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Born in England
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant was born in France and lived there until he was three years old. His father was born in England but lived in Australia for most of his life. His parents can both speak French, and his father can also speak Indonesian. The informant speaks only English at home and to extended family (none of them have a French background, for instance). He is learning French at school, but is ‘pretty hopeless’ at it.
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Interactive Discourse
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And .. um
REDACTED, yeah ..  What do you pref .. which do
         you prefer?
It doesn’t bother me
Oh, that’s okay … um … Where, do  you live, if I could ask?
REDACTED .. yeah, sort of down the road a bit
Yeah, down the road
Yeah .. ah .. Where were you born?
I was born in France
In France?
Yep and I lived there for the first three years of my life so .. yeah
         .. in ?? .. and then came down here. My father was born in England
         but .. lived just about all of his life in Australia and my mother
         was born .. I think in Caulfield so ???
Yeah .. ah .. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yep, a sister, REDACTED .. five … and that’s it
So she’d be your younger sister?
Yep .. my younger sister
Um … and um what languages do you, do you use at home?
Um .. just English
Just English?
But, but both parents can speak French, and my dad can speak ..
         Indonesian and French
And .. I’m trying .. I learn .. French at school .. I try and … speak
         it but I’m .. pretty hopeless
Yes, I can relate to that .. Um … and ..ah .. which languages do you
         use to your extended family like your grandparents?
Oh, English
They’re … none of them are ??? French or ????
Yeah .. What sort of work do your parents do?
Um, my mother’s … my mother looks after the house pretty much, um …
         She was a librarian .. until .. my sister came along .. and .. my
         dad’s a physicist
Right .. righto .. Well that’s interesting … Um … What would you like
         to do .. ah ..when you leave school?
Oh, a chemist .. or a physicist or .. one of the .. um .. one of the
Something sort of scientific?
Yep, one of the real sciences .. not biology or .. ??
Gee, I hope we don’t have any biologists sitting here @@@
Any biologists in here?
Right, yes .. ah .. so is ah .. biology your … ah … so which would be
         your favourite subject … ah .. science? I s’pose science
Ah, well not including PE, I suppose .. science or um … yeah,
         general science isn’t much chop cause they mix … mix stuff ‘round
         an awful lot. I s’pose they are all linked together but
It doesn’t seem to suit me and .. um .. hist, history and ???
         science. I like them
So you do pretty well
I like them … you know
Yes… um, did you ever have a teacher that you .. ah .. really like a
Oh, I’ve had several teachers that were .. I’ve really .. um .. I’ve
         sort of .. as good, as good people, and .. are almost friends
Rather than just teachers .. um ???? … and … I think IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED … prob’ly ???

And .. um .. yeah, prob’ly just Year 8 and I’ve got a lot of teachers
         which I generally consider good blokes
Yeah, yeah .. Oh, that’s good .. yeah … um … Did you ever have one
         who picked on you?
Oh, that’s
I’ve seen some pretty hopeless teachers but … none of them have been
         very .. you know .. really .. unpleasant or anything They’ve just
         been hopeless
They’ve more or less They’ve picked on someone else 
Yep .. or just .. been completely inept or whatever
Hmm .. What do you like to  .. What do you like to do after school?
Um ... Probably … I .. I  like to .. surf ‘round on the computer, on
         the Internet
And that sort of thing .. um .. play on .. the Nintendo
64 .. and … or like .. go to the ???????*   … That’s pretty much it
Oh that, that’s good
Are there a group of .. ah .. kids that you like to hang around with?
Oh .. I hang around with .. um ... yeah probably about .. same as
         REDACTED .. fifteen, twenty different people
         so .. I think about twenty
Are you two friends?
Oh, I know REDACTED pretty well
I’d say everybody here knows each other
Pretty well
And so you like to do the same sorts of things?
Same sorts of things .. um .. oh well REDACTED
         has a, an awful lot more to do with .. well he barracks for
         Essendon which makes things hard
And I barrack for Melbourne
Yes .. yes, yes that, that’s true … Um … What would you do if you won
Oh … I’d probably spend .. most of it on my family .. I .. I’d travel
         a bit .. um … I would be .. at .. looking after my family would be
         a priority, I think .. probably .. be a little bit more selfish ..
         spend a bit more on myself

Try to do that sort of thing .. and then give it to .. I’d make
         sure I was secure .. for the rest of my life and then .. give it
         away .. something .. medical like .. a local charity not ... not a
         World Vision or anything
Look after your own country .. country first
Salvos probably
Yeah, yeah … Um .. what kinds of things do you have rows about in
         your family?
Oh .. not much. Just .. I don’t know .. I guess ... who .. who left
         the toilet down, that sort of thing .. just ..  We don’t row about
         dinner ‘cause we .. all pretty much .. eat what we like .. um
It’s more toilet seats at your house?
No  it’s very, very typical stuff
Sort of little things?
Little things .. We got ??? and, and … you know .. we’ve got plenty
         of .. um .. TVs .. so .. the TV doesn’t come into it

Um … and plenty of appliances so there’s never a shortage of that
         sort of stuff
Oh that’s ah .. that’s good. It keeps a bit of peace then.
Do you .. Have you ever been in hospital?
Um … a fair bit in through … no .. not .. overnight … I’ve um had a
         couple of scans .. had .. a couple of ultrasounds .. oh .. CT scan
You’ve just been in for day stuff?
Yeah just .. just day stuff … Outpatient type stuff
And do you think the .. ah .. older generation understand younger
         people today?
Yeah, I think they do .. I, I, I don’t think there’s  .. I think
         there’s .. too much made out of this generation gap business
I think they understand pretty well … Oh ..  I certainly .. don’t
         think they know everything there is though
Who does?
Yeah, exactly
Um .. How would you describe yourself to an Australian visitor .. to
Very typical .. I s’pose .. if there’s typical .. I s’pose I’m it
????? But that’s it .. typical
How do you think your best friend would describe you?
Um … Nice boy … ???
Hmm, yeah … Oh right … And ah do you think Melbourne is different
         from other cities in Australia?
Um … I guess well we’ve certainly got the cultural difference
??? … And all the arts and all that … It’s very good as well for
It’s good the way those two things are … Yeah ???? or anything there
They work very well together.  Um .. gee, I’m sounding like Jeff
         Kennet here. He’d love this sort of speech
 He probably would, yeah
Yeah, it’s, it’s different.  Sydney’s .. um .. I think a lot more
         pretty than Melbourne … and I s’pose the weather makes everybody a
         little bit more .. um .. a little bit more dour and … and .. um ..
         it’s semi- .. it’s semi-depressing here actually
A bit dull on days like today?
All right well thank you very much for that
Um .. I really appreciate it

* Interference from a school bell