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Australian ( applies to all grandparents)
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MECG2M1_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant thinks his mother speaks a little French. He studied French for a year but has now dropped the subject and is taking Latin, which he finds interesting and enjoyable.
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Well, I think that might be about right to start now.  Okay.
What is your name?
Where do you live?
Um, do you want my actual address?
Oh well, whatever you
Okay well I live in REDACTED.
Uh huh.
And how long have you lived there?
Um, oh, lived, in my, at my current address for a little over a year,
         but um, ah we we we've always sort of lived in that area, just sort
         of changed address.
And why do you move?
Um well, basically our other house wasn't big enough, um for I've got
         a brother and a sister and um, it wasn't big enough, we'd already
         had renovations and that was a bad experience so we decided just to
         go for a new house.
How was it bad?
Well, what do you mean?
The, the renovations.
Oh right.  Um, well they did, they sort of mucked around for quite a
         while, um, made a mess of the place, and uh the end job wasn't all
         that good.  So, uh yeah.  We just decided, not going through that
Fair enough.  So, um, where were you born?
Um, I was born here in Melbourne.
Um, I don't know the exact hospital but, it was around here.
Around here.  What about your brothers and sisters, how old are they?
Um, okay, well I've got an older brother who ah turns seventeen on
         the twenty-second of September, and I've got a younger sister who
         turns eleven on the twenty-eighth of October.
Wonderful.  So you've got several birthday presents to buy shortly.
Ah yeap.  Well, supposedly.
What does that mean?
Oh yeah, I buy them something.
So ah, and what about your parents?  Are they from here?
Yeap, ah, they're both from ah Melbourne, um
Ah yes, I'm pretty, yeah I think my grandparents are from Melbourne
         as well, yeah.
What about before that?
Um, I'm not exact, all that familiar with ah um past that sort of,
         but I think originally, you know way back from, came from England,
Um, okay, what about ah, where did your parents go to school?
Um, my Dad came here, REDACTED, and um my mum
         went to REDACTED's which is a boarding school
Ah, I think it's in REDACTED.
Ah, you're not sure.
I'm not entirely sure though.
Okay and what, what languages do they speak?
Um, I'm not sure, oh I think Mum speaks a bit of French.
Um, but, ah I think they're, that's, but they don't really have any
         second languages, so
Right.  So obviously you talk English to them.
Ah yeap.
Okay.  Um, do you learn any languages here at school?
Ah, I did do French for a year but then I dropped that at the moment
         the only language I'm doing is Latin.
Yeah, so
it's not really a spoken language.
No, does everybody in the school do Latin?
Uh no, you get to um choose, ah your electives from Year 8 onwards,
         and this was just one of the electives I chose.
What do you think about Latin?
Um, I'm quite enjoying it, I think it's ah it's pretty interesting,
         um I've heard that it, it's it's pretty difficult ah yeah it is it
         is actually pretty hard but yeah I'm I'm enjoying it because I've
         got a good teacher and um, yeah I'm finding out lots of new stuff.
What, what are you reading any particular texts, like any particular
Ah we go through these ah books, there's just different units
And there's quite a number of them and each unit sort of ah I guess
         got a theme
Um, at the moment it's about people writing (?) ah it's about, it's
         about the Romans and ah it's a sort of a collection of letters and
         stuff that we have to translate
So are you reading any particular Roman authors?
Ah we've been reading a bit ah stuff by some of the poets.
Such as?
Um, I'm just trying to think.  Ah, I can't remember but um
That's okay.
I just remember we've been reading a bit of poetry, I don't think
         they were terribly famous.
Or anything like that.
Okay, ah, what sort of work do your parents do?
Um, my dad is, ah he used to be a biochemist um but now he's a
         technical, technical supervisor I think at ah IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED, and um he sort of um organises the sale and maintenance
         um of ah these clinical machines for hospitals and pathology and
         all of them, and ah my mum is a lawyer, um, she's working two jobs
         at the moment, one with a firm in REDACTED
         and um one in the city and just ah you know a sort of spare time,
         she does ah, she's got her own sort of thing where she ah writes
         wills for people and all of that sort of stuff, you know.
So your parents are pretty busy then I suppose?
Ah yeah, most of the time.
Does that mean they've got more or less control over you?
Um, well they've definitely got control over me but ah they they do
         let me have quite a bit of freedom which is good.
Yeah.  I mean, they let me have ah freedom without sort of letting
         me go too out of control.  Yeah.
And if you had all the freedom that you would like, that you could
         have, would you go out of control?
Um, probably.
So they're wise then.
Yeah, I mean I'm happy with, I mean I'm allowed to do most things
         that I want to do at the moment, so I'm happy with that.
Alright.  What would you like to do when you leave school?
Um, I'd like to, um I've got two different ah possible career paths
         and they cou, ah if one of them works out then they could be
         mingled, um, I'd like to do journalism, ah because I enjoy all of
         that, and ah I I also enjoy doing graphic design so, ah doing
         graphic design in advertising'd also be a possible career and I
         heard that once you go through journalism you can, ah if you get
         your cadetship you can start to specialise in graphic design so,
         they wouldn't be bad, sort of doing the two at once.
Interesting you mention journalism, there's a certain type of
         journalist who's ah in a little bit of ah trouble, well, not very
         well regarded today after yesterday
What do you think about all that?
Um, I think there's seven of them in custody, or something like that
Yeah.  What do you think about that kind of journalism?
Ah, I definitely don't agree with that, I think that's taking it to,
         um, I think it's taking it to the extremes, and I think it's
         unnecessary, I mean not, not like they wouldn't have, it's not as
         though they would have got any new information off her, you know.
         You know, it's just the same thing, pictures of her in a car, shie,
         shielding her face, um
You think they might have already had such pictures?
Yeah.  I mean, I don't agree with that, that's just going ov, way,
         way over the top.
Yeah.  No, it's just interesting, cos it, that kind of thing is in
         the news today, just what to think about.
Yeah.  Yeah.
Okay, we'd better press on.  Um, what's your favourite subject?
Ah, scu, subject at school?
Okay ah, at the moment it'd probably be either Graphic Design or
What do you like about English?
Um, oh I, I mean, I enjoy public speaking and all of that, um and I
         enjoy writing a lot so I guess it's sort of, um, mixing what I like
         doing so
You say you enjoy public speaking,
What kind of opportunities do you get to speak in public?
Um, well I'd, I'm in debating, um and ah in middle school, in Year 7
         and 8 I went in a public speaking competition that they ran so,
         yeah I just like doing that sort of thing.
Mmhm.  Okay.  Do you have a teacher that you like a lot?
Um, well, basically ah any teacher who um is not too strict, ah, they
         get, um, probably my Latin teacher's the best example of this, we
         we still learn a lot and except he's prepared to um give the
         students a bit of freedom, you know, have a bit of en, enjoy what
         they're doing and I think that's much better because um, personally
         I learn a lot more if I'm enjoying myself.  Yeah.
Fair enough.  What about a teacher who picks on you, or um used to
         pick on you, any such one?
Um, yeah well
This is confidential, by the way, so you
Yeap, yeap.  Okay, well my English teacher sort of picks on
Um but, no I did have a Maths teacher a few years ago who did pick on
         me and that was pretty bad and I failed that, ah I failed that
         particular unit, and I didn't enjoy it at all and ah I think that's
         why I failed because you know I just wasn't able to learn.
Mm.  So what happens when you fail something like that, do you have
         to do it again?
Ah with Maths you ah repeat the unit, and ah the second time, when
         you, when you're repeating you can't fail, so no matter what marks
         you get, you get put up
Yeah.  So but, but I generally don't like failing um.  I've I've
         failed two units um, out of the whole lot so but it's not too bad I
         can still get into ah most Maths courses but if you fail a unit
         doing it the first time you just get, you just made repeat it.
Right.  Okay, what do you generally do after school?
Um, I go home and watch TV.  Um, sometimes
Anything you like particularly on TV?
Um, no not particularly.  Um, whatever's on, I also like ah playing
         with a PlayStation that I've bought recently, a Sony PlayStation,
         just one of the little games consoles.
Ah yeah.  You'll have to explain that to me I'm
It's um, it's a games console and ah you use CDs, CD games
and it's sort of, it's pretty hi-tech .  But ah yeah I enjoy doing
         that, and I also enjoy seeing friends after school.
Mmhm.  What about sport?  Are you a sporting person?
Ah yeap, I like playing ah, probably the main one's football, yeap
and I really enjoy ah both playing football and going and watching
What do you, who do you support?
Ah the Hawks.
What do you think of their ah current performance?
Well, I think they had a good start to the season but since we've
         lost the last eight on the trot, ah I think that's pretty pathetic
         .  Ah we we generally did kept with ah our opponents in the first
         half and then dropped off in the second half, which was pretty
Did they sneak into the finals in the end, I haven't caught up.
Ah, we finished second last.
Ah that's pretty bad, isn't it.
Yeah, we could of got into the finals if we hadn't lost so many at
         the end, ah we were pretty well placed before that.
So it's not been their best year?
No, no.
Okay, what about sport that you yourself play?
Ah yeap, um, I'm in the school football team, um
ah I I'm in the As, ah I was in the, in the Year 10 As but I usually,
         I like playing in the Bs better because I get more of a run, and
         um, I I I just sort of feel I play better in the Bs, you know I can
         contribute more to the result of the game.
Can you tell me about a recent game that you've had, that was a good
Ah yeah, it would have been against ah IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED, and ah I was playing rover, and ah we just ran riot, a
         couple of people in our team just ran riot, we got lots and lots of
         kicks, and it was, I don't think we actually won but, .. it was
         really good but because just had so much freedom to do whatever I
         wan, whatever we wanted on the field, and everything just sort of
         seemed to, work out.
Right.  Even though you didn't win.
Oh, yeah, it seemed to work out for, for me.
So is there a group of kids that you hang around with
Ah yeap.
Ah yeah, there's, at this school there's generally a few groups of
         friends that sort of stick together most of the time, I've I've
         I've got a general group of friends, most of them I knew at Primary
         School, um, yeah we do stuff together on the weekends, and except
         um, I've also got ah good friends who aren't in that, who aren't
         part of that group, who I like spending time with as well.
Good.  Is there in that group, we'll say one of those groups, is
         there somebody that everybody listens to, is there a sort of
Ah, it sort of swaps around from time to time, you know, somebody's
         the flavour of the month and then they're listened to, and then
         it's somebody else and then it sort of switches again.
Have you ever been that?
Yeah, um about a, oh a couple of years ago, um, yeah.
Tell me about it.
Ah, it was good.  Everybody listened to my ideas, and laughed at my
         jokes, um
But they don't do it anymore?
Um, not as much, it's there's not a lot of um, sort of bitching in
         the group, you know there's um well somebody's listened to more
         than others, everybody sort of, everybody is listened to, there's
         not somebody who's sort of estranged from the group.
Okay, change of pace a little bit.
What would you do if you won Tattslotto?
Um, I'd probably put most of it in the bank, um, and I'd save up for
         later on in life, uh for things like a car, or a house or something
         like that, and then with a portion of it, I'd probably just go on a
         spending spree and and of this, ah a lot of sorts of things that I
         can't sort of get now.
Such as?
Oh I'd like to get Surround Sound, for my room, cos I've got, oh I've
         got ah a pretty good stereo system, I've got a TV, ah that's,
         that's all from the money I've got ah from my job, which is a phone
         operator at Pizza Hut, um.  Yeah, so I'd like to get surround sound
         for that, um, oh that, that's actually about it, ah for the moment,
         I'd probably think of something else but
Yeah, oh, some coins maybe, yeah.
Yeap.  Have you ever been in hospital?
Ah, yeah, um I haven't been in hospital much, I went, I went in once
         when I was about um, six or something like six or around there with
         a with a pretty bad asthma attack, and I was in there for about a
So what's it like, yo you've obviously got asthma then?
So what's it like, when you're um, having an asthma attack?  What
         does it feel like?
Um, ah, it feels like there's a ton of bricks pressing on your chest,
         and um it's, it gets re, you sort of, panic, because you're trying
         to, you're trying to breathe normally and you just can't, and it's,
         yeah it sort of makes you panic quite a bit, um, when it's really
         bad, I haven't I haven't had any really bad asthma attacks since
         then, but I usually take my medication around with me so um, if
         ever I can um feel my chest getting a bit tight, I just take that,
         and it usually calms it down.  Yeah.
So have you ever felt like you were dying, from one of them?
Um, no, not really.  Ah, I can't remember much about what it was like
         when I had that asthma attack and had to go to hospital, I just
         remember that it was in the middle of the night, and oh I went into
         hospital at about three o'clock in the morning, um I can't actually
         remember what it felt like though, and yeah.
Mmm.  Another change.  Do you think the older generation understand
         the younger people?
Ah to some degree.  Um, I think there's a lot of things that they
         won't understand, basically because um ah young people sort of
         invent things as they go along, it's hard to explain, um, it, for
         people who were born in a particular time, they're sort of the same
         age, they've got their own way of thinking kind of, um, and it sort
         of passes on to the other people that age, and I think it's pretty
         hard for older people to understand a lot of the things but um, to
         some degree they can understand them because they've been through a
         lot of those experiences themselves.  Yeah.
Mmm.  Finally, how would you describe Melbourne to a visitor from
Um, I think it's great.  Um, what do you mean, like tell them where
         to go or?
Ah it's, I'd tell them that it's a really great place to stay because
         ah you can, you've got the city which has got ah lots of ah for
         instance South, SouthBank to go to, ah, there's lots of different
         festivals on, um, you can go and see the football, which is good,
         um, there there's so many different things in the arts, ah it's
         such a multi-cultural city, ah a lot of variety, a lot of different
         things for people to go and experience, um, yes so I'd just tell
         them to visit all the landmarks and stuff like that.
Thankyou.  Okay.
I'd better, oh it's