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MET1MB_Sanitised (Text)

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primary,male,15-16 female
Born in Hong Kong
Cantonese, English
Born in Hong Kong
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MET1MB_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant was born in Hong Kong and came to Australia with his parents in 1986, when he was six years old. His parents both have degrees from Hong Kong, and he speaks Cantonese and English at home, and Cantonese with his grandparents. He goes back to Hong Kong every year (prefers it to Melbourne) and has travelled very widely in other parts of the world (likes the west coast of America). He is learning Mandarin at school.
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[u"Note: T1M appears to have recorded his 'friends' tape with his sister\n(presumably) - T1MS from the 'family' interview."]
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Interactive Discourse
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ok.thinking back to when you were at primary school what kind of
         games did you play and what was your favourite game?
ah we played.we played Red Rover.I remember that.that was really
         cool.d’you. have you played Red Rover?
uh uh
everyone stands in a line.and there’s like two lines like one.they’re
         all facing each other and they’re both
(?)distance.and then.everyone goes from one side. ‘Red Rover Red
         Rover send someone.over there.right over’.and coz these people
         are all holding hands. the person who to send over has to
         run through and try and break. through someone’s hand
so usuallyusually you call for someone who’s really weak.ha ha
yeh well ahm. we ??
ohh! I’ve got one
we played tiggy
ah that’s not fun
and Star Wars
no no I’ve-I’ve got one.Four Square.that’s the best.the best
oh yeah.yeah we played Four Square a lot
that was my favourite.coz we had ??
@that was.that was probly my favourite but it-it was just so
         retarded how. when the dunce get it he just smashed and hit the
         jack and  hm yes.that was a good game
 you know what we had?
and it was even worse when there was cat and dog the dog kept
         getting killed yeh
now listen listen.when we played like um because we always had
         uneven numbers and stuff  ‘n like
there was always one person left out
so we called the person left out ‘on the dole’ and I was always on
         the dole
so that wasn’t
have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do?
yes!..all the in year one I was blamed for taking this
         girl’s five dollars.because no because like she lost her five
         dollars and then someone in the class.found my wallet on that day
         and it had five dollars in it.and so Mrs. teacher is going
         ah you stole her five dollars and blahblah blah
well I-I guess you’ve probably been blamed for not doing your
no because I do my homework.if I don’t do it I don’t do it.and I
I don’t do it
ha.I don’t do it
no I just say ahh I don’t
where’s your homework girl? I don’t do it @@
@@no.I didn’t do it
so what? they can’t bash me up
oh I don’t know.I-I don’t think I’ve ever been blamed for something I
         didn’t do
yeh not ??
no big deal anyway
um.what football team do you barrack for? mm do we even watch the
nuh.don’t barrack for anyone.coz can’t be stuffed
how have they been doing this year? mmm me.go
I..don’t know..are the mergers a good idea?
I don’t really care.God (???)go
probably..a big corporate thing, I guess. what if a new boy girl
         comes to your school could they join your group? aw depends they
         coool or siick
 nuh.see if a new person comes to our school. I just talk to them
         like normal.and then like mean if I get along with them then I’ll
         just become friends with them if I’m not then I’m not. no big deal
         I don’t.I (don’t) think ah y’know are they cool enough to join my
ah yeh well I used to have a real.full ex sort of group
         nowadays is a lot different um..before
I think
like people couldn’t like walk  around with me if they were
         IQ of more than.five and a lot of people don’t so. ahm
but now-now it seems that I’m-I’m getting along (with) everyone
         I’m.sort of. all the new kids know me now.ah most of them are
         Chinese of course so .that helps. um.
why does that help?
well because.I.I’m sort of like.I’m-I’m the link between the Chinese
         an-and everyone else
yeh go hh
ah.because I can speak both languages and.sorta help out.y’know.
         everywhere and then
and then and then there’s the.poeple that come in that are athletes
         who y’know I sorta  show em the ropes and stuff
hm cool. no I-I. I’m nice to all the new people. and they all ask me
         if they don’t know something they just go (???)
yeh coz you’re the big mouth
I am not the big’s just coz I’m.yeh but isn’t that good that
         you know that you are approachable not like some ooh I’m just so
         good for myself. kind of person I mean
I mean that’s why I reckon class rep is so cool. coz then.they
         think.oh I can come to her 

and then you feel really cool. anyway.go on
yeh you retard
shut up retard
what do you think of homeys and choofers?
well I personally don’t like labelling people in those groups like
         homeys like what do you classify as a homey and ??
ah ?there is a sterotypical homey and
yeh I know but .I mean what do you think of them well...I really
         don’t think much of. anyone..I mean
well I don’t think I don’t think highly of choofers because..
they choof
yes well basically um.I mean I-I mean I’ve had the experience of
         playing on a team where ..
half of them are choofed
where three-quarters of the team sorta ‘choofed’ before the game, and
         um.well we didn’t have a very good game and this is a you know a
         sta-state national I dunno it was just
         pathetic.I mean ??
nah I think
we lost a lot a lot of matches because of that  and that was not
yeh at my school there’s like..the people who are like real choofers
         and stuff.they just.they always have to wear it on their sleeve and
         say you know.I’m really cool coz I’m a choofer
and like no no no in her story she writes about choofs like. her her her in herEnglish essays last year.that’s all she
         wrote about choofing.and drug dealers and n yeh
yeh well so what I-I-I write about. people getting massacred but I
         mean that doesn’t mean much
yeh I know.but she wrote it on her pencil case and
         stuff.y’know like ‘choof rules’ and it’s like um.God
no I just I just don’t think highly of people who try and fit into
         one of who try and fit the stereotypical image of them
yeh I dunno I‘ve got no real opinion
what magazines do you read,ahaha
they can do it
I  read
yeh I read everything coz I love I read I read.tell you
         I read sports, music um.women’s magazines and that’s about. I don’t
         really read like scientifical things.but I like Time magazine
I wouldn’t I wouldn’t mind reading New Sciences (??) again but ???
n-n-no I like Time magazine like out of all the.sort of  news
then it’s a real magazine
no every magazine’s real I mean.I learn so much from these ones.that
         I wouldn’t have known otherwise.and you can’t argue that coz
yeh but like
you don’t read them
but like what you read. I mean you-you learn only things like oh my
         daughter had a baby something .ok
yeh maybe they don’t interest you I mean you read ?
?this person got divorced aft-after.after ?? together
so?..yeh but that’s not
this other person who also happens to be a star
see that’s what you think because you don’t read them but not all
         magazines are like that that’s what you think because you’ve
         already had know. this opinion of them and you haven’t
         opened them
oh I haven’t opened them? mmm yes they
but it’s not like you’re gonna read Dolly because it’s about girls
         and it’s like.I mean you don’t need to know half the stuff they’ve
         got in there
ah whatever
so like you can’t say that because you ha-you don’t read them like I anyway, go on what sections do you like best?
what sections? aahm.. interviews and things. coz like. coz like it’s
         better knowing like if you like someone’s music, you wanna know
         that they’re also interesting I like reading
         interviews.and like proof of them
interesting people
yeh like I mean you want to think that.they know.sing or
         whatever..and make good music but also have something to say for
I hate interviews I can’t read them
they’re so cool
they’re boring
no they’re not
they’re not enlightening at all
they are too
it depends who they’re with
no I mean
yes it does
even if it was one of my idols I w-I-I-I rarely
I just can’t go (??)
n.I prefer a news article telling me what the person’s doing rather
I don’t
an interviewer ???
because I like it ..nah
telling me what they’re doing
no the interview’s like so they put it in their own words.I mean.I
         mean for for the articles and stuff that’s just the writer’s
         opinion but like through their own words they’re saying what they
         think.and like why wouldn’t you wanna know what they really think
         (instead of) someone else just someone’s opinion
because a lot of people happen to have really bad expression
yeh I know so you wanna see whether they do or not
no I don’t wanna see that
oh what a (whisper)
what?I mean not everyone wants to know that
you’re just so
what? I’m not an English teacher
no no you’re a you’re a
I don’t have to be psychoanalytical
no you’re just so like put everything off. not put everything off but
         just put everything down
just coz it doesn’t suit you you just think nnnnnnnn
well that’s the same with everyone if you’ve every noticed
anyway anyway
I mean.i-i-if you don’t think something’s goodyou don’t think it’s
         good then you put it down if you don’t think it’s good
off the topic, [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED].. you’re going off
         the topic
it doesn’t matter
(whisper)I mean I’m just don-I don’t like interviews
ok ok ok! so what. so what’s the next one?
that’s it