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Born in Adelaide
JC (RF3)
Born in Adelaide
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MEBH6F2_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant’s parents were both born in Adelaide, and moved to Victoria shortly before she was born. She is very keen to do tertiary study in either England or Wales, being attracted both by the scenery and the music scene.
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Interactive Discourse
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ok then REDACTED I’ve asked everybody this so
      I’m going to ask you ask well
since um I last saw you you’ve had work experience and school
what did you do for work experience?
um I worked at a radio station called Hits FM
in um St Kilda Road in Melbourne
I stayed with like my (?) I stayed with friends of ours my friends
      actually a musician so um Cindy and Janine and they live in Coburg
and so like I had a fifty minute ride on the tram to get to work bgut
      it was really good aand I loved it . um there was some, they’re
      actually a chart and dance music station
which I don’t actually like personally
but the, but one of the guys that works there loved alternative music
      so I got to play all my music so that was alright, so I could handle
but basically what I did was put um, so their computers crashed and
      they hadn’t backed every thing up
so I had to put CD’s through the selector which was like type in the
      artist and the song, so yeah that was basically what I did for a week
yeah but it was great coz we went out a couple of nights with Cindy
      and saw a couple of bands and so it was really fun
oh good
yeah, and did you have any experience listening to how they actually
well they, we weren’t actually on air coz they have, they’ve only got
      a semi licence
oh I see
I actually got to use the studio and play CDs and work out learning,
      learn how they like you know broadcast a show so why the tracks don’t
      have pauses in between them and everything so, it was really really
      good actually, and use the turntables and the mikes and the sound that
      you get out of it is unbelievable the speakers are unreal
they were just really clear and crisp
and did you get paid?
um no coz it’s a community radio station
ok but the experience was good
but I got about twelve singles for free so that was alright
that’s good . one’s that you’d like?
yeah that they were going to throw out coz it wasn’t their style of
so I thought good  I got that then, that’s probly about a hundred
      and four dollars worth
so yeah
excellent . and what about the school holidays?
um, basically I just um coz of my band just basically rehearsed with
      them and yeah sort of relaxed a bit coz of school it’s been a bit
      hectic lately so um it was nice just to have some time off
mm . and you’ve got exams coming up
yes  yeah (?)
how do you feel about them?
um not that nervous coz of last year we had them as well, um a bit
      nervous especially with my maths and science which are
everybody’s saying maths and science, why is that?
um well, I dunno I’m not really, it’s not the area that I wanna do
      really so I can’t wait till next year coz I’m actually gonna do it
      next year
you don’t have to do maths and science next year?
I don’ think so no, I’m not sure, I don’ think so I think you only
      have to do English
well, what will you be choosing then?
um history and legal studies and English and drama and music I spose,
      mm coz I wanna do something like cultural anthropology
oh I see
or um business (?) public relations company or whatever, something in
      the music industry, something to fall back on as well, in case it
      doesn’t work out so yeah
yeah oh that’s sensible very wise

ok well we’ll start the second part of the interview what I need you
      to do
is read these sentences from one down to eighteen just read them
      aloud like you normally would
uh huh do I have to say the number?
you don’t have to it’s up to you

Δ( δΙγ∗(ζ φαΥν ΔΙ (Υπ(⊃ σι⎤μΘκσΙδενσ ωΙλ ηΘπΗ(νΔΙ ΘΙδΖδ (π(ι⎤ΣΙΘΙτ ?((⊃ κ(μϕ←⎤νΙκΘΙΣν1 (α⎤Δ( Δ(ν μεμ(ΥζΔ( μΘ⎤ν Ιν Δ( κϕ←⎤ νϕ←⎤ ηι⎤ ω(ζ ωΘΙστΙΝ ηΙζ τΗαΙμπ?τ ω? Δ( π?τ| η?⊃δ( ω?ζ ηΙζ κ(Ισμ(σ γΙφτμι⎤γ(ν β(?⎤τΗ Ιν ( πε⎤(?ϖ λεΔ( β←⎤τσ Θν πΥτ| Δεμ ?ν⎤ Δ( (℘γϕ←⎤ κ(ν (Ι⎤ηιτ παϕελα φ( τι⎤στΕ⊃α ηΘδ τωΙν β?Ιζ (ν Δεν ( λιΡλ?γ∈⎤⊃( ωεντ⎨ τ( βαΙ σ(μ λ⎨ λΙλΙζ⎤ (ϖ Δ( ϖΘ⊃Ικωι⎤νζλΘν ναΥ πλΘΙζ Ιν μ((←⎤ν νϕ←⎤ σαΥΤ ωΘΙ⊃ζ Ιν σκαΙ βλ←⎤ Θν ϖΙκτ?⎤(Ιϕα
       Ιν δα⎤κ βλ←⎤αΙ π(Ιφ∈⎤ φ(αΙδΘΙζ τ( μ℘νδΘΙζ Θν σΘτΗ(δΘΙζ τ( σ℘νδΘιζηαΥ ?Υ⊃δ⎨ δ←⎤ ϕ( ηΘφ τ( βι τ( γετΗ ( π((ϖΙΖν?(⊃ δ(αΙϖΙΝ λαΙσενσ Ιν
       (στΣ(ΘΙλϕααΙ αΣϕ←⎤μ ΔΘτσ βΘΙσΙκλΙ (αΙτ β(τ⁄ (τ λι⎤στ| Δε⎤ζ ν(Υ κ?ντ((ϖ∈⎤σΙ (Υϖ(
       (βαΥτ| Δ( β?Ιζ (δ(εσ ηι λΙϖζ ηΙϕ(ω?(| πι⎤π(⊃ νι⎤δ Ιζ ϖ(ΥκΘΙΣν?(λ εδΖ(κΘΙΣν?δ← ϕ←⎤ ν(Υ πι⎤π(⊃ ωΙΤ δΙφ((ν (ι⎤δΖν?(⊃ Θκσενσ?ν τΥΩ( (ϖ Δ( μ℘(Ι (Ιϖ( ωΙ ω?τΣτ β∈⎤δζ κ?⎤τ| σ(μ β(ιμ Θν αΔ( φΙΣ Θν τΣ(αΙδ
       αΥτ| σ(μ (κω?τ⁄Ικ σπ?⎤τσ  ωι ?⎤⊃σ(Υ ωεντ⎨ τ←⎤ ( κΘτΗ(⊃ ?κΣν? (ν ω(ν
       δΘΙ ωι φαΥνδ ( σμ?⎤⊃ σ?⊃τ λΘΙκτΘΙκ ι⎤Δ( Δ( σεϖεντΗΙτΗ←⎤ φ((μ μ?⊃ϖ(ν ?⎤ ΔΙ ΘιτΗΙ φ((μ ηαΙ στΣ(ι⎤τ ΔΘΙ
       β(ΥΤ γ(Υ τ( σω?νσ(ν ω?⎤κσΙτΙ μεν τΣ(αδΙΣν?(⊃Ι ω?⎤ β?Υ⊃? ηΘτσ β(τ Δε⎤ ϖε(Ι (ε⎤ ναΥκΘπΙΡλ? βι ΘΙ δ℘βλ? ελ ΘΙ α∏ ΘΙ τικΘπΙΡλ?? (Υ δι εν ΘΙ δι Θι δ℘βλ? τι ΘΙκ“πΙΡλ? ΘΙτΣ (Υ α∏ εσ ΘΙτΣ ΘΙ εμβι⎤τ β←⎤τ σΘΙ σ(Υ ηαΙ ηαΥ π?τ φϑ( ηε⎤ κα⎤ β?⎤( τΥΩ( βαΙ τ?Ι πΙν ΘΙ ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ΘΙ ∪σΕλ αΥτ  ∪σΕλΙΝ   ΘΙ ∪γετΗ℘π   ΘΙ γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ ∪κα⎤   ΘΙ
       ∪σετΗ ℘π   τ← ∪σΕλ℘π   τ← ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ∪σΕλ αΥτ  ∪σΕλΙΝ   ∪γετΗ℘π   ∪γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ κα⎤   ∪σετΗ ℘π   ∪σΕλ℘π
        πΥ⊃ ∪αΥτ