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primary,male,15 male male
Born in Italy
English, Italian
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant was born in Australia, as was his mother. His father came from Italy about 20 years ago, and all of his grandparents were born in Italy. His paternal grandmother still lives in Italy, but he hasn’t visited and hasn’t met her. His maternal grandparents are in Australia. His parents speak Italian to each other, his father speaks Italian to him, and he usually answers in English. He speaks English with his mother. His grandparents speak Italian to him, and, once again, he usually answers in English. He learns Italian at school.
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Interactive Discourse
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Hi, I’m REDACTED, and I am fifteen and a half,
         and we’ll be doing our talk on topic number four, what football
         team do you barrack for, how have they been doing this year, are
         the members.are the mergers a good idea.and ahm.this is a talk with
         my friends.and I’ve two friends present with me now.and their names
REDACTED and I’m sixteen
REDACTED and I’m sixteen
ah ok ahm.first we’ll go round see who everyone barracks for.I go for
I go for Collingwood
I go for Geelong
alright team finished fifteen which I-I think wasn’t too
         good an effort. they lost about the last eight games or
         something.which I wasn’t happy about. ah I think Hawthorn coulda
         done better.or won the last game.because  I mean all they had to
         was win three games to be in the finals. and I’m very disappointed
         about that  losing the last eight games or so, and did
         Collingwood do this time, REDACTED?
ah they went ok at the start coz they were in the first sixteen
I thought that was a good effort, actually yeh
P6MP1M:     they finished tenth and they just missed out by one game ??
yeh I thought that was disappointing since they did win the last
         game.and ahm.REDACTED, who do you go for?
actually, they done pretty good didn’t they, IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED.what position did they finish?
I dunno, I-I just picked a team ‘n.then I follow them
they actually finished second they ended up to no good in the final
         but they.they lost ah.they lost to.North Melbourne ??? they
to ahm.Adelaide, which is um.(???)team isn’t that bad, but still. so
         ahm.what do you think about Adelaide winning the..the
         premiership?.I didn’t think they was too flash.I-I was (??) St.
         Kilda myself, but anyway
ah I was going for Adelaide
you were going for Adelaide
who you (??) going to win the.Premiership?
w-we’d have to say St. Kilda to win the premiership?
good choice, but unfortunately Adelaide won and um
I thought they had some really good players though yeh
?P6MPm:     ??
um.but overall yes ah.Hawthorn’s first half of the season was.was
         fantastic, and um
?P6MPm:     ??
but then in the second half.they-they (??) had their winning streak-
         streak during the middle of the.season, and did.what was
         Geelong’s best part of the year?
at the start ‘n that’s about it
so was the start the best part?
ahh.ah what period was Geelong’s best time.what was their highest
         (???) like?
I dunno
don’t you follow football very just ahm.go for G-
I just picked the team and that’s it
so you don’t follow football too well
nah nah??
but you’re still interested in.the activities they’ve got around
ok, and I don’t like the mergers myself because um.Hawthorn
         have got a.merger with St. Kilda.and I was hoping that wouldn’t
         happen..because ah.well then y’know.there’ll be like two clubs in
         one which I.I wasn’t how would you feel if  ahm.Collingwood
no I wouldn’t like it very much
yeh I wouldn’t go for Hawthorn anymore. would you still go for
nuh.except do you feel about Geelong merging.if they were to
         merge.would you still go for Geelong?
well that’s not very loyal.but I guess ahm that’s like ah the rest of
         us ahm. and ah.yeh mean, football has been
         a..a big part of Australian sport for a while now, and ahm.did you
         actually watch the grand final?
yeh I did
yeh I did. did you?
ok and ahm.the state of origin was also played, which was a.pretty
         good game ah.pretty big game actually, with ahm.Victoria beating
         South Australia.and I was very happy about that myself because I
         live in Victoria, soI went for Victoria.what about you,
         REDACTED? who do you go for?
I was going for Victoria
yeh well, I guess you would have to.and who do you go for?
you go for Victoria ah.that’s ah.a good choice..ok. now I
         think we might talk about what magazines do you read.and if so,
         what sections do you like best.ahm...I myself read ahm.TV Hits
         Smash Hits Star...ah.ahm.and ah. and I also read sometimes Rolling
         Stone.and ahm..and sometimes (???) and yeh basically things like what magazines do you read?
One on One really for basketball …(??buys).magazines for me
         sister so I usually read them
yeh, and what magazines do you read?
I read (???) like that y’know
ah yeah so.that’s a (???)
so you copy me
ok.and um the sections I like most in the magazines, I
         like most the gossip section and things like that and ah.what
         sections do you like best?
I just really like reading the.just flick through it.and
and what about you?
(the middle)
the middle parts.well, what’s in the middle?
the.the.the posters
ah the you don’t like to read much
not really
ah that’s fair enough.and um…I guess ah..we could all say ahm.that
         ..that’s a pretty good.we all read some type-type of
         magazine… is um....and ah so....… I think we might
         ahm..since we’ve done topic four and we’ve just done topic eight,
         we might try the first topic, which is thinking about when you were
         at primary school.what kind of games did you play and what was your
         favourite game..when I was at primary school we had a group of
         friends we would play ahm.the.this ah..we would play ahm.that
         tennis with. we played tennis sometimes.or we played downball
         downball was what we usually played and we would have played chasey
         at one time or another.and um…??so  we mainly played that.we
         mainly played downball.and um..what did you play, IDENTIFYING
well, we usually played basketball.or football.or...or chasey
yeh that.yeh that was when w-when I was young I usually played
         that.and what did you play, REDACTED?
my friends played.downball……and chasey
yehso we’ve all played it.and ahm.when we were young I guess we
         played ah.ah my favourite game is probly is back then in
         primary school is probly downball.we played it all the time and..
so ahm.what ah what aaaaahhhhgames wereyour favourite?
basketball really.yeh basketball
so you are very into basketball, are you?
I trust, that’s great
??not played
well.ahm.what was your favourite game?
oh was it?
oh yeah.and ahm.well ahm..I think we might try another new topic
         um.about what is our favourite tv shows favourite is um
         Melrose Place and ahm.yeh so that’s one of my favourites.then I
         like all others.ah mainly soaps.but I like Friends, I like Friends
         (so long???)it’s ok.and.what ahm tv shows do you watch?
I usually watch the same as that except I don’t watch Melrose
?? yous watch
Blue Heelers can’t compare to Melrose Place but anyway that’s your
         opinion.and ahm.what do you watch?
I usually watch..Home and Away
Home and you like watching Home and Away
ok.and ahm.(??)just ahm.if we’ve been to the movies recently, what
         movies we’ve watched (the last one I was going to watch) was
         ahm..My Best Friend’s Wedding which was.pretty good movie.and ahm…
well, one movie was. latest one I’ve seen was….what was it
         called? stop it (??)little bit
ok, so you went to watch ahm.
and long did that take, that movie?
ah it went for about two hours
oh so it was a good movie?
yeh it’s???
and ahm.what was the latest movie you watched?
I watched am.(Anaconda?).
and what’s that like? I’ve actually seen it myself but I won’t ah
         …see what you thought of it
about two snakes
and ahm.who’s in it?
and who else?
I dunno
well actually there was Jeff (??)in it as well. (??)movie.I’ve seen
         um. I went to watch Full Monty with the class.for a media excursion
         and ah.and ahm…but I thought (??).was a good movie.. so.I think
         that pretty much sums up our conversation and ahm.a I would like to
         thank everyone for participating in this conversation.thank you

start that’s about it