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Born in England
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant was born in France and lived there until he was three years old. His father was born in England but lived in Australia for most of his life. His parents can both speak French, and his father can also speak Indonesian. The informant speaks only English at home and to extended family (none of them have a French background, for instance). He is learning French at school, but is ‘pretty hopeless’ at it.
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Interactive Discourse
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Okay, REDACTED, what did you do during the
    summer holidays?
Um.  Let me see, I went running a lot.  Um.  I went down to Lorne and
    celebrated New Year down there.  We must of had about two weeks down
    there and I ran the Lorne mountain to surf.  That was pretty good.
So you're really into sport by the sound of it.
Just running at the moment um.
Oh right.
And I played a lot of video games too.  Um.  Shadows of the Empire.
    I'm trying to think what else I did.  I didn't really do anything
    particularly intellectual.  I painted a little bit.  Drew a little bit.
Um.  That probably just about concludes it.  Just relaxed, generally.
     Oh, played round on the internet for a few hours a day.
That would probably That would be my holiday.
Right.  Do you celebrate Christmas in a big way.
Yeap.  Oh pretty big.  Yeap.
Certainly.  And er I think we yeah we celebrate it you know with both
    sides of the family um, mother and father.
Father's side this year.  And yeah anyway we celebrate Christmas.
    Um.  We didn't go to church though.  We don't usually sometimes at
    Easter but rarely.
Mmmhmm.  Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Yeap.  One sister, REDACTED.
Right.  Is she younger?
She's six.
She's six.
Okay.  How do you feel about being a big brother to a six year old?
Oh it's fine.  No problems.  I mean, she's um pretty good.
Bit of an age difference.
Yeah, huge age difference.
Um.  ???  I pity her because she's got so long left at shool.  She's
    not very happy there at the moment but
It's nice to have her around, that's for sure.
Yeah.  Yeah.  Um.  Do you like the hot weather?
Um.  Oh, I'm used to it now.  I I I prefer it to the cold but then
    when it's really hot I don't know it's very tiring.  And especially it
    it makes training harder and that sort of thing.
And it's difficult to concentrate um.  Yeah.  I Really cold weather
    that I don't like I would like about sixteen degrees is optimum.
Right, for training you mean.
Yeah.  What time of day do you tend to train?
About nine or ten at night.
Oh right.  Quite late.
Yeap.  Well, it's just because I like the dark.
Yeap.  And
And do you do that on your own?
Yeah just on my own just
Go for a run, time myself and then sack (?).  Maybe during the day in
    the summer I can do some like shorter distances around the park.
In the daytime, which is better I suppose but I like I'm sort of a
    night time creature I guess.
Mmmhmm.  And you train on your own most of the time?
Yeap.  Yeap.  Usually.
Do you feel quite safe?
Yeah, I feel quite safe, yeah.  Nothing can catch me.
Yeap.  Oh that's true.  You're a fast runner?
Oh no.  I'm not, I'm a distance runner so
So you're in Year Eleven this year?
Um.  What subjects are you doing?
Let me see, I'm doing the Accelerated Maths, which is just, sort of a
    combination of General Maths and Maths Methods.  Doing Year Twelve
    History, Art, um, Chemistry, Physics, English.  I think that's it.  It
    is.  Yeap.
Okay.  And what do you intend to do?
Oh it's probably something with the sciences.  I'm not sure yet.  Um.
     Something with Chemistry or Physics or maybe something in the defence
    forces perhaps.
Oh I see.  Um.  If you did go on to university, do you have a
    preference which university, you know?
Monash or Melbourne.
Yeah.  Doesn't matter?
No.  It doesn't matter.  Or not really.  I'm not really a LaTrobe
    type man.
Right.  Yeah.
I'm not fussed.  ??
Would you go away to study?
Oh I suppose so.  Um.  But I'd like to study in Europe which would be
    really neat but I
I figured that probably won't happen.
You're going to love that, I just gave you some very nice
Did you um oh do you speak any other languages besides English?
Oh.  I used to.  My French is pathetic but I I learnt it up to Year
Did you?
And I was born in France so after that I had to learn it.
I see.
Oh I enjoyed leaving it too.
It was good.
It's nice.  I can sort of pretend to be cultured.
Right.  Do your parents speak French?
Yeap but not not at home they
They but they can speak it, yeah.
I see.  Are they French?
I mean Dad's almost (?) English, was born in England.  And my
    mother's Australian.  Like, we know from several generations.
Plenty of generations.
Mmm.  Okay.  Well, I'm going to ask you to read some sentences for
    me.  And just read them out loud as as you normally would.
Just one down to eighteen.  Just take your time and
So is this gunna be like a castle /?/ and castle /?/ type deal or
Something like that.
1.  The diggers found the opal seam.
2.  Accidents will happen!
3.  The aged appreciate oral communication rather than memos.
4.  The man in the queue knew he was wasting his time.
5.  The pot holder was his Christmas gift.
6.  Megan bought a pair of leather boots and put them on the rug.
7.  You can reheat paella paella I'm not sure for tea.
8.  Stella had twin boys, and then a little girl.
9.  I went to buy some lilies-of-the valley.
10.  Queensland now plays in maroon, New South Wales in sky blue and
Victoria in dark blue.
11.  I prefer Fridays to Mondays, and Saturdays to Sundays.
12.  How old do you have to be to get a provisional driving licence in
13.  I assume that's basically right - but at least there's no controversy
about the boy's address: he lives here.
14.  What people need is vocational education.
15.  Do you know people with different regional accents?
RB: I think the intonation was bad.  Can I say it again?  or no?
JC: You can if you want to.
15.  Do you know people with different regional accents?
16.  On our tour of the Murray River, we watched birds, caught some bream
and other fish, and tried out some aquatic sports; we also went to a cattle
auction, and one day we found a small salt lake.
17.  Take either the seventy-two from Malvern or the eight from High Street
- they both go to Swanston Walk.
18.  City men traditionally wore bowler hats but they're very rare now.
19.  Ballarat, Oodnadatta, Horsham.
b     a      l    l    a     r    a     t
capital o   small o    d     n    a     double t   a
haitch      o    r     s     haitch     a    m