoken by 7736 students at 330 schools across Australia, mostly collected in 1960. The contribution to the Australian National Corpus includes a small selection of of audio recordings of spoken wordlists and monologues.
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The Monash Corpus of English (MCE) consists of a collection of audio recordings and transcriptions of interviews made in Melbourne in 1997. The subjects of the interviews were adolescents from a variety of schools.
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The La Trobe Corpus of Spoken Australian English
The La Trobe Corpus of Spoken Australian English (LTCSAusE) comprises a collection of six recordings and transcriptions of spoken interaction amongst Australian speakers of English (some in conversation with native French speakers speaking English) made in Melbourne from 2001 to 2002. The recordings are transcribed using a combination of the Santa Barbara and conversation analysis transcription conventions.
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