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Born in Melbourne
Born in Australia
Born in Australia
Born in Melbourne
Born in Australia
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The mother’s family comes from Western Australia, the father’s from Melbourne. The informant says his parents’ first language is English but that they speak German and French as well. He speaks only English with them but is learning Indonesian and Latin at school.
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Interactive Discourse
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Right, so this is er, what's today?  first of September.
So, what is your name?
Mmhm.  Where do you live?
Okay, how long have you lived there?
Um, oh, we moved into the house when I was only a coupla days old, so
         that was, let's see, yeah, when I was born.
Right.  Where were you born?
I was born, I was born in Melbourne.  In IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
Do you have brothers and sisters?
Yeap, I got one older sister, and one younger brother.
My sister's in in university, and my brother's at this school in Year
Mmhm, mhm.  And where are your parents from?  Or where were they
Oh they were both born in Melbourne too.
Right, and their parents?
Um, they were both born in Melbourne, they were born in, oh actually,
         Western, my Mum's parents were born in Western Australia.  And my
         Dad's parents were born in Melbourne.
Mmhm.  So when did your Mum's parents come to Melbourne?
Um, I'm not sure about the details but I think, oh, they came when
         she, I think it was when she was about twenty, or twenty-one, I'm
         not sure.
And what about your parents?  Where did they go to school?
Um, my Mum went to REDACTED, and my Dad went to
Uh huh, right.  What languages do your parents speak?
Um, oh they both speak English as a first language but they both
         speak German as well, and French so
And, do you speak, what do you speak with them?
I speak English with them.
Right.  Do you speak German at all?
No, no German.
No German?  What about French?
No French either.
No French either.
So, um, are you learning a language?
Yeap, I'm learning Latin and Indonesian, at the moment.
They still teach Latin?
I did Latin.
Yeah it's
Do you like it?
Yeah, it's good.  It's pretty
What.  What are you reading at the moment in Latin?
Oh, oh we've got class sets at the moment, we're doing um, er, oh
         it's just we've got like a Cambridge Latin Course Book it's just,
         but it's got extracts from poets and stuff, but I forget their
         names.  So yeap.
Okay.  All ?? is divided into three parts, have you done that?
Yeah, I think so.
Okay, ah work do your parents do?
PE:   Um, my Dad's a lawyer, and a solicitor, and my, my Mum's trained as a
         lawyer but she doesn't work at the moment, yeap.
What would you like to do when you leave school?
Oh I'm not sure, I've got a couple of ideas, I was thinking, a civil
         engineer, or maybe an optometrist or something, I'm not sure yet, I
         just, they're just a couple of ideas.
So you'll go to a university or a College
or something?
Yeah, definitely.
Any idea where?
Well, it depends.  I think they, I'd like to go to Melbourne or
         Monash but I think, RMIT or something, course would be good.
Okay, what's your favourite subject?
Ah, Indonesian I think, would be the best, my favourite.  And Latin,
         both languages would be
So.  Yeah.
Pity we haven't got more time to talk about that.  Um, do you er,
         what do you like about Indonesian?
Um, oh it's such a simple language, like it's gets you through
         everyday life, like there's, there's, it's pretty I think it's
         pretty simple so it's easy to learn so you learn quite a bit of it,
         so you can speak quite a lot of it, after just a little bit of
         learning, which is one good thing.
Do you have a teacher you really like a lot, now bear in mind that
         this is um confidential, they are not going to get to hear it.
Okay, yeap um.  Oh at the beginning of the year I didn't really like
         him, but my English teacher is get, is much better now, like he's
         quite, he's pretty, he teaches very well, he teaches, he teaches
         everything quite well, but he's still pretty fun, like he makes
         things interesting and stuff, and he gives you the right amount of
         work, not too much, but doesn't make it too easy, and he's a pretty
         fair marker so
I think that's good.
What about a teacher who's picked on you?
Oh, not this year, there's not too many, but oh I don't really like
         the Science teacher, he's a bit, he's a bit of an idiot , I
         don't really like him.
Okay, what do you tend to do after school?
Um, Oh it depends, sometimes just on a school day I just go home,
         watch TV and do homework and I don't know, I'd I'd work out,
         usually watch TV and eat afternoon tea and that stuff, but on
         Friday I just, I go see a movie or something, we have activities
         so, like in evening or ?? time, that we go.
What about sport, do you, I dare say you play sport.
Yeah.  Yeap.  Yeah, I like um, my favourite sport's volleyball, at
         the moment, so, I like cycling and golf too but, volleyball is my
         favourite at the moment.
Mmhm.  Can you tell me something about playing volleyball, that, like
         you know, like a recent game that you were
Um, oh we had a bad game on Friday night, we got thumped, we got
         beaten by another team which, weren't that good so, we were
         embarrassed about that.
What team was that?
That was, REDACTED, so, I play in State Cup
         Volleyball which is just a league over in um Victoria, but there's
         also, there's, the team's made up of people at school, but last
         year we had people from REDACTED, and a
         couple of other schools, so.
And did you play an important part in this great defeat?
Oh, I played alright, everyone played alright, but they were just
         playing very well so.
Right.  Uh, is there a, sort of bunch of kids that you tend to hang
         around with?
Um, yeah, there's a, yeah, there is, but I dunno what to say.  Like,
         yeah there's just friends, yeah, just hang round.
Is there someone in that group that everybody listens to?
Oh not really, we're all equal, there's not like, a leader or
         anything, I guess.
Right.  Any, oh, did you, do you know who the other boys that are
         coming to this,
Yeap, yeap.
Are any of them in it as well?
Um, oh yeah, wa-two.
<NB: he starts to say one and changes it to two.>
Yeap, yeah.  Oh, REDACTED
Both I like.
Alright.  Um, do you have a best friend?
Yeap, he doesn't go to this school.  He went, he used to go to this
         school but he left to go to REDACTED.
And he's REDACTED.
What sort of things do you do together with him?
Um, oh, we don't see each other very often, like, on the holidays and
         stuff, like we just see movies and play golf and you know, just go
         to the city and stuff.  ??
Alright, what would you do if you won Tattslotto?
Um, I'd probably I'd put, oh about, it depends, say I won a million
         dollars, I'd put half in the bank, and then I'd just maybe, I'd
         probably spend some money on a car, and I don't know, probably give
         some to my parents cos, they need, they need it for you know, the
         house or something, I don't know I haven't really thought about
It's not very likely, likely to happen.
Buy the ticket anyway.
What kind of car would you buy?
Um.  Probably, a BMW, or something, so.  But not, not too expensive,
         I don't want it stolen, or anything like that, cos I wouldn't buy
         like a Ferrari or you know, one of the really good cars.
Okay, what kind of things do you argue about in your family?
Um, oh my brother always picks fights and stuff, he's younger than me
         and, oh we don't really, not many arguments, but usually, it's me
         and my brother, or my sister cos.  Oh like yesterday, she's, I
         brought an umbrella, and she just takes it, to take to university,
         so, you know, and I and I said alright, you buy one, ??  just
         little things like that, nothing too important.
Mmhm.  Where does she go to university?
Ah, she goes to Melbourne, at the moment.
Have you ever been in hospital?
Um, oh, not really, no, oh just to visit people.
Not, not, not,
Yeah, not as a patient, yeap.
Well have you ever thought you were dying?
Um, only in dreams.
Can you tell me about that?
Ah, oh, sometimes I have dreams, like I'm falling off a cliff and I
         fall down and it doesn't hurt, like I, I don't know, like one time
         I had a dream I just, was on a rope and I fell into mud but I could
         still breathe in all the mud and stuff so, just weird dreams like
Do you think the older generation understand younger people today?
Yeah, oh, most people, most people in the older generation, like when
         you're really young like five to ten, or maybe five to twelve you
         think they don't but you learn to respect what they're thinking and
         that that they also grew up too and, they know, they know what
         you're talking about they're just trying to keep you in line when
         they punish you, or something like that.
Right.  You think they should, they should punish you sometimes?
Oh yeah, but, yeah, not too, not seriously, not like punishment like
         oh you can't go out, but they should talk to you like seriously if
         you do something wrong.
Right, so.  Say you've done something wrong, and you've been punished
         by parents or school, you think that's been fair?
Mm, could you repeat that?
Well, say you've done something wrong, you
And you have been punished by your uh parents or
by the school.
Oh.  Or by the.
I mean, is it fair, usually what they do?
Um, oh I'm not really ever punished by my parents but at school, I
         think, I think, it depends, sometimes, it's unfair like sometimes
         because I don't think they should, I mean they don't really, they
         don't even do it but if you get suspended, I think that's taking it
         too far.  Like, to to suspend someone, I I think they should give
         you maybe a more serious detention but not tell your parents,
         because sometimes they just give you a little, a little detention
         but they tell your parents which is like the worst thing of all,
         you don't want your parents knowing about it.
Have you ever been in this situation?
Um, oh not really.  They haven't rung up my parents, but I know
and they their parents are pretty strict so, it's not good.
Do you think there's anything bad enough that deserves suspension.
Mm.  I think, I think oh not really, I think maybe a few.  I think
         maybe repeated offences, like maybe, you know, four or five times
         you do a really bad thing again and again you have to do something
         serious but, if it's like a little thing, but yeah.  I don't think
         they should do, sys, they should suspend you.
Alright, just a couple more questions
cos I know we're a bit outside but um, how would you describe
         yourself to somebody from, you know, from another state, that was
         visiting Melbourne?
I think, most of the time I've got a good temper, like I don't get
         angry easily, um, I like to joke around a bit but I know when to be
         serious, if you have to be serious, and stuff like that and, I'm
         pretty, pretty hard worker, like I mean I'm, I'm not like a  full-
         on like work all the time, get my best marks, but I try and do my
         best to a reasonable extent so
Okay.  And how do you think your best friend would describe you?
Oh, I think, well, friendly.  And stuff like that, same, same way I
         described myself, except maybe not the hard working bit.  People
         don't think I'm hard working but secretly I am.
Ah it's out.  Ah, so you're a hard worker secretly!
But nobody knows it.
Oh, my parents do but, not.  My Dad does, but nobody else.  My Dad
What about your best friend, who is not of the same sex, that is to
         say, who is a girl, how would she describe you?
Um, I'm not sure, like, girls are different, they don't see you the
         same way boys do, they think, like, you're not usual with, at this
         school you're not with them so they don't see you working, just,
         you know just, good to be around, just good to talk with and, you
         know, just hang around with I s'pose.
Mmhm.  Okay.  Um, and what, what would you, say this same visitor
         from interstate, what would you, how would you describe Melbourne
         to them?
Mm.  I'd describe it as a good, a good city, if you got money, but
<Door Opens.>
Stop here?
Other person: Oh you're right.  (???)
Sorry, go on.
I think Melbourne's a great city, but few problems, like everything's
         very expensive to do here, like overseas, kids just like go to a
         movie, it's a coupla dollars and you know, buy a meal it's you know
         a coupla dollars too, but here you know, if you want to buy dinner
         it's like twenty or thirty dollars, and seeing a movie's ten
         dollars it's pretty, it's good if you've got money, that's the only
Alright.  Well, look we unfortunately we have to stop, now I'll just
         give you those again, those are the um papers, and that's the tape
         recorder, so, if you've got any difficulties with those, um, ..
         well, have a quick look at it, if you've got any
Well ??  I just give these in to Mr REDACTED
Well, you do the tape.
He's got a copy of this too.  You do the tape recording.
Okay, Oh you're coming back, aren't you?
Um, but and and, you will get paid.
Yes, sure.
But only when I get the tape.
Okay.  Okay.
Alright, thanks very much.