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MECG4MB_Sanitised (Text)

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Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
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The family ethnicity is Australian, with Scottish background on the informant’s mother’s side. He is studying Latin and French, and is hoping to join an exchange program either to France or Quebec. He views his Latin classes as interesting and constructive.
Speech Style :
[u'CG4MP1m (15 years old, English)\nCG4MP2m (15 years old, English)\nCG4MP3m (15 years old, English)\nteacher\n____________________________________________________________']
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Interactive Discourse
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I’m REDACTED, of course
CG4MP1m:    I’m REDACTED, of course
CG4MP3m:    and I am . REDACTED
CG4MP2m:    what magazines do you read?
well I read Mac user . yeah I’ve done that you identify these and
         then you save it
CG4MP3m:    but I’ve I’ve had this for myself
there you go if you want
he doesn’t mind you can use nicknames .. um . well I read Mac user,
         of course, coz I’m a Mac user, and REDACTED
         uses reads PC user
CG4MP1m:    Pc user and also um some (?)  I’ve forgotten what it’s called
         it’s called photography or something .. PC User, PC Australia, just
         . only PC magazines .. and ... and that’s about it
CG4MP2m:    um just any computer magazines I dunno
4P?:  as you can see we’re geeks
2:    um
4P?:  some are
4:    what’s the m oh no
3:    us three are but REDACTED’s different
4:    yeah I’m normal . um
?:    oh what’s this about . sorry
3:    so’s the rest of the population we’re all (?)
4:    oh that’s a ripoff . I never pay that
?:    I I I don’t think I don’t think uni students are interested in the
         prices of um playboy magazines
4:    it doesn’t matter if we don’t talk about these questions
4:    it’s just that we’ve gotta talk
1:    that’s the one I’m looking at
?:    was that the one you were looking at, REDACTED,
         yeah she’s pretty good
1:    happens to be a camera
2:    ohh a camera
?:    yeah it’s his photographs
2:    I was wondering what a camera was
4:    what would happen if a new boy came to our school?
Others:     (??) 
4:     do ya reckon they could join our group?
1:    nah we’d prob’ly tease ‘im before he could join our group
2:    I dunno just get to know him more
3:    if his name was [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED]
4:    it’s a 
3:    nah we’d be pretty nice towards him (?)
4:    depends if he wanted to be nice towards us
?:    nah
?:    and if they’d buy better food
4:    ah what footy team do ya barrack for?
3:    Essendon
1:    couldn’t give a shit
2:    Collingwood, but I don’t follow ‘em
3:    yeah I don’t follow footy either
1:    oh yeah Collingwood I don’t follow ‘em that much though, same as
4:    Richmond’s not . we won’t talk about Richmond .. have you ever been
?:    yeah
4:    ok REDACTED, have you ever been blamed for
4:    somethng you didn’t do?
?:    no but
3:    no
4:    What was it? What happened?
3:    well . <sniff> . just things in class1
2:    I’ve been blamed by REDACTED
4:    for what?
2:    many things .. f’rinstance taking ‘is pencil
4:    when you have
2:    I eventually have but  no no seriously once he did blame me and I
         didn’t have it . I don’t blame ‘im for not blaming me though, I
         don’t blame ‘im for blaming me
1:    so
4:    because you do it normally so
2:    mm
1:    shit I dunno
2:    shit I dunno
4:    REDACTED comes out with the big long answer
4:    oh shit I dunno
?:    um yeah
3:    (?)
3:    well . prob’ly with REDACTED, taking ‘is pencil
3:    well I didn’t take it someone else did ie IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED and I got blamed for it
?:    you mean you frame it, you frame REDACTED. you
         sort of give it to REDACTED
?:    (?)
3:    we frame each other so one person takes it then the other person
         gets framed
4:    whoever can get it first gives it to the other
1:    yeah ok ok
2:    mm
3:    then REDACTED blames the person who took it
4:    so what happens?
3:    um whoever’s got it sorry
4:    what’d . REDACTED do? Just
3:    oh he tells
2:    he puts his hand I’m dobbing . he puts ‘is little serious face on .
         just stares at me
1:    you start laughing at ‘im
2:    yeah 
4:    is your . in y in your family like are the jobs shared around fairly?
?:    yep . they are now anyway
?:    um my mum doesn’t think so, but .
?     yeah now we’ve got this new roster system at the moment, that’s
         working . we’ve had it for about the um last few weeks
?:    not really my brother doesn’t do anything
4:    that is exactly what I do I feel I do noth . my sister does nothing
3:    yeah I know my sister does
?:    my sister never does anything
3:    shyte all
4:    it’s because they’re younger
3:    except gets praise for doing her (?)
4:    oh go and play the piano darling 
3:    yeah or violin or . she’s had four exams this year .
3:     she’s had choir, no I’m not, she’s had vocal, theory, um the violin,
         and the piano she got an A for she got an A for
?:    (?)
3:    violin for grade seven . I’m planning on doing it next year but um I
         couldn’t really be bothered
4:    what you on violin?
3:    no guitar
4:     oh that’s ok then 
?:    (?) you on violin now I’m thinking hang on a second
4:    he’s gonna learn grade seven in a year
?:    um . could be interesting
?:    come on next question
4:    so it’s so you reckon it’s not it’s kinda not fairly shared?
3:    yep definitely
?:    not really
4:    do you end up doing all the work or does your mum or what?
3:    nah, oh well my sister does nothing my mum does a fair bit . <cough>
         I do a fair bit . dad does a lot too
?:    yeah
4:    my sister does jack-all . so your family’s pretty fair?
?:    yeah well if . mum used to always do all the stuff but now we’ve got
         this huge thing like if you do this this week you do that next
         week. You do this (mumble) and you clean your own bathroom coz
         we’ve got three bathrooms in the place
?:    out of here? sorry oh-oh
3:    pick REDACTED up right now
4:    ok
3:    say sorry
4:    so think
3:    when he answers you you can go
?:    sorry
3:    he ‘asn’t answered you yet you can’t go
4:    then um thinking back to when you were at primary school, what kinda
         games didja play?
?:    oh kickball
?:    oh I remember that
3:    downball
4:    when we kicked the g girl’s ball away and Mrs(?) made us run (?)
?:    forty-forty forty-forty
3:    yeha forty-forty downball
?:    kept gettin’ the wrecked window rem’ber?
4:    yeah
?:    and every day it was psssh  damn the window’s gone again
4:    I don’t know why they bothered replacing that window
?:    dunno the ball was kept going go through anyway
3:    downball
4:    downball?
1:    oh we never used to play that
?:    forty-forty I always used to play that
?:    oh forty-forty
?:    oh shit we played that
?:    yeah we always use to play that
4:    round the adventure playground
1:    yeah round the yeah
4:    as you can tell REDACTED and I went to the same
3:    where was that? Boganville?
2:    you didn’t have a bloody playground . that’s unreal
3:    we had three
?:    we had a good primary school
?:    we had three we had a (?)
?:    (?) yeah when you think about it
3:    we had three
?:    that’s why mum changed because (?)
3:    the junior school one, right,
?:    shit
3:    the prep one, and then we had a we had a sort of medium one which
         was a brand new one and then we had the monster playground which
         was massive
?:    we just had two adventure playgrounds so, one was an old one which
         we never got to go on because it was dangerous 
3:    it was about a hundred metres long and grounded or something and
         when it was hot?
?:    everyone used to play on it anyway (?)
4:    it is . I dunno why they took down the big towers
3:    and people used fall off all the time (?) kick the ball, people used
         to play games like you’d kick that ball
?:    I know it’s so dumb now they’ve got all these new rules now, oh it’s
?:    they’ve got all the old you know seesaws and that now they got them
         little ones on springs that sorta go wo wo wo
?:    are we allowed to swear on this tape?
?:    shockin’ I dunno
4:    who cares it’s not gonna come back to the school
?:    who gives a shhh
4:    well put, but it’s not gonna come back to school
?:    good luck with your survey
4:    so ah . so what would’ve been your favorite game? I reckon playing
         tiggie on the adventure playground was pretty good
3:    carmageddon
4:    dyou remember playing that?
?:    forty-forty . forty-forty . forty-forty
?:    yeah
3:    carmageddon
4:    you’re an idiot REDACTED
?:    you used to play that at primary school didja
3:    yeah
?:    considering it wasn’t out
3:    yep
4:    He had the Beta release
?:    be be be be
?:    you had half a car, half a track
?:    yeah exactly
?:    mine could’ve come actually
?:    one person
?:    sorry . um
?:    you get thses donks 
3:    REDACTED leave the table alone
?:    where’s the actual microphone on this
?:    there
4:    around there
?:    I’m sure he’s gonna find this very interesting
4:    um . I dunno what ‘is for so .. I get ten bucks for it . yay
?:    oh what?
?:    you big snot2
?:    no you gotta split this with us
?:    do you really?
3:    you send the ten dollars to
4:    REDACTED .. no .. um  what . oh I’ve done
         that um  ...  what do you think of homies and choofers?
2:    what the fuck are they?
4:    dja know what homies are?
2:    yeah I know what homies are but choofers
4:    I think they’re druggie’s I dunno
3:    yeah um I think
4:    fuckin’ losers 
1:    I think this guy was dealin’ this guy thought I was dealin’ last
         night Ijust walked past him and the guy goes come on now how many
         grams do I get for this much?
1:    I’m like, I’m just sorta going what the
3:    you’re like <cough> two hundred 
4:    not enough  . <sigh> they’re bloody losers
?:    yeah
4:    they walk around thinking they’re so good
1:    yeah and you just look at ‘em and they beat the shit outa you
2:    yeah that’s true
1:    they try, they try or they prob’ly would
1:    well
?:    (mumble)
4:    it’s now illegal to ah look at people . I hope you are . Mr
         REDACTED just went past
3:    now we’re stuffed
?:    the one with the Mazda3
?:    who cares REDACTED? I just sit up the back he
         doesn’t know whether I’ve done it or not
4:    just say you were participating
3:    we’re at the front of the class
4:    just say you were participating in a survey for um
2:    yeah went from um yeah went from yesterday morning
?:    went from Wednesday . yeah
3:    no went from class yeah fro Wednesday
4:    took us sixteen tries to get it right so shut up 
3:    went from Wednesday’s maths class
?:    REDACTED (?)
4:    what else have we got there
3:    I dunno you’re the one with the questions
?:    do they give you the questions? Or
4:    how do you spend Saturdays and Sundays?
?:    Saturdays work in the morning
3:    working
?:    sleeping
?:    working
?:    I don’t wnna wok, just stuff around
?:    sleeping
?:    getting homework done
4:    sleep work eat homework sleep work eat homework 
?:    that’s about my same
?:    that’s about it
?:    same
?:    maybe do something at night
?:    or go out on Fridays or something
?:    we always go out for something to eat on Fridays
?:    do you?
4:    and youth group whenever that’s on
?:    yeah
?:    we usually go to McDonald’s on Fridays
4:    do you?
?:     yeah coz (?)
?:     we try not to go to the Pancake Parlour a lot Mum (?)
?:    that’s a bloody rip-off that place
?:    I know
?:    (?)
?:    coz mum can eat the pancakes mum can’t mum’s allergic to most things
         so she can only eat (?)
4:    there’s some bloody nice stuff they have
?:    yeah I know
?:    (mumble)
4:    so REDACTED, how do you spend your Saturdays,
         seeing as you haven’t spoken yet
3:    I did I said (?) I do work on Saturdays and Sundays (?)
?:    next question
3:    oh fine
4:    where are you going, what are you doing next holidays?
3:    goin’ to New Zealand
?:    goin’ to the States4
4:    whatcha goin’ to do in New Zealand?
3:    um we’ll be skiing for a week, we’ve got the choice of two mountains
4:    do you go
3:    Mt (?) and (?)
4:    Do you go to um. are you going on one of those jet boat things?
3:    yes
4:    they’re wicked but .  I love ‘em . I wanna
3:    wicked
?:    you run over on top of other people
4:    nah they’re good, ya like
?:    they do like three si
?:    you can do illusions
?:    ohh I’m not gonna take that, that’s it
4:    ohh, he’s thrown a (?)
?:    oh we need a sound effects CD here
4:    oh it’s ok we’re just having (?)
?:    REDACTED was doing his jumping  you know how,
         how we had to fo the footprints and knocking on the door?
?:    yeah
?:    you know how we had to do that . REDACTED was
         standing there going <stamp stamp stamp> with a book (?)
3:    in the interviewREDACTED is now talking
         about his girlfriend
?:    he’s not talking about anything
4:    so um how’s
3:    yes you are REDACTED you
4:    how’s the area you’ve lived in changed?
?:    not at all
3:    Shoppingtown’s like increased in size fifty times
?:    oh we’ve got a house pulled down next door
4:     opposite Shoppingtown as you’d expect
3:    nothing much really just
4:    oh can I find out my fortune?
3:    modernisation
?:    no
?:    (?)
?:    (?)
?:    oh just public swimming pool changed coz it was leaking open
4:    yeah
?:    oh the filter wasn’t working or something
?:    (?)
?:    they closed it down and
4:    (?) they closed ours down totally
?:    oh they just rebuilt ours
?:    what’s this?
?:    pool
4:    they sold ours to the primary no the high school next door
?:    our school been updone and upgraded and new basketball courts and gym

4:    no we’re not talking about you’re house we’re talking about your area
?:    no the swimming pool . no I’m talking about the swimming pool
4:     I’m only kiding . god
?     :oh yeah we got an upgrade
4:    we’ve only got a we’ve only got a two hundred seat stadium at home 
         you know 
?:    have we got assembly?
?:    no
?:    and we’ve only got six bigscreen tv’s and
?:    oh what you mean that mini-theatre at home . yeah
?:    yeah
?:    and those bloody ferraris keep in at home we have to keep backing ‘em
?:    I’ve only got that (?) last time
?:    (?)
?:    oh yeah
4:    yeah so you don’t have any ferraris anymore
?:    nuh
4:    yeah what is it sir?
4:5       ah excuse me boys ah, you’re gonna have to leave, the canteen’s
?:    yeah ok
?:    sure REDACTED
?:    yep ah better go now
?:    right see ya
?:    ok, bad luck huh?

1  ??
2  ??
3  ??
4 ??
5  pretending to be teacher