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Born in Greece
Greek, English
Born in Greece
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant was born in Australia, and her parents were born in Greece (sounds like they came to Australia when they married). Both parents were educated in Greece, but left school at grade five level. They don’t speak very good English, although they use it at work (milkbar). The parents speak Greek to the children, and the informant answers in Greek, although she needs some English words. She is the youngest in the family, some 11 years younger than her closest sibling. She only has one grandmother, who recently came from Greece, and she speaks Greek to her (the grandmother speaks no English). The informant speaks mainly English to her friends (with some Greek words). She is learning Greek at school and is proud of her ‘Greekness’, thinking of herself as Greek.
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Interactive Discourse
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... after my niece.
Oh wow.
It's a gift, yeah.  Um.  They've named her IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
       REMOVED, I look after he like, oh I don't actually look after her
       but ... I look at her when she's sleeping because that's all she does
       .. um.
When was she born?
When was she born?  Oh my gosh ss the seventh of November.
Seventh of November, so she's a ... now what is it?  Um.  Scorpio?
Um yeah.  She's a Scorpio.
Is it Scorpio?  Oh yeah you'll have your hands full with that one.
       Scorpio's are supposed to be really fit, fiery you know really
Are they?
That's good.  That's good.  I'd like to see one of these little
       children running around.
Yeah and I've been helping my sister.  And that's about it.  And
       working in my parent's shop.  That's it.  I haven't been doing much.
Have you studied a bit?  Have you
That's not .. anything interesting but yeah
How do you think you're going in your exams?
Um.  Well, I just had the Maths exam.  Not today, I had it yesterday
that was really hard.  But I'm not good at Maths.
Oh I heard it was very long.
It was very very long.  Um.  I didn't th I did I didn't have time to
And I missed I missed out on a lot of work lot of points.
And I left out a big section of it.
And they found mistakes in it, like written mistakes.  Actual printed
       written mistakes and that's going to help me get extra bonus marks.
Oh right.
So that's  That's okay but my other subjects, I did English, I've
       had English exam and today I had Consumer but they're easy, they're
       pretty good.  just
Oh.  That's good.
Yeah, anyway.
So what have you got planned after the exams?
I don't know.
Are you going any.. away anywhere or
Um no.  I'm actually staying in Melbourne but um.  Oh but I think
       I'll go out with my friends a bit.
Cos you know, it's holidays.  Um.  I know that for Christmas I'm
       gunna spend time my par.. my family at home and with my sister and
       her husband and her little baby.
Oh it will be a special time for them.
Yeah, yeah.  First Christmas and everything so yeah.  That's about
       it.  I don't really go on holidays so much.
Yeah.  Do you go out with your friends at all?
Oh yeah um.  We go to the movies, things like that.  Sometimes we go
       to um dance parties.
But yeah.  I don't.  Cos I don't.  I I can't go out a lot cos I work.
So that sort of stops me
So you miss out on the beach.
and those sorts of things.
Cos the shop's opposite a beach, you know, it gets really busy.
in summer.
And I can't go out or anything so
You get to watch the sunset but
that 's about it.
Oh when it's really dark and goes quiet that's when I can go for a
       walk so
Yeah I miss that a much a lot.
Yeah.  Oh well.  One day.
: Yeah, one day.  I know.
Okay um.  All I need you to do is read this page for me etc.
1.  The diggers found the opal seam.
Δ↔ δΙγ↔ζ φαΥνδ Δ↔ οΥπ↔λ σιμ
2.  Accidents will happen!
Θκσ↔δ↔ντσ ωΙλ ηΘπ↔ν
3.  The aged appreciate oral communication rather than memos.
Δι εΙδΖ ↔πριΣιεΙτ ?ρ?λ κ?μϕυνικΕΙΣ↔ν ραΔ↔ Δ↔ν μεμ↔Υζ
4.  The man in the queue knew he was wasting his time.
Δ↔ μΘν Ιν Δ↔ κϕυ νϕυ ηι ω?ζ ωΕΙστΙΝ ηΙζ ταΙμ
5.  The pot holder was his Christmas gift.
Δ↔ π?τ ηοΥλδ↔ ω?ζ ηΙζ κρΙστμ↔σ γΙφτ
6.  Megan brought in a pair of leather boots and put them on the rug.
μιγ↔ν βρ?τ Ιν ↔ πΕ↔ρ ↔ϖ λΕΔ↔ βυτσ ↔νδ πΥτ ΔΕμ ?ν Δ↔ ρ℘γ
7.  You can reheat paella for tea.
ϕ↔ κ↔ν ριηιτ πΕΙ↔λα φ? τι
8.  Stella had twin boys, and then a little girl.
στΕλα ηΘζ τωΙν β?Ιζ Θνδ ΔΕν ↔ γ∈λ
9.  I went to buy some lilies-of-the valley.
αΙ ωΕντ τ↔ βαΙ σ℘μ λΙλιζ ?ϖ Δ↔ ϖΘλι
10.  Queensland now plays in maroon, New South Wales in sky blue and
       Victoria in dark blue.
κωινζλΘνδ νοΥ πλΕΙζ Ιν μ↔ρυν νϕυ κωινζλΘνδ κωινζλΘνδ νοΥ πλΕΙζ ιν μ↔ρυν νϕυ
       σαΥΤ ωΕΙλζ Ιν σκαΙ βλυ Θνδ ϖΙκτ?ρΙ↔ Ιν δακ βλυ
11.  I prefer Fridays to Mondays, and Saturdays to Sundays.
αΙ πρ↔φ∈ φραΙδΕΙζ τ↔ μ℘νδΕΙζ Θνδ σΘτ↔δΕΙζ τ↔ σ℘νδΕΙζ
12.  How old do you have to be to get a provisional driving licence in
ηαΥ ?λδ δ↔ ϕ↔ ηΘϖ τυ βι τ↔ τ↔ γΕτ ↔ προΥϖΙΖ↔ν↔λ δραΙϖΙΝ λισ↔νσ Ιν ↔στρΕΙλϕα
13.  I assume that's basically right - but at least there's no controversy
       about the boy's address: he lives here.
αΙ ↔Συμ ΔΘτ βεΙσΙκλιζ αΙ αΣυμ ΔΘτ βεΙσΙκλιζ αΙ αΣυμ ΔΘτσ βεΙσΙκλι ραΙτ β℘τ
       Θτ λιστ ΔΕ↔ζ νοΥ κ?ντρ↔ϖ∈σι ↔βαΥτ Δ↔ β?Ιζ ΘδρΕσ ηι λΙϖζ η↔Ι↔
14.  What people need is vocational education.
ω?τ πιπ↔λ νιδ τ↔ νιδ Ιζ ϖοΥκΕΙΣ↔ν↔λ ΕδϕυκΕΙΣ↔ν
15.  Do you know people with different regional accents?
δυ ϕ↔ νοΥ πιπ↔λ ωΙΤ δΙφρ↔ντ ριδΖ↔ν↔λ ΘκσΕντσ
16.  On our tour of the Murray River, we watched birds, caught some bream
       and other fish, and tried out some aquatic sports; we also went to a
       cattle auction, and one day we found a small salt lake.
?ν αΥ↔ τΥω“ ↔ϖ Δ↔ μ℘ρι ρΙϖ↔ ωι ω?τΣτ β∈δζ κ?τ σ℘μ βρ βριμ ↔νδ ℘Δ↔ φΙΣ Θνδ
       τραΙδ αΥτ σ℘μ ↔κωΘ ↔κωΘτΙκ σπ?τσ ωι αλσοΥ ωΕντ τ↔ Δ↔ κΘτλ ?κΣ↔ν Θνδ
       ω℘ν δΕΙ ωι φαΥνδ ΕΙ σμ?λ σ?λτσ σ?λτ λΕΙκ
17.  Take either the seventy-two from Malvern or the eight from High Street
       - they both go to Swanston Walk.
τΕΙκ ιΔ↔ Δι σΕϖ↔ντι τυ φρ?μ μ?λϖ∈ν ? Δι ΕΙτ φρ?μ ηαΙ στριτ ΔΕΙ βοΥΤ γοΥ τ↔
       σω?νστ↔ν ω?λκ.
18.  City men traditionally wore bowler hats but they're very rare now.
σΙτι μΕν τρΘδΙΣ↔νλι τρΘδΙΣ↔ν↔λι ω? βοΥλ↔ ηΘτσ Θνδ ΔΕΙ α ϖΕρι ρΕ↔ νοΥ
19.  Ballarat, Oodnadatta, Horsham.
b     a     double l   a     r    a     t
u     d     n    a     d     a    t     a
haitch      o    r     s     haitch     a    m