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Born in Hong Kong
Cantonese, English
Born in Hong Kong
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MET1M1_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant was born in Hong Kong and came to Australia with his parents in 1986, when he was six years old. His parents both have degrees from Hong Kong, and he speaks Cantonese and English at home, and Cantonese with his grandparents. He goes back to Hong Kong every year (prefers it to Melbourne) and has travelled very widely in other parts of the world (likes the west coast of America). He is learning Mandarin at school.
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Interactive Discourse
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And .. ah
Lucky, lucky last REDACTED Okay ..ah … Oh,
         stacks of time … um … I might just .. ah .. move this … um … and ..
         ah .. Can I just ask you where you live?
I live in REDACTED
You live in REDACTED so you sort of live fairly
Hmm … and .. ah .. Could I ask where you were born?
I was born in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong .. right … um … Did you live there for a long time?
I … lived there for six years ????
Right .. and .. ah .. do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have a sister
And .. ah .. yeah .. and how old is she?
She’s fifteen
She’s fifteen … um … and .. ah .. so .. When did your parents come to
We came in 86
86 .. right … And .. ah .. I suppose your parents went to school in
         Hong Kong?
Yes, they finished their degrees in Hong Kong
Right … um … What languages .. ah .. do your parents’, mother and
         father, use at home?
At home? They use Cantonese and English
Right … sort of mixtures of both?
Well .. either
Yeah … um … Do you speak Cantonese?
Yes .. hmm
And .. ah .. do you .. speak to your grandparents in Cantonese?
Um … What sort of work do your parents do?
Our mother is a .. general practitioner
And my father is a managing director
Right .. Are you learning a language at school
Yes .. Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese?
And do you enjoy that?
Yes, definitely
Yes  I suppose you’d find it a help .. at least you can .. you’d
         know that most of the characters being of Cantonese background
That’s correct
Um.. What would you like to do after you leave school?
Well .. I’d like to go to university
Then .. I want to do further post-graduate studies in a .. bigger
Or … find work in the .. computer science .. area
So you’d like to ??? Computer science
Computer science business kind of studies at uni?
Um … What is your favourite subject now?
Ah … Well, It’d have to be .. a tie between maths .. and .. ah ..
         Chinese, ‘cause they’re my two slackest periods
 So you like the subjects where you don’t have to put in too much?
That is correct. Don’t we all?
Um … Have you ever had a teacher that you particularly liked?
Well, I like most of my teachers
Um … I find … positive aspects about most of them
Yeah .. right .. And .. ah .. have you ever had a teacher who picked
         on you?
No .. Not at all
Right … um … What do you do .. after school?
Well .. most nights I have … training or ??? group work to use … Well
         .. lately we’ve been working on a .. um .. maths ???? yesterday
Ah … After that, I tend to go home and sleep

Ah … and then .. usually I’m on the computer for .. the next five
         hours or so before .. doing a bit of homework and then .. sleeping
Yeah, so you sort of, you like .. um .. computers?
Well yeah, I tend to do a lot of work on the computer
Right .. yeah … um … What .. ah .. You said you did .. did do
         training. Is that sort of sports training?
Yes, sports training .. ah .. either for school sport .. um .. In the
         … summer and autumn I .. train for athletics … ah … I, I used to
         play a lot of basketball
But I’ve stopped seeing as I’m not really tall
Yeah, It does help
Yeah … but yes .. I do do a .. I do and I used to do a lot of sport
Right … ah .. Is there a bunch of .. ah .. kids .. or group of people
         that you .. sort of like to hang around with?
Yes, definitely … I think that’s true for everyone
Yeah .. What do you like to do with your group of friends?
Well … mainly we .. talk about .. computer games or .. um ..
You sort have computer friends?
Or movies .. or card games
??? Mainly more intellectual activities .. We tend .. well sometimes
         we talk a bit about .. sports but it’s … foreign sports that no-one
         really plays in Australia a lot … ice hockey
So you don’t jump on the train and go and .. go to the football on
         Saturday afternoon?
No, we, we, we don’t go to the football at all
 Right .. um… Do you have a best friend?
Yes, I do
Hmm, and what do you like to do together?
Ah … Most of the time we just .. hang out around the house .. um ..
         Sometimes we go to a movie and dinner .. um … ah … yeah, that’s
         about it basically
What was the last film you saw?
Was that a good film?
That was incredibly good but I’m just a sucker for Jane Austen
  Yes, yes, they’re very well .. very intricately done, but they
         always end so sort of nicely at the end, don’t they? … um … What
         would you do .. if you won Tattslotto?
I would definitely buy a new computer first

Then I would probably invest the rest of it… until I .. until I find
         a better answer to my question
 Just count your money in the meantime
Yeah, that’s true … What kinds of things do you have rows about  in
         your family?
Ah … The usual … usually not much
Hmm … um ... Have you ever been in hospital?
Yes, for the same reason everyone else has
 The, the appendix
Yes, the appendix
Did you get to keep yours?
Ah .. well actually I never got the operation done either
Hmm, more sort of exploratory surgery ‘round here
No, nuh, it was like the day of surgery.  I had a needle ??? and then
         they discharged me from the hospital
Hmm .. yes .. yeah … Do you think .. ah ..the older generation
         understands younger people today?
Ah .. yes … um … although they don’t really show it that often
 They sort of keep it to themselves
Oh well, they have to be parents
That’s true, yes … If you had to describe yourself to an Australian
         visitor to Melbourne, what would you say?
Oh .. I’d let them find out themselves
Oh .. right .. Fair enough … um … How do you think your best friend
         of the same sex would describe you
Oh .. short .. smart .. fast .. yeah, that’s about it
Fair enough … um … And .. ah .. How would she .. how would your best
         friend of  the .. ah .. opposite sex describe you?
Weed .. but .. polite and .. um .. conservative
Hmm .. Fair enough .. And .. ah .. how would you describe Melbourne
         itself to a visitor?
To a visitor? .. Well .. it would depend upon what, where they’re
Say, from overseas
Say, if it’s the US, I’d say very much like Seattle
If it’s Europe, then I’d say well .. you’ll find, you know, most of
         the European … bits ‘n’ pieces of, you know, European culture here
         in Melbourne
Yeah .. Have you travelled much to those places?
Yes, I’ve travelled almost everywhere
Hmm .. Where did you like .. um .. travelling to?
Well, I .. really enjoy the .. ah .. west coast of the United States
         … um … I didn’t enjoy Europe that much but .. you know .. the south
         coast of France is pretty good .. ???? .. I do enjoy going back to
         Hong Kong ???
Yes .. Do you go back regularly?
Ah, yes. We go back every year
Hmm, yes, it’s a
Until .. next year I guess
Oh well, I s’pose you’d .. ah .. have to wait and see what happens?
Yeah, well
Yeah .. and .. ah .. I s’pose .. I s’pose Hong Kong’s a very .. ah ..
         big and bustling place?
Yes, I actually prefer it
And there’d be no shortage of things to do there?
Yes, yes .. I do find Melbourne .. more or less boring compared to
         other cities
Hmm .. I s’pose it depends on what you like? … hmm .. Do you think
         Melbourne is different from other cities in Australia?
Ah .. well .. the only .. other two cities I’ve been to in Australia
         .. are .. Sydney and … no actually, I’ve been further than that …
         Well’s’s  more busy than Adelaide … it’s less touristy
         than ..  the Gold Coast
It’s .. less of a smaller city than Sydney .. It’s definitely a lot
         livelier than Canberra
  Yes .. things, things tend to happen more behind closed doors in
         Canberra … All right, well thank you very much for that
         REDACTED .. I’ll just sort of .. ah .. throw
         it open I s’pose to  .. um .. ………