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male male female female primary,female,16
Born in Australia (in the local area)
Born in Scotland
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MEBH5FA_Sanitised (Text), Text
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The informant’s mother was born in the north east of Scotland and came to Australia when she was about twelve. The informant is making plans to visit Scotland with her mother at the end of Year twelve, and also to live in England with a friend as she has relatives there as well as some friends (it doesn’t appear that she has travelled to England or Scotland before)
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Interactive Discourse
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I have my brother REDACTED my sister
        REMOVED. my father REDACTED is not present at
        the moment .. right  first topic .  does anybody have anything to
        say about times we’ve gone away on holidays  ..
BH5FS:      well - there you go Mum?
-- yes that’s probably the most exotic holiday 
BH5FS:       and um Tasmania?
we get around don’t we?
what do you want to say about that?
 we went on a boat but we sank
BH5FS:      we went over the sea 
what about camping holidays . what about the time we camped
        down at the Inverloch foreshore and

((pause in taping)
..keep talking about the camping
all right well it was a disaster wasn’t it I mean the weather
        was terrible
BH5FS:      and the gelati man always -
dad -- dad hurt his back and couldn’t help and everything was
        lying on the floor of the tent 

BH5FS:      oh that’s nice poor Dad
he did he was terrible 
 would you like to say anything about our travel patterns I mean
        how often do you think we travel
BH5FB:      well ((cough)) I don’t know what the general story is but I
BH5FB:      I went to school
and was that a very educational experience?
BH5FB:      yep
worth your while?
BH5FB:      mm hmm
BH5FS:      OK has shopping changed over the years? yes
well it hasn’t for me I’m still always the one who does it
        nobody else does it .
well REDACTED eats more now so you need more
        food so shopping has changed
BH5FS:      yeah and plus the shopping centres are really big now
yeah and when we help Mum shopping we like to push the trolley or
        break carrots
what time do you get up on Saturdays and Sundays?
it’s easy for me I just leave
BH5FB:      steady on
you all at home now so I don’t have to you all shopping
so would you like go shopping at unusual times now or when we were
        still young children
oh definitely now I can go on my own now . it’s wonderful .
        it’s just great
BH5FS:      hey . next question
lollies you used to always put your hand out and grab
        everything off the checkouts and I’ve have lollies and magazines and
        everything I didn’t really want in the trolley
what magazines did we go for?
oh I don’t remember now . actually the little Golden Books
        that’s what you used to go for
BH5FS:      OK .. next question how often I mean what time do you get up
        on Saturdays and Sundays?
oh REDACTED what time do you get up
BH5FB:      I don’t know
ten o’clock?
BH5FS:      REDACTED gets up late I get up -
BH5FB:      no I get up early
coz he has to play sport
BH5FB:      yeah
BH5FS:      oh so do I . hang on
our family tends to get up early to play sport
BH5FB:      I play in the first 18
yeah coz REDACTED’s great at football like
BH5FS:      I play for a netball team
and I’m a musician
well that’s still pretty early on Saturdays and Sundays
yes well --
BH5FS:      coz we have sport
mm hm
and sometimes Mum has to work so I have to get up early
((BH5FB1 blows nose))
BH5FS:       oh REDACTED!
bad cold you’ve got there REDACTED
((BH5FB1 blows nose))
oh a really bad cold
((BH5FB1 blows nose))
 stop it
((BH5FB1 blows nose))
but during the winter months we tend to sleep in a little bit later .
BH5FS:      OK . um REDACTED
would you have anything to say about do you think Australia should
        have a different flag?
BH5FS:      no I -- English
do you think it should become a republic?I visit English and
        I don’t think it should because
BH5FB:      what is a Republic REDACTED?
BH5FS:      I don’t know so just don’t ask me um
too late
BH5FS:      and I think it should be changed
you don’t think the flag should be changed?
BH5FB:      ah no
BH5FS:      well why do you want it to be changed?
BH5FB:      I think we should
I don’t want it changed
BH5FB:      I think we should have a Republic
BH5FB:      because .. I think .. England has got nothing to do with what
        we’re doing today and I think England is on a you know real
        downslide now . I think they’re just getting worse and worse
England are very different to us
BH5FB:      yes
they’re not on a downslide . they’re producing some of the best music
it’s about having our own identity our own --
BH5FB:      yes and I think a president would do us well .. I think our
        monarchy our monarchy ties yeah are now good anymore
I think we’d rather get Johnny Rotten in
BH5FB:      yeah everyone got that joke
 you would if you knew who he was
who would you have as president?
BH5FB:      smell a bit did he?
BH5FB:       no I think I think ..
you’re doing a lot of thinking tonight IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
        REMOVED this is really exciting
BH5FB:      I think we have
quite a bit of stress now . don’t try to hard
BH5FB:      Alexander Downer . I think he’s pretty good
BH5FS:      I think we should have -- like that
I like Pauline Hanson and everyone’s --
BH5FS:      the what?
I like Pauline Hanson
BH5FB:      yeah well that’s got nothing to do with this interview
well sorry
just go on to the next question?
OK has the area you live in changed?
BH5FB:      ((burp))
BH5FB:      excuse me
BH5FS:      do we have to answer that
in the area do you mean your bedroom or..?
no I think the area we live in like REDACTED
ah huh
BH5FB:      well the world’s changed yeah definitely has
more trees?  Nuh nuh nuh less trees I think
BH5FS:      no I think -- because --
well it changed dramatically after the fires didn’t it coz
        everything was burnt and everything had to be rebuilt .. that
        natural disaster changed the whole area really .. it’s still a
        really nice place to live
BH5FB:      it’s boring
last thing . nearly done how does your family celebrate birthdays .
        we have a party
BH5FB:      well I get lots and lots of presents
do we do anything on religious holidays
BH5FB:      and -
BH5FS:      we get lolly bags
you usually get to choose what you want to eat for tea
you get like a special meal . we always have a cake and your
        dad usually buys one for me because no-one else can no-one bakes the
--((talking together quietly))
BH5FB:      now religious holidays now does that mean like you go on them
        like every year or does that mean in like Jesus Christ
religious holiday are like Easter and Christmas
BH5FS:      I know I know like Good Friday
BH5FB:      religious holidays what does that mean
well it just means the public holidays you get that are of
        religious significance like Easter and Christmas
BH5FS:      yes Mum I have my hand up .. on Good Friday you’re supposed
        to eat fish
that’s right
fish I’ve never heard that
in a lot of the Catholic, the Catholic religion believe you
        should eat fish every Friday that’s how why most most places like
        restaurants and everything and hotels
BH5FS:      what food do we eat then . normal food because we don’t really
        follow  God
((BH5FB1 makes spitting noises))
we don’t follow
that’s enough
we don’t really follow
BH5FB:      no
religious holidays all that much
BH5FB:      Christmas
but Christmas we eat normal
BH5FB:      Easter . we get eggs
BH5FS:      I’m going to have to say we’re finished that’s all the
does anyone have anything else they’d like to say . IDENTIFYING
        MATERIAL REMOVED don’t -
BH5FS:      stop it
BH5FB:      order! Order in the court
BH5FS:      bye
there goes the ??
BH5FB:      (puts on funny voice) what a marvellous innings that was.we’ll
        see you again tomorrow.(conclude) with the second part of the series

BH5FB:      that’s just.stupid