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MEP6MA_Sanitised (Text)

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female male primary,male,15 female
Born in Italy
English, Italian
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
Related Document : MEP6MA_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant was born in Australia, as was his mother. His father came from Italy about 20 years ago, and all of his grandparents were born in Italy. His paternal grandmother still lives in Italy, but he hasn’t visited and hasn’t met her. His maternal grandparents are in Australia. His parents speak Italian to each other, his father speaks Italian to him, and he usually answers in English. He speaks English with his mother. His grandparents speak Italian to him, and, once again, he usually answers in English. He learns Italian at school.
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Interactive Discourse
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um.I’ having a conversation with my family, and we’ll be
         discussing we preferred um comparing the
         ninety-two and ninety-six times we went to Queensland.ahm.the
         pe.members of my family involved in this conversation are
         younger sister
         older brother and on behalf of my Dad we’re gonna be here  tonight
         due to him working
ok.and um.we’ll start discussing which. which ahm.which which ahm
         holiday we preferred more.first (??) an opinion just before we
         discuss it which one we felt was more.which one we felt was
         more.more y’know, more fun, so to speak .ah, we’ll start with my
         mother who will give her opinion on which one she thought was more
well, I think when we went the first time was more exciting coz
         you didn’t know what to expect..the second time was.more enjoyable,
         because we knew our way.
P6Mmo:      around
?our.our first time.was pretty ah.good because…ahm.I.I experienced
         more better because it was our first time we went,
         second time I knew what we were in for.I knew where the places
         were.whereas in the second time I didn’t know nothing and
         everything was a surprise to me
I think  that was really good, me being little.(and liking
yeh and REDACTED,which time d’you like
         better? You probly didn’t remember the first time we went.(as well
         as the)second time so you probly enjoyed the second time more yeh
yeh(??)I me I like
??.good but the second time it was…very good…..(???)they are
Yeh I.I.I like the first time, it was more exciting we.we didn’t know
         where we were ‘n that, but then the second time w.we had like.we
         stayed there for five days two days shorter than the last time.but
         we ahm.we.we still we went to the.hotel in the limo.we went to the
         airport in a limo.which  I thought was really good
(?)too the second time we went because..we stopped off at
         Sydney on the way back
Yeh yeah I thought that was um.that was really good ah.we.we went to
         Darling Harbour, ‘member that?
Darling Harbour]
We went to that big thing and ???
yeh it was the Sydney aquarium and Centrepoint tower (when we went
         to) centrepoint towerthat was.that was funny remember how ?????
????well when we went to Aquarium actually I was can I say
         (???) I was ah
it was scary, wasn’t it?
scary because of the
there was the sharks were everywhere and (???)
sharks were just above you and the glass was.could be ten millimetres
         thick. and I wouldn’t know what would have happened
yeh ,but I guess ???
but I enjoyed it.I saw the dolphins which I (????)
what d’you think about the aquarium REDACTED? was scary when the sharks were beside you and on top o’you.the
         glass(es could not be safely) but it could have founded out that
         they were
yep.and Mum, what d’you think of the Sydney aquarium?
I liked it ????
and Darling Harbour as a whole
Darling Harbour is pretty.very pretty
I liked the hotels there.right beside there
very pretty place
Yeh I I I thought the Novotel was really beautiful
got very hectic got very hectic
Very hectic
yeh,Sy.Sydney’s actually ???
Isn’t it?
Yeh ???
??there was a lot of traffic though
I know remember that time (remember we) hired a car.from the airport
         and Dad.Dad

(???)went into this one-way
I know the one-way 
(??)don’t worry.he goes I’ve got insurance.aww
and everytime he tried to get the car (going) he put his foot on the
         clutch and (got on the) brake
remember when dad (???) in ahm.Queensland ??
(??) excitingwith the blinker onhe put the screenwipers
         on.and he wasn’t so used to the clutch as being so small
yeah I though that was
yeh I really enjoyed
(??I quite liked.ah)Brisbane, Brisbane’s a quite nice city too,
         isn’t it
???we went for a nice drive up to Brisbane
yeh that was nice’s more like a Melbourne environment there coz we
         went.we stayed at Surfers Paradise which
which is ah which is more like a.haven Hawaii sort of
         thing.. which is different
it’s more for the retired relaxed people.whereas the city is very
         hectic like Melbourne
so REDACTED what did you think of …of ninety-six
(??)my brother REDACTED took pictures.of me
         with.all of the cartoons
yehall the cartoon charac.characters at  ah Movieworld
and remember all the
(????)been to Queensland I’ve been to ah.Phillip Island
yeh we went to
Melbourne.looked at.outside of Rialto
Yeh that that
when we went to
remember remember in the Rialto ahm.
yeh, on the very top floor?
Yeh we saw.we looked into the.when they were making the Crown Casino
         we saw the workers working put those roulette machines in
         and all those poker tables
But when we went to Queensland (where the penguins were they stank)
(when the.where?)
When we went in Queensland  where the penguins were they stank
the penguins?
in Queensland? I think that was Phillip Island
Ah there is a place in Queensland
Ah yeh
ah yeh yeh
you know where the ahm.merry go round is, I think it’s down there
yeh (I see) I remember that
(lot of attractions)
And ah.the merry go around was more like ahm.near the entrance of
         Seaworld yeh ??
Near the entrance
And we saw some dolphins jumping up.(I winded)my camera up (thing)
         but I couldn’t get it to (???)
yeh remember how we bought.we just.we bought a new camera
??next time we go.I’d like to.actually drive up
Yeh, I think
in a fourwheel drive (?)
If we buy a new car really be nice.yeh……ah
(?) opinion of er.Movieworld was.I liked a few rides
         there.I liked the Lethal Weapons which is a current ride there just
         opened …ah ??
(that’s??golly) don’t know how anybody can sit on that [??
I went on that I went I went on I went on the Lethal Weapon once
I went on it.twice (?) three times
oooh ..the corkscrew
The corkscrew was really good I was scared to go on it at the start
         but then I went on it like twelve times after that
(??)thirteen times
wouldn’t have got me on it not even half the time
(???)only manage one.hooh! REDACTED! you
         enjoyed the pirate, didn’t you?
(five times I went on )
five times
so ah.what d’you think of the pirate REDACTED?
I.I ??
(??)first time you were on the pirate you saw somebody else down
         the other end of the ship.just raising his hand and
??ah.(?)was just (?)oh my shishkebab how’s he doing this.and then I
         was just there ho-holding on tight so I don’t fall coz ythe ship
         was going up really high
(oh it was) terrible the way it goes up that high
you feel like you’re at an angle you (?????)
and when me and
you feel like your bottom’s half way in the airand you’re
         thinking  aaaaaah
yeh you feel like you’re in the air  you’re gonna fall off
when me and maa.when me and my mother.went somewhere for a walk.we
         saw and batman and  catwoman was
yeh, the parade went really well
smacking the floor ???
you enjoyed the parade, didn’t you?
and when my family was doing a saw a little car with all
         the characters Porky Pig Tweety Bird..Sylvester
remember in Movieworld.we went ahm. where there was the actual set
         used in ahm.used in Batman ahm.Forever
ah yeh yeh
of the Riddler.ahm
what about Seaworld.the first time
(?major)tourist attraction the Bermuda triangle
yeh REDACTEDremember
coz Mum first disliked to go on it.then she just loved it ?
         remember the first time that ahm
I’m only scared to go inside coz of all those caves ???
(thinking)aaah what am I gonna run in to
yeh like ahm.I was scared to go on  at the start.and my
         sister.she.she was she was really being.oh what are you two scared
         of REDACTED, what are you so scared of and
         then I go ok .and then we were in the sister’s getting
         really scared
yeh well the door w-shut and  really dark and
it’s a.very rich ride costed at one point five million
         dollars.and it’s an eight minute ride through the duation
my friend (???drag) when he went down the (??)
remember when you got out? remember when you got out? (???)
(??the hot air. just.was)
it was astonishing
yeh um..I think it was good really and ahm
(when we went) on that dragon thing like ahm. IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED and REDACTED wouldn’t let me ??
?not really..would ah.say.Movieworld has.any rides there would be
         is the Lethal Weapon, which was very beautiful..???
the Batman ride?
the batman ride..and that’s about it.because the rest was just shows um.coz Movieworld is like.Channel Nine.and they just
         want to show you all the special effects and all the ??
you know what we’ll do?ahm.we’ll we’ll ahm.we’ll go
         through everyone.first my mother then my sister then  IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL brother.and then we’ll just find out ahm.we’ll
         talk about the.the theme park.and the.and then ahm.which rides they
         liked best there.we’ll start with my mother who will say which ride
         she liked best at Seaworld
I.I liked favourite ride is the plume ride
why d’you like that one the best?
P6MMO:      oh, I think it’s just so fantastic the way you go in the water
         you’re paddling along in the little ship there
(??was good)
and then you get to the top of the…
(??)you go down
(go up to) the end and then you go down.and what’s your favourite
         ride at Movieworld?
at Movieworld? my favourite ride at Movieworld…ooh I don’t
         think I’ve got one there
Batman ride?
probly Batman ride
(or was it the.the?ride)
Bugs Bunny’s lot?
that’s quite funny that one there
yeah and ahm.Dreamworld.we went to Dreamworld in ninety-two nineteen
         ninety six so
we didn’t.we missed out that lot
because it was like ??
it was two days shorter
I wasn’t quite rapt in Dreamworld the first time round so I
there’s lots to enjoy up there so we spent our money wisely
overallwhat.what ahm.???
???Dreamworld.I think we went to Brisbane, didn’t we?
and what.ahm theme park did you like the best overall?
Dreamworld I (?) suppose
ah that’s.good.and REDACTED ahm.what was your
         favourite ride at Seaworld?
aah.the pirate ride.the pirate ride was a bit good
how come?
because when you fly feel like the air’s going to you when you
         fly down the (breath’s) got a hold of  you
yeh.and your favourite ride at Movieworld?
ahm.Batman and Robin was the best
Batman ride yeh
how come? why-why’d you pick that?
ah because.when you sit down.its best coz you get to (???) and you
         get to fly around
yeh feels like you’re actually flying round.and Dreamworld you won’t
         be able to remember much so
on the Batman ride you gotta try catch the Penguin and
the Penguin was mad
and ahm.what was your favourite theme park overall?
I mean you might have like them all but which one did you really
         could say you know, it was.incredibly enjoyable?
ah Dreamworld was good and plus Movieworld but I (have to
and REDACTED, what was your favourite ride at
ah, my favourite ride at Seaworld was the….the plume
the plume

it was the plume
(what about) the corkscrew?
ah the corkscrew’s good yeah the corkscrew and that one that went
         through the water ...Bermuda triangle
???Bermuda triangle
no-y-the other one
the plume ride
not the plume ride it’s got a dragon on the front
I liked that one, yeh and ahm
(??)Lethal Weapon would have to be
and ahm.Dreamworld ???
P6MMO:      ???
ah.Dreamworld would have to be ah.because of my obsession over cars
         would have to be the ride on the Model T Ford
at Dreamworld I thought you went ??
I thought you went on the.Dodge’em cars quite a few times
Dodge’em cars and er Model T Ford, I like em both since I like cars
         so much
ok REDACTED, you did ahm(???)ok Mum, what d’you
         say about Lethal Weapon?
oh I wouldn’t be game enough to go on that ah (?) conditions on
my favourite ride was Seaworld was ahm i-i-it’s really a tight
         tussle between the corkscrew bermuda triangle.ahm.the plume ride
         and the pirate. the first time I was really scared to go on.the
         corkscrew but then my brother encouraged me to go on.and then I
         went on it like about twelve times.the.the the Bermuda Triangle.I
         wasn’t that scared but I was a little bit scared but then I loved
the plume ride was always my favourite even fromwhen I went in ninety-
         two. and the same with the pirate in ahm.ninety-two
         Seaworld  I really liked the Lethal Weapon it’s just thrills all
         the don’t.y-y- you’re really scared
all throughout the Lethal Weapon at Movieworld..and
         ahm.and  ahm.
bless you
bless you
thank you
and Movieworld I really liked ahm.the Batman ride all the
         rides.I-I couldn’’s really hard for m-for me to say which.which
         theme park like as a whole.although I-I do like a couple of rides
         at the.Dreamworld such as the. dodge’em car.ahm one of my favourite
         ahm. theme parks..I mean. we all enjoyed Seaworld a lot
probly more family enjoyment there.....yeah....ok and ahm..what about
         Brisbane? Brisbane’s (more like Melbourne) wouldn’t you agree, mum?
yeh it’s alright
it’s more like the city.yeh
yeh looks like the city
like going to the city here
yeh ??
Sydney I think ahm.going to the city there is more chaotic
??......ahm REDACTED, what d’you think of
         Sydney? was quite enjoyable the traffic.was a lot.and when we went on
         the. bridge road it was very far and all the people looked like (?)
         like little people like.and ants.and when you have to go on the
         (binoculeers) you don’t really have to pay
yeh at Centrepoint tower we didn’t have to pay for the
         binoculars.when we went to Rialto it was like a dollar (?) for
         about a minute or something.can’t really remember but anyhow
?revolving when you went on the.tower in Sydney? ??
it’s revolving
I didn’t really.I didn’t really feel it unless ahm.
but I think (?) much higher up though
Centrepoint is (??) at the Rialto
no the Ria-the Rialto is more higher
yeh??more higher
do you think so?
no???northern hemisphere
(yeh it’s supposed to be the tallest building)
oh is it?
(I thought it was) higher
(southern hemisphere)
southern hemisphere
yeh alright
but I-but I the.the  Centrepoint shop it was  better like
I thought it was prettier watch out of
         the.Centrepoint than ??
and the binoculars were free.the binoculars were free
like you could just look through (?) and you could go outside and
         look at binoculars outside which was really good..yeh I thought
         that was good
and ahm (??), w-what’d you think of Centrepoint tower?
pardon, REDACTED?
we stayed.for a day
a.a day but ???
next time we go I’d like to go for more time in Sydney
yeh, but if ???
next time we go for a holiday we should drive by car
next time we should go up car
(??)make stops on what we
like McDonalds or something
next time it would be nice to go by car
because by plane