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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The mother’s family comes from Western Australia, the father’s from Melbourne. The informant says his parents’ first language is English but that they speak German and French as well. He speaks only English with them but is learning Indonesian and Latin at school.
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[u'CG1MP1m (16 years old, \u201cEnglish-speaking\u201d)\n_____________________________________________________________']
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Interactive Discourse
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ok . here we are . me n . my name’s REDACTED
         and this is, this is REDACTED here . and
         anyway, we’re just talkin’ . an’ I’m just explaining what this .
         what we’re doin’ now to my friend p REDACTED
         here  anyway . yeah um, this is basically just a study for the
         Monash University, REDACTED, I mean
         REDACTED. to see to see how y . to see how
         young people speak in the er like today . I think this is what it
         is an’ this is the tape we ‘ave to do . so IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED, um . what have you been up to today?. I mean IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED day 
         REMOVED, whatever you’d like to say . right . righteo . well today
         we have actually been in a little conversation of our own
oh you mean the uh PW conversations
CG1MP1m:    yes that PW conversation
like Box Hill and
CG1MP1m:    one two three four five six
and A B C D E FG type thing
CG1MP1m:    yes . and Mattie-boy
oh Mattie-boy . gee, that came in handy when I was looking up those
         dirty sites on the Internet
CG1MP1m:     you’re really dodgy, REDACTED
I know, I know .  we gotta talk for about, you know, twen’y-five
         minutes more, so we’ll1 um . we’ll re-do that in a moment
CG1MP1m:    yeah geez . shit, man
you know nothin’ you can do about it .. so, um .. I hear I hear
         you’re off to the Himalayas
CG1MP1m:    yeah that’s right we leave Saturday
         good name for someone going to the Himalayas
CG1MP1m:    oh you’re a (??) 2, REDACTED
I mean
CG1MP1m:    no uh, REDACTED
yeah, yeah REDACTED
CG1MP1m:    ah well, we leave on Saturday night and . yeah we’re away for
         two weeks .
CG1MP1m:    should be really squeegie
are you flying that airline that’s green and white and has the stupid
         writing on the side of the plane? like, Arabic or some’in’?
CG1MP1m     nah, we’re actually flying Malaysian airlines
CG1MP1m:    Ithink
ohh, Malaysian airlines
CG1MP1m:    and I just hope I get a superness3 on the plane
oh oh, those superness games’re favourite games like F-zero and Super
         Mario Brothers and   ??? 
CG1MP1m:    and really crap ones like that
and Castlevania 4 and those crappy games
CG1MP1m:    yeah
if you know what I mean
CG1MP1m:    w whaddjou think of volleyball on Wednesday IDENTIFYING
it was pretty shit, Mr REDACTED4 was pissin’
         me off bad .. yeah .. because because I I’m like this, I’m like
         their best centre out o’ the team that was playing that day . that
         stupid REDACTED. had to fuckin’ go in 
         don’t worry about that one . yeah  stupid IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED got to centre all the time so I was a bit spastic
CG1MP1m:    yeah well, I thought my sparking actually went pretty well
yeah considering the net was about twen’y metres too high
CG1MP1m:    yeah but the thing was you know . sparked really crap in the
         game n then warmed up in the last you know twen’y minutes
ye yeah yeah
CG1MP1m:     ??? 
it was pretty rude how the teams . when um the time wasn’t .
CG1MP1m:    yeah right how long did we have to wait . about two hours
after we waited for about three hours we just . you know . left we
         coz Mr REDACTED was too impatient to stay
CG1MP1m:    we had parent-teacher interviews
I I wanted to keep playing but yeah .. so .
CG1MP1m:    yeah what else is there to talk about?
oh . so .. I’m a bit fucked at the mom, I mean  stuffed at the
         moment because  . you know . um ... oh I’ve gotta see IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED5 yesterday because I did . I actually did the
         work but I didn’t print it out, n she wanted me to, bring it in
         yesterday, at lunchtime, an’ I came to bring it in but she wasn’t
         there .. so now she’s got .
CG1MP1m:    oh I hate that
yeah . and now she’s gonna ask me to come today . n I will come, but
         . the point is I didn’t bring my computer which has the work on it
         . so, you know .
CG1MP1m:    shit
I’m so stuffed
CG1MP1m:    yeah . th that happens to me all the time, that sort o’  thing
         whenever I have a history or geography assignment to do . and I’ve
         got a Canon BJ 2 4-100
CG1MP1m:    I won’t go . into the technical aspects too much
CG1MP1m:    but um, whenver I try to print in colour . it just freezes .
CG1MP1m:    I have to restart bloody Windows all the time .. geez I hate
yeah Microsoft, Bill Gates is a dickhead, I mean mean
CG1MP1m:    if only they had Apple Computers all over here
Apple computers are crap
CG1MP1m:    REDACTED, I love Apple computers . d’you
         know how much faster their processers are?
oh ho, Apple processers I wish I had one
CG1MP1m:    actually Motorola and IBM
Motorola  . Motorola made those processors that go on landmines
CG1MP1m:    they do, they cost 45 cents each
45 cents each . they’re about film 2 and 8 double-o 8 or some’ing
         aren’t they?
CG1MP1m:    yeah
an’ all they do . they’re pretty crappy, but they’re still pretty
         good for landmines .. I mean, if you wanna blow people’s legs off,
         if you’re that type of person
CG1MP1m:    it’s not it’s not really worth it for fifty cents .. they
         wouldnt make anything from it
yeah but Motorola prob’ly gets their name put, put on landmines so
         when people are blown up they can prob’ly see the Motorola before
         they die .. I love Motorola
CG1MP1m:    that’d be a rynda6 lesson
yeah, so shit we’ve only been talking for a bit, we gotta really keep
         talkin’, man . um . let’s see . well we’re sittin’ in a room here,
         it’s sort of a like a pale green colour
CG1MP1m:    it’s crap if you ask me
yeah it’s pretty crap . it it would’ve been fashionable in about you
         know in about 19
CG1MP1m:    ohh .. 60
no about 1860, about that 
CG1MP1m:    there’s all this computer junk
there’s a computer stuck on the wall . it’s prob’ly worth about two
         grand minus two grand . and .what else is there? .. it’s a pale
         green, it’s terrible
CG1MP1m:    there’s a network covers
yeah we’ve got some network covers here network covers . and . if
         you, there’s no point hacking into this network coz if you wanna
         bring it down all you do is cut the wires along here . and
CG1MP1m:    but then you know, not that we’d ever hack the network or
         anything, I mean, that’s just being silly
passwords don’t come easy .. we already have a little databank
         collection but don’t tell anyone that or I swear Ill kill you ..
         whoever’s listening to this tape don’t . oh we’re, I’m IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED and that’s REDACTED, we’re
         REMOVED ... and anyway, so I’m a bit . oh you know, Melbourne’s
         Melbourne’s out of the finals which is a bit of a bummer, I mean w
         w we’re ne never gonna make it except when we beat North Melbourne
         in the first round about
CG1MP1m:    I don’t give a shit about footy anymore
yeah . REDACTED7 goes for the Brisbane Bears
CG1MP1m:    who?
         REMOVED, I mean REDACTED. goes for the
         Brisbane Bears an’ you know
CG!MF1m:    I do not, I like Geelong .
CG1MP1m:    but I don’t really follow anyone . I wouldn’t even know if
         they’re first or what
oh ok . well, Geelong’s actually in the finals
CG1MP1m:    yay
and I’m thinkin’ we better not talk about Mr IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED coz I just saw him in the other room
(murmers from both participants)
our Latin teacher’s really good
CG1MP1m:     really really good
. not .  we had this other teacher, Mr IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED who was really really good
CG1MP1m:    yeah we all thought he was really crap until he actually left
         and we all miss ‘im
CG1MP1m:    an’ on the last day the sorta psycho IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED, he just started singing . about Mr IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
and it all made us cry coz it was so crappy
CG1MP1m:    ???  just in this room
yeah yeah . talk into the radio . an’ no’ not too close to it though
         yeah,  . about this length ..
CG1MP1m:    yeak ok
we’re about um . oh I’d say forty-five centimetres from this tape-
         recorder machine . I tell you what
CG1MP1m:    forty-five and holding
an’ I s’pose it’s it’s an E I K I , it’s an ‘eiki’ . don’t break my
         heart, my achy breaky heart . but anyway . what are we doing here?
         it’s got a record button and it’s got a review button and it’s got
         a cue button . they should just call it rewind and fast-forward
CG1MP1m:    [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED quite frankly] I don’t think we
and it’s got a stop/eject button and pause putton
CG1MP1m:    it’s crappy . it’s about the size of a damn VHS cassette
I reckon I could pull a better tape recorder out of my arse
         personally  but you know
CG1MP1m:    I don’t wanna know
we’re doing this at the last moment, you see, because I forgot to do
         it last night and I just got my friend . because I gave ‘him all
         these . words and he  n he’s just helping me with this, so you
         know . and it’s got this thing called A U X in which I have no,
         don’t have a clue what that is and it’s got four headphones so
         let’s see
CG1MP1m:    auxiliary in, REDACTED
auxiliary in, auxiliary in . Latin . derived from a Latin word
         meaning help ..
CG1MP1m:    and anyway just talkin’
 hey shut up
CG1MP1m:    I really wonder where REDACTED8 got to
         . he  ( ??? ) last week
did ‘e? did he bring it to school
CG1MP1m:    yeah, I brought it to school
oh, really? did he implode, when you took out the (??)
CG1MP1m:    no, no he didn’t smash the screen actually . but I saw in the
         trading post
CG1MP1m:    some guy tryin’ to sell a Mac (?) was 750 bucks
750 bucks
CG1MP1m:    I could buy . four eight six
CG1MP1m:    twen’y for twen’y five there
you could buy, like, you know
CG1MP1m:     you could buy
??? several turns check again
at like, the computer shops it might have a crappy monitor
?? several turns, chaeck again
so what else is there? oh, we just had our house barbeque . it was
         pretty funny coz Mr REDACTED .. um, this kid
         from not in our house, we’re summers, the best house, and
         REMOVED’s house is the second best house, which is clipping9.
         but anyway, I gave this a  this guy gave a sausage to this guy in
         the red house which is derryn, which is a crap house
an’ anyway, n then ‘e got caught and our housemaster came along n
         took the sausage off ‘im . n ‘e ate it
which is pretty funny . n I gave a can of coke to one of my friends
         but that was a’right because . you know, no-one saw me . which was
CG1MP1m:    ohh REDACTED, ya dodgey bastard
if I    ???????????  our tuck-shop’s pretty expensive if you think
         about it
CG1MP1m:    oh, rip-off, talk about the cold pies, I mean you walk in there
         on a cold day an’ ya get a cold pie  
 I saw this I saw four muffins in Safeway  a dollar sixty-five, all
         moist an’ juicy n really nice . an’ I saw one in the tuck-shop a
         dollar fifty it’s all dry and crap, the chocolate’s like rock-hard
         in the middle
n n it’s not just got li-like a layer of chocolate then a layer of
         cake, and then it’s all crap and it’s a dollar fifty, so
CG1MP1m:    we’re not joking you know, you can take us to the health
         department, we really don’t give a
do you know Spotless Catering? never hire them at Monash
Spotless are crap
CG1MP1m:    leave them alone
the only thing they do is to have a nice name . except at the footy
         they’re expensive too, you know like about three bucks for like a
         umm bucket of chips, n it’s like, three bucks for like a cup of
         Coke, it’s a rip-off coz I can get Coke for like eighty cents ..
         and about fifty cents if ya buy them in crates of twen’y-four
CG1MP1m:    no, I wasn’t with you, was I when, I I went to a film at
         Chadstone or something  . and we went into Coles at the end
CG1MP1m:    coz you know, we had a bit of money . and we got like . twelve
         donuts for about a dollar
twelve donuts for a dollar
CG1MP1m:    yeah, they were cinammon donuts
oh yeah the only good deal we’ve ever had at football, mind you
         this wasn’t a Spotless deal, was that um, we had um, oh the guy
         they didn’t sell any pies, this was prob’ly O’Brians or something,
         we should get O’Brians at school not Spotless, Spotless are crap,
         anyway . d’you know w we ah . they were selling pies at the end of
         the game for a buck and they were still good it was just that that
         no-one had bought them, so that was pretty good . and the pizzas at
         the football aren’t too bad, but mind you, there not done by
         Spotless either, they’re done by Sportsmans Pizza, good company,
         yeah but anyway, they’re about five bucks but they’re pretty big so
         that’s alright
CG1MP1m:    how big?
ohh I’d say about . that big
CG1MP1m:    oh right yeah, that big, no not this big but that big 
not this big, but this big  about the size of mrmrm 
CG1MP1m:    yeah
... I hope the guys who are listening to this are having . an intense
         time because I know we are  we’re in a room right now, and there’s
         a camera looking at us because they think stuff,  peoplewere .
         flogging stuff from this room . I wouldn’t wanna flog anything
         except for maybe that NEC projector over there . it’s pretty good
CG1MP1m:    I could do with that
yeah . I might I might steal that tomorrow
CG1MP1m:    oh yeah I really need to project onto my wall at home
and shit that clock looks pretty intense ..   I might get that one,
         shit two double-a batteries it takes . shit the power, man
and there’s an emergency exit over there which is a real bummer
         because we have compu we have activities on Friday and I do
         computer activites because it usually finishes early so we get to
         go home early .. and there’s two rooms where it takes every place
         and I sit in the room where the teacher isn’t there . and I try and
         sneak out at the start so I don’t get caught and I don I can go
         home early . n there’s a door over there which’d make it a helluva
         lot easier but there’s like an alarm hooked up to it
CG1MP1m:    oh so if you open it up
ya’d see like a little wire connected to two magnets . which is quite
         stupid, but
CG1MP1m:    hey why don’t ya try to disarm it
ya can’t .
CG1MP1m:    can’t ya . I reckon if ya stuck a piece of paper between the
         two magnets it would get let down  .. I think the  magnetic field
         keeps the alarm on . what else do we have in here?
well this tape’s pretty good, it’s made by skim limited .. no S K M
CG1MP1m:    I I saw this tape, these tapes at JB Hi-Fi . and um, they’re
         like, eighty cents each . then I saw them again at the video store
         and they were two bucks fifty what a rip-off
two bucks fif yeah this one here, this one, this one’s pretty cool,
         comes with some stickers . it’s got an on and off one and then it
         says it’s got an asterisk which says please use this adhesive label
         for a cassette shell
CG1MP1m:    I don’t  give a shit
no-one gives a shit, we’re just takin’ up time .. and anyway . it’s
         got lots of colours like the spectrum on it
CG1MP1m:    (???) I remember doin’ that with Mr IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED last year
we had Mr REDACTED last year, he looks like
         Yoda  ... yeah yeah, last year this year’s been pretty cool . in a
         way coz the work’s pretty easy but it’s been pretty shitho
         shithouse anyway, because yeah . the work’s, coz there’s lots of
         different teachers
CG1MP1m:    I just haven’t done any of the work requirements they’re so
yeah .. yeah shit
CG1MP1m:    ???
In a couple of minutes I’ve really gotta go because I’ve gotta see
         REDACTED I forgot to do my work, got to do
         before and I really gotta go . see ya . s say goodbye IDENTIFYING
CG1MP1m:    au revoir
au revoir
CG1MP1m:    senamashiang
C1MF1m:     adios amigos
kamukantu . kamakuakantuya . kamakupalua11

1 ??
2 ??
3 ??
4?? teacher’s name
5 ?? teacher’s name
6 ??
7 ?? his surname
8 ?? surname
9 ?? summer, clipping, derryn: house names
10 ??
11 ??