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Born in Australia
Born in Australia
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MET3M1_Sanitised (Text), Text
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There appears to be quite a large section missing from the first part of the interview (when presumably questions about birthplace, etc., were asked - SK.
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Hello there
How are you?
Good thanks

IS THERE ANYTHING MISSING HERE??? - SK. Yes!! Seems to be some dialogue
         missing - not present on any of the CDs - CP
Commerce, psychology and prob’ly become a sports psychologist
Right … um … Did you ever have a teacher who picked on you?
Ah .. no. I didn’t
That’s pretty good ... um, and what do you like to do after school?
After school .. I either do my homework but most times I’ve got some
         type of sports training either at school or my own personal
         training sometimes I’m pretty busy
Right  um What sort of training do you do?
I do ah .. sprinting training um .. and cricket training and stuff
         like that; a lot of cross training
Right,  yeah … um … Is there a, a, a group of people that you always
         sort of hang round with at school or?
I s’pose there’s a group of about .. fifteen to twenty boys that I
         hang round with at school.  We go to the gym at lunch time
We kick the footy on the oval; have lunch in the canteen
@@@ So you like to play sport a bit?
Yeah ... Do you have a, a best friend?
Um … I sup… I’d say .. I prob’ly don’t; I’ve got a lot of good
I’d say,  when I was a bit younger, I maybe had one or two best
         friends but now I’d say I’ve prob’ly got a dozen really good
Yes, yeah .. and ah .. what do you, what do you all like to do
Um … surprise, surprise, we like going to the football and stuff like
Um … I like going to the movies just like any other normal person ..
         um … just muck round; go out
What was the last film you saw?
The last film I saw I think was … Independence Day
Oh yes, yes .. A lot of hype about that
For sure
So .. right .. what would you do if you won tattslotto?
If I won Tattslotto, I’d firstly make sure that my family was .. um …
         financially well off for the rest of .. our lives and .. um .. then
         I’d prob’ly look at extended family and then … I s’pose look at a
         charity or something like that
Put it towards an organisation that I .. I believe in
Yes, that, that, that, that’s good …Um, what kinds of things do you
         have rows about in your family?
Um … Oh .. we’ve got two televisions so we normally don’t fight about
         what’s on television

Um prob’ly what we’re having for dinner that night’s prob’ly the most
         common thing
Yeah, yeah .. I can relate to that … Have you ever been in hospital?
I have. I had my appendix out .. I had an operation to have my
         appendix out but I didn’t need to have my appendix out
It got to the stage where I didn’t need to.  I went in to have it
         out but I didn’t ... it appeared I didn’t need to
When I was about eight .. and I also had my tonsils out when I was …
I think it was. And I’ve been in hospital a number of times for just .. first aid
Yeah, yeah, as it happens, yeah.  Have you, do you think the older
         generation understand younger people today?
To a certain extent, yes, and I think in a lot of .. um .. a lot of
         issues and a lot of situations they do, and I think that it’s very
         important for the younger generation  to .. to  understand that the
         older generation aren’t out there to get us
They they are our friends and they can help us and I think it’s
         very important to utilise them
Um .. but there are certain issues I think that it’s .. it is
         impossible for the older generation to understand
The generation gap sort of stuff
I think the generation gap is too vast
If you had to describe yourself to an Australian visitor to
         Melbourne, what would you say?
Myself, personally?
Um .. I would say that .. I wouldn’t regard myself as a typical
         Australian … Um … even though .. my parents were born here
Um … I s’pose I am .. a normal Australian, I mean, I go to school;
         I’ve got … I’ve got a sister … Um .. I live around the city .. I
         play sports .. I watch television.  I am a .. typical Australian
         but .. as I say,  I think everyone’s .. individual in this country
Yeah, yeah
It’s a bit of a stereotype. I don’t think you could ever say that
         anyone’s a typical Australian
Yeah, very much so, yes … How do you think your best friend .. ah ..
         would describe you?
He’d prob’ly say that I was … oh .. sport mad I suppose

Um … and someone that ... was at times a little too serious but …
         after a while doe loosen up and can be, can be quite funny
Okay, yes … And, ah, would the .. would a, a best friend of, of an
         opposite sex say a similar thing?
Um … I’m not sure; you’d have to ask her that but um
But .. um .. I’d hope so, yeah
Yeah .. oh well .. that’s fair enough … And .. ah.. how would you
         describe Melbourne itself to a visitor?
Um, I love Melbourne personally. I couldn’t think of anywhere better
         I’d like to live .. in the world … um … it’s certainly a place ..
         that’s .. ah .. rich in ah … cultural diversity. I mean
It is, yes
You know .. you’ve got that many .. ah .. different nationalities, um
         .. you’ve only got to walk down .. um .. Collins Street or
         something to look at all the different restaurants, and sample all
         the different cuisines from all over the world
Um ... the sporting events are just fantastic. I mean, you’ve got the
         Boxing Day test, the AFL Grand Final, the Melbourne Cup .. the Ford
         Australian Open. I mean, the list goes on and on and on here
No shortage of things to do here
That’s correct, yes .. There’s always something to do in Melbourne
Oh well, thank you very much .. ah .. thank you very much

* Although Tavis calls this informant, REDACTED, he
is actually REDACTED.  I don’t know why Tavis
addresses him as REDACTED.