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MECG1M2_Sanitised (Text)

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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MECG1M2_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The mother’s family comes from Western Australia, the father’s from Melbourne. The informant says his parents’ first language is English but that they speak German and French as well. He speaks only English with them but is learning Indonesian and Latin at school.
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Interactive Discourse
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so REDACTED you’ve got on side A of this tape
       you’ve got
me and my friend,
my name on th, my name sort of on the tape I’m known as IDENTIFYING
so is this made clear?
oh it becomes clear as we go along, but at the start you know
 ok I might put this down, now you haven’t done a tape with your
I haven’t done a tape with my family . I don’t think anyone in my
       family would have wanted
to do it
to sit down
hmm .. what can I do about this? um ... well .. I supposed to get you
       to sign that you have done this work and pay you the money when I get
       the tape
so I’m going to make a rash decision and pay you the money anyway
       even though you haven’t done the full thing but on the agreement that
       if you put your address at the bottom if we decide that we would like
       you to do a one with family we can send you a tape and if they agree
       then you will do it
yeah of course I can do it I can do it without being payed now I can
       send it into whoever I need to send it in to and you want me to do it
       with my family
I think I would like you to do it with your family
and you can pay me later like I dunno send a cheque or something
oh no I trust you
yeah yeah
SM:   I give you my
so I’ll send it to this?
yeah within about a week if you can  . have you got a pen that you
       can sign your
oh  I haven’t got a pen with me .. there’s a pen over there on that
name signature date address I’ll just pause this while you do that .
       it never occured to me that I needed to tell you to make both tapes
yeah I sorta lost the sheet so you know
that would explain it  . so address
so what would happen to you, for the sake of argument, since we were
       talking about punishments earlier, what would happen to you for the
       sake of argument if you were to lose an important sheet for school?
well depending on how important . if say it was like a form to fill
       out and it was pretty important I’d just go back to the teacher and
       get another one
or if it was like a form in English class I’d go to one of the ESL
       students and get the sheet  from them because they don’t need it
and if it was in another class it was like a worksheet I’d either
       photocopy someone else’s or get another one . I’d prob’ly photocopy
       someone else’s  but if that wasn’t possible I’d just get one off the
and if you came back to class with the job not properly done because
       you’d lost the form what would happen to you?
um depends if I tell the truth
 give me both scenarios
ah if I told the truth and I said I lost the sheet, depends what
       teacher if it was my Indonesian teacher I’m sort of in the bad books
       with her at the moment so she’d prob’y give me a detention
which kind as a matter of interest?
um probably a mid week
CG1M  and if I wrote something like a fake note got one of my friends to
       write a fake note saying I dunno REDACTED had
       to go to the doctor or something last night I could’ve I’d prob’ly
       get out of it but she’d say hand it in the next day so I’d do it that
       night . and I actually that happened to me the other today at
       lunchtime I did the work and this isn’t a lie I did the work and I
       printed it up on my computer but I didn’t bring the computer to
       school today . and it was due in yesterday and I went to see her to
       show her but she wasn’t there and then she said on the notice I had
       to show her today and then she came but I didn’t have the work so she
       was pretty angry she was past giving me a detention angry . she was
       like, just angry very angry
what would happen for the sake of argument if you got one of your
       friends to write a note
that’s quite close to forgery in my opinion .um and you got found out
if I got found out it’s not likely but if I did get found out . I’d
       be in deep
we wouldn’t be talking a bucket would we?
no we’d be talking prob’ly a Friday here
only a Friday
yeah hardly anyone gets a Saturday
I think actually oh I don't think anybody’s ever been caught with a
       fake note so I think it could be a Saturday but more likely to be a
you say you don’t think anyone’s been caught with a fake note but it
       does sometimes happen?
yeah it happens all the time . I mean the Asian friends do it all the
       time because they live with different people  so they just write the
       notes and they can get different signatures all the time from the
       home state and all that
 you talked before a little bit about ESL students . tell me about
oh they’re just people from overseas . mostly from Hong Kong and I
       thin Taiwan at this school who come to study here
and do you have much to do with them?
oh a couple not many but one or two
do they speak English well enough to
oh yeah they speak English well enough
mhm ok and what are you gonna do over the holidays?
um on Sunday I’m going with a few friends from school to a bike ride
       . we’re going to ride from Shepparton to Korang over a couple of days
       which should be good
yeah so how are you getting to Shepparton?
um we’ll catch a train to Seymour and then we’ll catch a bus from
       Seymour to Shepparton
don’t they have a train to Shepparton anymore?
um oh we looked on a sheet, we chose Shepparton to Korang coz it said
       they both have trains but they don’t anymore they just have a bus so
       we’ll just put our bikes in the middle of the bus or something
does the bus driver know you’re going to do this?
oh we told the peoplewhen we booked the tickets we said we had bikes
       so that’s all we can do . last time we went on a ride like this we
       got the bikes on without telling them, so we’re one step ahead this
       time so
where did you go last time?
um we went to we started off at Sale and went a really long route to
       um Bairnsdale we went like all through up a bit and down again so we
       didn’t go along th freeway, the highway
no well I wouldn’t do that
and you what take tents and
yeah last time the was only three of us so one person took a four man
       tent but this time there’s four of us going so we’re taking two tents
       . and just it depends if there’s nowhere to camp out in the bush then
       we’ll just go into camping grounds . but we hope to camp out of the
       camping area
yeha it’s more fun isn’t it
yeah I used to do that . I once rode form well, Melbourne to Bendigo,
       well that’s nothing special I suppose, you’ve done that sort of thing
yeah well it’s pretty far but you know
well it was a day and a half
and um from Portland to some place in (?) somewhere like that . from
       yeah anyway that kind of
yeah yeah it’s fun
and it’s a good timeof the year too
yeah, problem is the wind . we chose from Shepparton to Korang
       because it’s downhill we think coz the river flows that way but we
       can’t be sure
I don’t think you’ll find it’s very far downhill
not very far downhill but if it is anything it’ll be down hill .
but won’t you be going into the wind
not sure that’s what we’re hoping, we’re praying that it goes the
       other way but we’re not sure
 and how far is it?
not sure we’re not riding very far, each day we’re only riding about
       I think sixty k
that’s not far
yeah . coz you wanna see everything on the way
and do you buy your food as you go or taking it with you?
last time we took food at the start but it takes up too much room on
       our bikes so we’re just buying it this time . there’s plenty of
       petrol stations and stuff where you can buy food . it’s pretty
       expensive but it’s better than taking fadd and not being able to take
       any clothes or anything to change
and cross fingers for . that starts on Sunday
yeah Sunday
and you’ll take what three days?
yeah we’re having a rest day so we’re starting on Sunday and back on
       Thursday, we’re staying a day in well, my friend says he knows a
       place out of um Echuca that about forty k out of Echuca that’s good
       we’re just trust ‘im on that one that he know what he’s doing
 great well we’ll cross fingers for good weather
yeah I hope so
sunny, calm, bit like today, today would be good
yeah today would be a good day
alright, now the next part of this process is that I’d like you to
       read the sentences on this page
and when you do it just leave a bit of a gap between each sentence .
oh the first one is

       Δ↔ δΙγ↔ζ φαΥν ΔΙ ↔Υπ↔⊃ σι⎤μμαΙ β♦℘Δ↔ζ τενΙσ Σ←⎤ ω?ζ Τ♦↔Υν αΥτ ↔ϖ Δ↔ ωΙνδ↔Υ ? αΥτ| Δ↔ ωινδ↔ΥΘκσΙδενσ ωΙς ηΘπ↔νΔΙ ΘΙδΖδ ↔π♦ιΣΙΘΙτ ?♦↔⊃ κ↔μϕ←⎤νΙκΘΙΣν1 ♦α⎤Δ↔ Δ↔ν μεμ↔ΥζΔ↔ μΘ⎤ν Ιν Δ↔ κϕ←⎤ νϕ←⎤ ηι⎤ ω↔ζ ωΘΙστΙΝ ηΙζ ταΙμΔ↔ π?τ η?⊃δ↔ ω↔ζ ηΙζ κ♦Ισμ↔σ γΙφ⎤τμι⎤γ↔ν β♦??τ Ιν α πε⎤♦↔ϖ λεΔ↔ β←⎤τσ Θνδ πΥτ Δεμ ?ν Δ↔ ♦℘γϕ←⎤ κΘν ♦ι⎤ηι⎤?τ ? πΘϕελα φ↔ τι⎤στελα ηΘδ τωΙν β?Ιζ  Θνδ Δεν α λΙδλ1 γ∈λαΙ ωεν τ↔ βαΙ σ℘μ λΙλΙζ ?ϖ Δ↔ ϖΘλΙκωι⎤νσλΘν ναΥ πλαΙζ Ιν μ↔♦↔Υν νϕ←⎤ σαΥΤ ωΘΙλζ Ιν σκαΙ βλ←⎤ Θν
       ϖικτ?⎤♦Ιϕα Ιν δ“⎤κ βλ←⎤αΙ π♦Ιφ∈ φ♦αΙδΘΙζ τ↔ μ℘νδΘΙζ Θν σΘδ↔δΘΙζ τ↔ σ℘νδΘΙζηαΥ ?Υ⊃ δ←⎤ ϕ↔ ηΘϖ τ↔ βι⎤ τ↔ γετ ↔ π♦↔ϖΙΖ↔νλ1 δ♦αΙϖΙΝ λαΙσενσ Ιν
       ↔στΣ♦ΘΙϕααΙ ↔Σϕ←⎤μ Δθτσ βΘΙσΙκλΙ ραΙτ β℘δ↔τ λι⎤σ Δε⎤ζ ν↔Υ κ?ντ♦αϖ∈⎤σΙ αβαΥτ
       Δ↔ β?Ιζ ↔δ♦εσ ? ηι⎤ λΙϖζ ηε↔ω??τ πι⎤πς1  νι⎤δ Ιζ ϖ↔ΥκΘΙΣ↔νς1 εδΖ←κΘΙΣν1δ←⎤ ϕ←⎤ ν↔Υ πι⎤πς1 ωΙΤ δΙφ♦εν ♦ι⎤δΖ↔νλ1 Θκσενσ?ν αΥ τΥω↔ ↔ϖ Δ↔ μ℘♦Ι ♦Ιϖ↔ ωι ω?τΣδ β∈⎤δζ κ?⎤τ σ℘μ β♦Ι⎤μ β♦Ιμ Θν αΔ↔
       φΙΣ Θν τΣ♦αΙδ αΥτ σ℘μ ↔κω?δΙκ σπ?⎤τσ ωι ?λσ↔Υ ωεν τ← α κΘτλ1 ?κΣ↔ν Θν
       ωαν δαΙ ωι φαΥνδ α σμ?λ σ?⊃?τ λΘΙκταΙκ ι⎤Δ↔ Δ↔ σεϖενΙ τ←⎤ φ♦?μ  μ?⊃ϖ↔ν ?⎤ ΔΙ Θιτ φ♦?μ ηαΙ στΣ♦ι⎤τ ΔΘΙ
       β↔ΥΤ γ↔Υ τ↔ σω?στ↔ν ω?⎤κσΙτΙ μΘν τ♦ΘδΙσ↔ν↔λΙ ω?⎤ β?Υ⊃↔ ηΘτσ β℘?τ Δε⎤ ϖε♦Ι ♦ε⎤ ναΥμαΙ φ♦ενσ ηΘϖν1 πλαΙδ σπ?⎤τσ φ↔ φ?⎤ ϕι↔ζ“Ι δ↔Υν κωαΙ?τ ν↔Υ ω?? τ↔ δ←⎤
now the next one . at the bottom there I want you to spell out those
       three place names
καπΙδλ1 βι ΘΙ δαβλ1 ελ ΘΙ “⎤ ΘΙ τικΘπιδλ1  ↔Υ ↔Υ δι εν ΘΙ δι ΘΙ δαβλ1 τι ΘΙκΘπιδλ1 ΘΙτΣ ↔Υ “⎤ εσ ΘΙτΣ ΘΙ εμ
good . yes when you were reading that one about the tour of the Murry
       River watching birds et cetera I thought that’s not very far from
       where yu’ll be going
yeah I know pretty close
yeah now this list, I want you to pronounce the words down this
       column but give quite a bit of space between them something like
a couple of seconds
yeah a couple of seconds
ok what’s this one down here
no don’t worry about those just do these ones first
βι⎤τ β←⎤τ σΘΙ σ↔Υ  ηαΙ ηαΥ π?τ φΙϕ↔ ηε⎤ κα⎤ β?⎤ τ←ω↔ βαΙ τ?Ι πΙν
ok, now this, just again some distance apart if you could just say
       these words
πΥ⊃ ∪αΥτ        ∪σελ αΥτ   ∪σελΙΝ           ∪γετΗ ℘π   ∪γετΗ ↔ωΘΙ
       κα⎤ ∪σετ ℘π     ∪σελ ℘π     ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ
      ΘΙ ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  α ∪σελ αΥτ     ∪σελΙΝ           ΘΙ ∪γετΗ ℘π      ΘΙ ∪γετ
       ↔ωΘΙ κα⎤ ∪σετ ℘π      ∪σελ ℘π    ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ 
mhm . why do you think we asked you that?
to see how we pronounce a
in different situations
it might have been  but actually when you say this one how do you say
       it without the a
∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ
SM:   well
CG1M  or like this one here ∪σε⊃αΥτ
SM:   if it’s a verb
well anyway I think it’s the difference between a verb and a noun
so um for the last couple of minutes because I know we’ve got to fill
       the time
SM:   otherwise you have to go back to class
what are you doing
history no geography at the moment
the same
um half the year we do geography and half the year we do history
right so you do the same as IDENTIFYIMG MATERIAL REMOVED
um yep
right are you in the same class as him are you?
no we just a chance we have the same class at the same time we’re in
       different classes but we have geography at the same time
it’s not that geogrpahy happens at the same time for everybody?
well basically the electives are all at the same time and the core
       subjects are at the same time and occasionally about half the time
       half the classes who do the same elective and half the classes do the
       same core subject half the subject do another core subject . but
       someitmes the like, languages which are electives you just go to
       whatever one you’re doing
right so is geography a core subject or an elective?
it’s a core subject this year
right so it’s not your fault that you’re doing it
 next year would it be a core subject or an elective?
it’s an elective next year
and what have you elected to do about it next year?
I’ve elected to drop it next year
 right why did I think that was going to be your answer?
I’m not very enthusiastic about it I didn’t used to mind it but
       there’s this new teacher this term . this term yeah who’s um I don’t
       really like him that much . anyways things that could be interesting
       really boring so I sorta lost interest in the whole thing
so what are you what particular thing are you studying right now that
       I’m causing you to miss?
um well nothing exactly but two days ago we were studying the Port of
the same as REDACTED
and were you as equally interested as he was?
if he wasn’t interested I was the same as him
at the start I ws really enthusiatic but I don’t like his teaching
       method like he just hands out sheets he gave us about three inches
       high of sheets and just to go through them which is like relaly
       boring we didn’t like do anything in class
ah well . ok well you’ve got three weeks holiday now
yeah three weeks holiday which is good
which is good, yeah . so after the bike ride it’s
yeah I’ll go to the show and I go for Melbourne and they’ve got a
       members thing like a nightclub thing happening on next Sunday so I’ll
       go to that and then I haven’t organised much for after that
that’ll keep you busy
yeah I’ve got enough for the first week, heaps to do for the first
so it’s not really a holiday more a a change
yeah it’s good yeah
well thanks very much
ok yeah, well do you want me to take the tape?