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MEP6_Sanitised (Text)

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Born in Italy
English, Italian
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MEP6_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant was born in Australia, as was his mother. His father came from Italy about 20 years ago, and all of his grandparents were born in Italy. His paternal grandmother still lives in Italy, but he hasn’t visited and hasn’t met her. His maternal grandparents are in Australia. His parents speak Italian to each other, his father speaks Italian to him, and he usually answers in English. He speaks English with his mother. His grandparents speak Italian to him, and, once again, he usually answers in English. He learns Italian at school.
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Alright. So. What is your name?
Yep - and - where do you live?
Mm - mm. And how long have you lived there?
Uh - since I was born, so, for about 15 years.
And - so you were born there? Do you have brothers and sisters?
Yeh- um - one brother and one sister.
Are they younger or older or what?
My brother’s older and my sister’s younger.
Mm.What about your parents - were they born ... here?
Um my dad was born in Italy, and um Mum was born in ... here -
         Australia But her parents were born in Italy.
Right so you’re Italian on both sides in effect.
OK. Uum, and so when did your father come to Australia?
I’m not sure - about- 20 years ago I think.
Right. And .. Your Mum’s parents?
I’m not sure about when they came. Probably .... 45 years ago.
Right. And are your father’s parents here too?
No. Um - I her .. his Mum’s in - ah- Italy.
Right. Have you ... been over there to see her?
Does she ever come here?
Yeh, but - I wasn’t - born yet .. so
OK. So ... where did your parents go to school?
Um,  think Mum went to - school in Brunswick - but - I dunno where my
         Dad went.
In Italy, I recall.
Yep. It would be in Italy. Yeh.
Mm. And what languages do they use?
Oh when they speak to each other they usually speak in Italian, when
         they speak to me it’s .. they’ll speak to’ Italian but I’ll speak
         back in English ...
And when me Dad speaks to me he speaks to me in Italian, and I answer
         back in English, and - I speak to my Mum .. in English, so ...
And she speaks to you in ...
In English.
Int.  In English OK. And ... so you understand Italian obviously?
Yeah - mm. Mostly yeah.
And speaking it?
Not bad.
Not bad.
So ... um... are there any people that you speak .. Italian to?
No, no. I - no- I don’t usually speak Italian.
Right. What about y’ - say your Mum’s parents?
Uh - I’’ll say - they’ll speak to me in Italian, but ... I’ll usually
         answer back in English.
OK. And - uh - what sort of work do your parents do?
Um my Dad works at-ah ... Tontin ... Industries and my Mum works uh
         ... in a hospital, sort of .. thing .... where they look after like
         the elderly ‘n stuff.
Right. And what does she - what does she do there?
Uh .. think she cooks and she cleans .. like
Mm. OK. And - do you know how much schooling they .... had?
Um Idunno ‘bout my Dad but um I think Mum went - like she went
         -through year 12 so she’s got her HSC. And she um she completed a
         business course. So .. yeh ..
OK. And are you er - are you learning any languages here at school?
Um Italian.
Right . So you’d be pretty good at that, wouldn’t you?
 Do you enjoy learning it?
Oh yes, pretty - not bad. It’s not - pretty good.
Do you think it’s a good thing that you ... know it?
Yeah. Yes. Oh yes, it’s good that I know it, can speak my own
         language. I’d like to get a job (?when I stop).
OK. And do you speak Italian to any of the other people in the class
Like your other class?
 Not much practice. OK so, what would you like to do when you leave
Oh maybe an accountant - or in advertising. Or work in advertising.
So - why would you like to do that?
Oh - um, I always wanted to be in advertising - since I was a little
         kid, just because you know you get a product, and you um  you
         advertise it, sort of. like I make a slogan - things like that. So.
Are you good at making slogans?
I guess - if I’m given a campaign I guess I could.
Have you - got any good slogans that you can give me as an example?
No I don’t think so, not now.
 Not now.  Um ...OK if I can think of anything in the next five
         minutes that needs a slogan I’ll ask you.
So ... if you’re going to be in advertising does that mean that
         after school you’ll go to .. study somewhere else, or ...
Yeah, hopefully I’ll go ?????????? city, to study .. advertising or
So where would you like to go?
Um .. I d’know Monash - I’ve seen Monash and that looks good and um
         Latrobe ...
Well of course yes - you’ve got to say that, haven’t you!
Um ... with Monash and Latrobe ... Monash seems to be close I mean
         with me ... so
Monash is what?
Monash is Oke - ‘cos Latrobe is you know... I mea- I like the way
         Latro -  Monash looks.
Like cos ... I d’know - Latrobe is ... sortalike ... I dunno ...
Gosh it’s a long way from here at least where we are-we were.
No - uh I thought it was in - you know, Caulfield.
Oh OK Monash Caulfield. Right. And - how would you get there?
Oh well, if I can ... go there after Year 12, I should have my
         licence, L-plate in April that year.
Are you near to the train station in REDACTED
         where you live?
Yeah I’m near a train station yeah.
Actually Monash Caulfield’s near to a train station too so ...
         Anyhow, so what do you what do you think university’s going to be
         .. going to be like?
Be hard ... I guess .. be challenging.
Have you um .. ah- chosen your subjects for next year?
What are you gonna do next year?
Um Maths, Italian, Business Management, Accounting, and Info-tech.
Right. And those subjects would lead you to aah ...  um ... and
         English I suppose?
Oh yeah and English yeah that’s standard yeah.
And - those subjects would lead you to get into ... the sort of
         course you want?
Yeah, think they will. Because it says um um basic Maths ah just the
         general Maths and um, and English, 25 in each.
25 in each - is that ...
The-um (???) result.
That’s like a mark or something is it?
Yeah, for your-um VCE thing ...
And is that - is that a high mark, or  a ... is that gonna be
I think it is pretty high .. cos I think er - the most you can get’s
         50, so ...
Right. Ok.
It says a score of  25 in English, and Maths.
Right. Mm-mm. Aam - what’s your favourite subject?
..... I d’know um

Probably info-tech maybe.
And what’s what’s ... it’s obviously not a burning favourite -
         doesn’t jump out at you. What’s the-er what’s the reason why you
         like that?
Oh cos-um I like I know my way around the computer pretty good ...
         sortalike .. not bad. So - it’s a bit easier for me than other
Right. So-um that’s interesting because I’ve interviewed - I’ve
         interviewed - I think about-er 15 boys up to this point asked them
         the same question and then the answer for the subject they like the
         most is usually because it’s easy.  OK - um - and do you have
         any teachers that you really like?
Nuh. I won’t say any favourites.
Alright. Now remember that this is-ah ... confidential, this tape
         will not come back to the school. Are there any teachers who pick
         on you, or that you really don’t like?
I guess ther isn’t a teacher that I don’t like .. the all the
         teachers that I have .. seem to find y’know them .. alright .. but
         they’re teachers, so you don’t really like’em that much, so ..
 So. what do you normally do after school?
I catch a bus home .. and .. then I watch TV. Then I have dinner, and
         watch more TV.  That’s .. putting homework somewhere in there as
Right. So-um, what happens when there’s a lot of interesting things
         on TV and a lot of homework to do - which gets done?
I tape the show and then I do my homework.
 Right. And then watch it .. when you’ve got time.
Yeah I watch it when I get into bed.
Right. So you-um .. how much homework do you do every night?
Oh it depends. Uh .. well whenever I have like - I do like a homework
         I have to do I guess and then-um .. if (??)  like I’ve to study for
         a test or study for a ... so .. depends.
What are we looking - one, two, three hours, I dunno, you know.
Probably about - one hour. I dunno - maybe.
And what do you think it’s gonna be like next year?
A lot harder. A lot more hard work next year. Cos then you have to
         study more. So, yeah. Even if you haven’t got a test you still need
         to study.
Right. Mm. So what about sport, are you a ..
Not very good at sport.
Not very good at sport? 
Oh it depends which type of sport.
OK well ..
Oh I seem to be not bad at hockey goal-keeper. And-um, I’m doing
         archery, so that’s not bad. Although I lost an arrow .. still not
You lost an arrow?
I shot it too far.
And you couldn’t find it.
 Right, where was this?
Oh this was last - Monday. I just-um - I aimed it too high. Cos I
         thought if you-um if you aimed it a little bit higher, the wind’d
         push it down. But-uh there was a search for it.
Was this here in the school?
Yeh. But I think they found it now.
They found it. Right. Yeh So there’s no person lying with an arrow
         in them somewhere.  It’s not as if - it is safe to walk around
         the school grounds, is it?
Yeh. Very safe.
 Good. So what what kind of arrows are they - like I mean I don’t
         know much about archery.
Oh it’s like it’s one I had of these really blunt ones, really blunt.
         Like cos-um I’d had the old arrow, and the others had the new
         arrow, so ..
Like it wouldn’t - or would it hurt you if it hit you?
Oh not the way I hit it - couldn’t hurt anything. It’s like-um ..
         like the end of the pencil there.
This end.
Yeah yeah.
What would you call that - this is the ..
That’s a tip.
that’s the tip of the pencil, so - the end that you write with - so
         you just call this the end, or what?
I’d just call it the end of the pencil.
Yes I’d never thought about this.

It’s just for the purposes of the tape so they understand what we’re
         talking about. It’s not the lead end, it’s the other end. OK. And
         and what about sport you’re not good at?
Uh - I guess sports you have to run around a lot in.
Like in soccer and hockey - you can always be a goal-keeper, so you
         know - you ‘ve just got a little area to move in ... and-um - oh
         the athletics - not very good and-um ...
Mm. Yeah, me too . OK is there ay-um - bunch of kids that you -
         tend to hang around with - like at lunch time or something?
Good friends like?
And-uh is there in that group is - you know is there anybody that-uh
         that everybody else listens to like-uh?
Ah - like-uh tells me their problems?
Or whatever - yeah - or just ..
Nah we just-um talk - about whatever - like a show that was on last
         night or whatever.
So-uh - I s’pose you haven’t met them today yet.
Yeah. I catch the bus with some of’em in th’ - in the morning, some
         o’ them <???>
You have?
Yeah so can you give me an idea of the kind of things that you’re
         talking about?
Oh music um television uh I dunno - whatever we see. If we read
         something in a magazine we’ll talk about that. Sort of.
So what did you talk about this morning?
This morning ... oh it was .. yeah this music - like they heard the
         song .. so, yeah
Which song?
Oh-um ... the .. ‘Do You Know - What it Takes’ - by (?) Robert.
It’s a good song?
Yeh. I like it.
 You’re not going to demonstrate it for us?
 I’m afraid not !
 OK! That’s fine. Hah. And do you have a best friend?
No. Just have like .. friends. Like - if you have a best friend it’s
         .. so I just have - friends. Good friends.
OK, bit of a change. Um - what would you do if you won Tattslotto?
I’d spend the money.
Oh I’ll spend half of it - and put the other half in the bank. Well
         I’ll probably buy .. oh it depends how much it was.
Alright say it’s .. a lot. 
15 million dollars we’ll say?
Alright. Ok. Then I’d put 10 million in the bank - so I don’t spend
         it all, buy a house - nice house - big house .. ah - nice car.
Where would the-where would you buy the house?
Toorak…. Or South Yarra.
Mm-mm OK what car would you buy?
Along the lines of a Bentley. Sort-of. Or a Ferrari. Something that
         might be legal (?) to put on the road, so .. yeah. And then I’ll
         buy like you know .. the big TVs and the .. things like-uh ..
         surround-sound sorta things. So you’d have a home cinema.
Have you heard about this - this is it called high definition TV?
I’ve heard of it - but- I’m not really sure what it is - think it’s -
         better picture.
Something that’s coming next year or something I ..
Yeah I read it - in the paper .. but - I don’t really know what it
Yeah. Alright. Um  and what kind of things do you have arguments
         about in your family?
.... Arguments about ... oh there’s not much. Some of the things <??>
         Oh I guess .. when I don’t wanna have - my - when there’s something
         I don’t wanna do .. probably .. yeah. I guess. Guess that’ll be the
         only one mm-mm. Or if there’s something I wanna do and I can’t do
         it. Yeah. They’d be about the only things.
Mm. Have you ever been in hospital?
Aah - when I was little. I broke my leg.
D’you remember?
I remember having the broken leg but - <???> that’s all I can
Can’t remember what it’s like being in hospital?
Oh-yeah I do remember. It was -oh - I was little so I was scared cos
         there were - all these big guys around me - like really big men, I
         was only a little kid then. Until I was moved into a place where -
         I met this kid, so I could talk to him for a while. Yeah. So. Yeah,
         in the start it was scarey, then I was alright.
And how old were you then <???> ?
I dunno I woulda been - wouldna been older than about eight - maybe.
And-uh, do you think that the older generation understand younger
Mm. Not that much OK .. Like-um .. cos they used to do things
         differently and-um I guess they had like .. they treated people
         differently .. like you see-um like-um younger people treating
         their parents - like-um really badly - whereas then you know you
         had to have the - most respect for your parents - which I do <??>
         so - um .. yeah that’s - I think.
And do you think like some of your school friends here don’t have
         respect for their parents, or ..
No I think they all have respect for their parents, yeah.
So where do you think there are the ones that don’t have respect for
         their parents?
I guess-uh <probably?> people whose parents don’t have respect for
         them I guess. Yeah, probably .. like that.
Mm-mm. Right, if you had to describe yourself to a person who hadn’t
         met you before, how would you describe yourself?
Well-um, I’m pretty tall, um - I got curly hair - short curly hair,
         um - dark eyes - um ... I got an Italian background - um ... I’m
         quite big - um .. yeah - I don’t think I could - say anything about
         that - unless you know I live in Victoria - I was born - in
         Melbourne, as well.
Right. And - have you done much travelling around Australia?
Ye-um, I’ve been to Phillip Island once and - to Sydney once - and to
         Queensland twice.
So .. how would you compare .. Melbourne and Sydney?
Not that different but-um .. oh - I dunno um .. a lot of nice places
         in Sydney - as there are in Melbourne. Um ... the same weather ..
         oh but .. the weather doesn’t change as quick in Sydney as it does
         here. So. Yeah.
When-when did you go to Sydney?
Uh last year.
Uh-huh. Was it <??> like holiday, or .. ?
Um, yeah-um we went to Queensland - then I went back - to stay at
And where did you go to in Queensland?
We went to um - the first time we went we went to-um - Dreamworld,
         Wonde - I mean no - Dreamworld, um Warner Brothers Movieworld, and
         - Seaworld, but the second time we went last year, we went back to
         Movieworld - and Seaworld.
And they’re good?
Yeah. very good.
Tell me about - Movieworld. Tell me something about - Movieworld.
Oh it was - heapsa fun cos - like - lotta rides, oh not - there
         weren’t a lotta rides - few rides, but good rides - like the Batman
         ride, the-uh, the-um the Bugs Bunny chase thing, and the Lethal
         Weapon, which was - scarey.
Right, so it’s kind a like - you’re in the film is it - sort-of?
Yeah. The one - uh the Batman ride is cos-er like-um like you’re in
         like a capsule - sorta thing, and you sit down there’s all these
         people, and then like there’s a big screen in the front, and like
         whenever you hit something, the thing will get - ther - ther - it
         rattles - so you feel like you’re there. Sort-of.
So it like-it’s - it - does this like-er - Batman around somewhere?
Yeah. So like let’s say if you’re - like st’there - no it’s like -
         you’re Batman sort-of. Like you’re controlling the thing.
Right. And and do you - have a Bat-cap on when you’re No @@ when
         you do it?
No  you just go in and you hold on tight !
So you don’t have to have your -
No  no-nothing like that!
What’s his name in real li - I mean - when he’s not being Batman he’s-
John  Wayne.
John - ?
Wayne. No. No Something Wayne Enterprise -
Yes it is something Wayne isn’t it? But it’s not John - John Wayne is
         the actor.
Yeah. Um ... I just can’t remember - I ..
No I can’t either. Cos I thought John Wayne and then I thought no-
         no - anyway - yeah. The others listening to the tape will
         undoubtedly know! OK. Well now, uum - thanks very much for that.
         What I’m gonna do now is - because we’re having two interviews in
         one day now but - I’m instructed to put the other one on a
         different date. Yep. Ok so I’m gonna change the tape - hold on a