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MECG6M2_Sanitised (Text)

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Born in New South Wales
Born in Australia
Born in Australia
Born in Victoria
Born in Germany (doesn’t speak German, lives in Australia)
Born in England
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant states that his paternal grandfather was born in Germany, but ‘isn’t German’. Although the informant’s father studied German at school, there is no tradition of speaking German in the home. The informant himself studies French and Latin at school, and says that he enjoys Latin.
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Interactive Discourse
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finally to prove that
otherwise I spose they’ll think I took it
‘s it the twelfth?
it is twelfth of the ninth . now when I was in year ten I always knew
       what the date of the last day of term was
yeah, I just know it’s Friday so
ok thank you
actually ah, while I was waiting to meet Mr Brock, earlier on I went
       to the main head office and I noticed the name of Weichardt on some
       of those big boards
oh yeah yeah it was my dad so
well it was
oh no my brother as well
it was my brother and my dad up there
your brother and your dad?
yeah . one was for . actually there’s my brother twice and then my
       dad, coz my dad came here as well, he was dux one year
and then my brother was captain of the school so
he’s up there for that .
and your brothers up there for something else as well
yeah for dux as well, I think, i’m not sure if they put it up there
       but yeah
so when ws your brother dux?
um in ‘95, no well he’s second year uni now so yeah
so your father’s been dux and your brother’s been dux
does that set a standard for you?
not really coz my eldest brother wasn’t dux so
it’s alright if I’m not
are you likely to be dux?
um I don’t think so
 the competition’s a bit stiff?
yeah probly, yeah . I’m more of the sporty one
yes oh well
well, what’s the, there must be a board for sports there somewhere
yeah that’s in the ah gym
so do you think you’ll get on that one?
um maybe hopefully yeah
as what?
um I dunno, maybe as captain of the sport or something like that
right, is there a board for every sport?
um yeah yeah
so say basketball, cricket, football
ok, so are you happy now that school’s finished?
um yeah definitely . I’m actually going to um to India
to India?
yeah, on Saturday night, with a school trip to the Himalaya
to the Himalayas?
which part?
um it’ll be well we’re flying into New Delhi and then um sort of
       north of New Delhi up to Artapratesh and places like that which is
       regions of India in the Himalaya
it’s meant to be pretty spectacular
ohh . I bet
I’m sorry I won’t be hearing about it

I went to India last year
oh right
it’s fascinating . have you been there?
no I haven’t
are you going to spend any time in New Delhi?
um we spend, yeah we have a day or so, no two days or som’ing yeah .
       whereabouts did you go?
um we started in Calcutta
which is in the news very much
last night I watched about Mother Theresa all these places I’ve been
oh yeah
I mean we worked our way across to Delhi
oh yeah
yeah, um Delhi’s, it’s interesting
oh yeah
yeah, so how long will you be there?
um fourteen days, yeah
we have about seven days trekking and sort of not r just in between
       little villages and stuff and then two days rafting on the Gangees .
       which should be good
on the Gang
upper Gangees I hope
 yes because the Gangess where I saw it you wouldn’t want to raft on
no I’ve heard  yeah it’s 
with the dead cows floating by yeah . I wouldn’t drink it, no matter
       how good it looks I wouldnt drink it . um yeah ok so that’s
       Saturday night and then you’ll have a week’s, about a week’s holiday
       when you get back
yeah to yeah
now I believe that by you coming here at this time I am depriving you
       of the right to go and pick up papers
yeah that’s right
oh I’m very sorry for that
that’s alright
will you get marked off or
um yeah hopefully Mr REDACTED’s taking care of
 good  . and um, I’ve got some specific questions to ask you in a
       minute but um just thought I’d like to ask you about what subjects
       you’ve decided on for next year?
yeah um I’m doing English of course, physics, chemistry, um maths
       methods, um GMA which is another maths, general maths, and Latin
of course
again and English literature, which is a year twelve subject, and um
that sounds exactly the same as what REDACTED
       just told me
REDACTED yeah probly is
he was telling me about some great advantage to doing Latin in VCE
oh right yeah
some how they scale up the marks
oh yeah scaling, oh yeah that’s sort of it’s not just Latin that
       happens to languages in general, if you do a language
that’s all languages is it
yeah individually each language has a different scaling system but
       you get a bonus for doing a language to um about ten per cent of
       what you actually got, so if you got say seven’y percent you get
       seven’y-seven percent or something so
that might help you get dux of the school
it could be a help
but I spose others will be doing languages too
yeah . well, I’m doing all, I’m doing the subjects that would get you
       there but  
 . yeah great . good and what were you, did you just have English
I had science
oh right what were you doing today?
um a test the last period of the term
I’m sorry I couldnt take you out of that
yeah I didn’t know we wer ahving a test actually cos we did one the
       other day and then we had to finish it off today and he added a
       little bit more on so we wouldn’t be fiddling around doing nothing
 so what particular thing were you doing?
um it was a chemistry test, and just equations and sort of natural
       resources and stuff like that
right . do you find that interesting?
um yeah reasonably interesting . yeah our teacher’s a biology teacher
       so I don’t think he knows much about it  you can sort of tell .
and a test is a test after all
yeah that’s right
ok now . the business part of the interview as it were . I’d like you
       if you would to read these sentences .
just leave a little gap between each one, you know like a second or


Δ( δΙγ(ζ φαΥν ΔΙ (Υπ(⊃ σι⎤μμ( β(℘Δ?ζ τενΙσ Σ←⎤ ω(ζ Τ((Υν αΥτ| Δ( ωΙνδ(ΥΘκσΙδενσ ωΙ⊃ ηΘπ(νΔΙ ΘΙδΖδ (π(ι⎤ΣιΘΙτ ?((⊃ κ(μϕ←⎤νΙκΘΙΣν1 (α⎤Δ( Δ(ν μεμ(ΥζΔ( μΘ⎤ν Ιν Δ( κϕ←⎤ νϕ←⎤ ηΙ ω(ζ ωΘΙστΙΝ ηΙζ ταΙμΔ( π?τ| η?⊃δ( ω?ζ ηΙζ κ(Ισμ(σ γΙφτμι⎤γ(ν β(?⎤τ⁄ Ιν ( πε⎤((ϖ λεΔ( β←⎤τσ Θν πΥτ| Δεμ ?ν Δ( (℘γϕ←⎤ κ(ν (Ι⎤ηιτ πΘϕελα φ( τι⎤στελα ηΘδ τ←⎤ β?Ιζ Θν Δεν ( λΙΡλ? γ∈⎤⊃( ωεντ⎨ τ( βαΙ σ(μ λΙλΙζ⎤ (ϖ Δ( ϖΘ⊃Ικωι⎤νσλΘν ναΥ πλΘΙζ Ιν μ((←⎤ν νϕ←⎤ σαΥΤ ωΘΙ⊃ζ Ιν σκαΙ βλ←⎤ Θν ϖΙκτ?⎤(Ιϕα
       Ιν δα⎤κ βλ←⎤( π(Ιφ∈⎤ φ(αΙδΘΙζ τ( μ℘νδΘΙζ (ν σΘτ⁄(δΘΙζ τ( σ℘νδΘιζηαΥ ?Υ⊃δ⎨ δ←⎤ ϕ( ηΘϖ8 τ( βι τ( γετ⁄ ( π((ϖΙΖν?(⊃ δ(αΙϖΙΝ λαΙσενσ Ιν
       (στΣ(ΘΙϕααΙ αΣ←⎤μ ΔΘτσ βΘΙσΙκλΙ (αΙτ β(τ⁄ (τ λι⎤σ Δε⎤ζ ν(Υ κ?ντ((ϖ∈⎤σΙ (βαΥτ Δ(
       β?Ιζ (δ(εσ ηι λΙϖζ ηΙ(ω?(| πι⎤π(⊃ νι⎤δ Ιζ ϖ(ΥκΘΙΣν?(λ εδΖ(κΘΙΣν?δ← ϕ←⎤ ν(Υ πι⎤π(⊃ δΙφ((ν (ι⎤δΖ(ν(⊃ Θκσενσ?ν αΥτ⎨ τΥΩ( (ϖ Δ( μ℘(Ι (Ιϖ( ωΙ ω?τΣτ β∈⎤δζ κ?⎤τ σ(μ β(ι⎤μ (ν αΔ( φΙΣ Θν
       τΣ(αΙδ αΥτ σ(μ (ϖ ΔΙ (κω?τ⁄Ικ σπ?⎤τσ  ωι ?⎤⊃σ(Υ ωεντ⎨ τ←⎤ ( κΘτ⁄λ?
       ?κΣν? (ν ω(ν δΘΙ ωι φαΥνδ ( σμ?⎤⊃ σ?⊃τ λΘΙκτΘΙκ ι⎤Δ( Δ( σεϖενΙτΗ←⎤ φ((μ μ?⊃ϖ(ν ?⎤ ΔΙ Θιτ φ((μ ηαΙ στΣ(ι⎤τ ΔΘΙ β(ΥΤ
       γ(Υ τ←⎤ ΔΙ σω?νστ(ν ω?⎤κσΙτΙ μεν τΣ(αδΙΣν?(λΙ ωε⎤ ω?⎤ β(Υ⊃( ηΘτσ β(τ ναΥ Δ β(τ Δε⎤ ϖε(Ι (ε⎤ ναΥμαΙ φ(ενζ ηΘϖν πλΘΙδ σπ?⎤τ φ?⎤ φ?⎤ ϕΙ(ζαΙ δ(Υν κωαΙτ| ν(Υ ω?τ⎨ τ( δ←⎤βι ΘΙ δ℘βλ? ελ ΘΙ α⎤ ΘΙ τι(Υ (Υ δι εν ΘΙ δι Θι δ℘βλ? τι ΘΙΘΙτΣ (Υ α⎤ εσ ΘΙτΣ ΘΙ εμβι⎤τ β←⎤τ σΘΙ σ(Υ ηαΙ ηαΥ π?τ φι( ηε⎤ κα⎤ β?⎤ τΥΩ( βαΙ τ?Ι πΙν ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ∪σελ αΥτ  ∪σελΙΝ   ∪γετΗ℘π   ∪γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ κα⎤   ∪σετΗ ℘π   ∪σΕλ℘π
        ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτα ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ   ΘΙ ∪σελ αΥτ    ΘΙ ∪γετ⁄ ℘π   ΘΙ ∪γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ κα⎤