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Born in Australia (in the local area)
JC (RF3)
Born in Scotland
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant’s mother was born in the north east of Scotland and came to Australia when she was about twelve. The informant is making plans to visit Scotland with her mother at the end of Year twelve, and also to live in England with a friend as she has relatives there as well as some friends (it doesn’t appear that she has travelled to England or Scotland before)
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Interactive Discourse
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alright REDACTED well, since we last spoke, um
      I believe you’ve had work experience and you’ve had school holidays so
      . tell me about the work experience
ah yeah for me work experience I did it down at (?) records, a record
      company in Brunswick it was . I enjoyed it it was very interesting,
      getting into the work and place and meeting different people . but
      they wer involved with dance music and I can’t stand dance music
so that didn’t make it very fun . otherwise it was good
what sort of dance music do you mean?
like every sort of dance music, like they had hip-hop and all these
      jungle mixes and everything, they had it playing constantly
and how did you get on to them?
um oh just through a friend through a book of different record
      companies I rang up a few but they were already booked out of work
      experience students
and so a friends spoke to them there  (?)
and how many days did you work?
for the five days of the week
and I actually stayed with a friend in the city and just travelled by
      train to work every day
so it was you and someone else
my friend was also working in the city somewhere for work experience
      so we stayed with friends in the city there
which was fun as well coz we could go out to the city
and did you get paid?
yeah, we only had to get paid a total of twenty dollars for the week
      but I got fifty coz they thought I was one of the best work experience
      students they’ve ever had
oh that’s good
and you were making sales and things were you?
yeah oh well they only worked in the manufacturing department . or
      where they produced all the Cds and that just stacking them or working
      the computer and all those sorts of things
and has it made you um come to terms with what you’d like to do when
      you finish school?
yeah I jsut wanted to get a bit of insight into what happens behind
      the scenes of making a CD it was interesting but I don’t think I’d
      want to be involved with it once I’ve finished school
in a different side of the music industry I think
yes . and what about during the hlidays? did you get up to anything
um oh I didn’t end up doing that much coz my horse was sick and had
      to be put down
just when I got back from work experience too
was that sad
yeah that happened this holidays so I didn’t really get much done
mm what happened?
he developed peritonitis
so he was infected with a parasite or something
so that ws the day I got bakc from work experience
so I was at home and he was really sick so I spent the Saturday with
      him but he didn’t get better again and he had to be put down
mm, and how old was he?
he was old he was sixteen
it was a shame because he was my favorite one
coz I had my old one and he was my first pony and he’s jsut like
      fighting on his got all this spirit now and then the other old horse
      we wer thinking of selling anyway but he was the good little one that
      ended up dying anyway
yeah and do you ride him at equestrians and things?
yeah I go to a pony club and just do a lot of jumping and everything
coz he was a good little jumper
yeah mm, very sad, we might just pause that for a second . ok sorry
      about that pause, um ok so you had miserable holidays then by the
      sounds of it and um what are you going to do next lot of holidays?
oh I’m not sure I might we wer hoping to travel up to Sydney and (?)
      with some friends that moved there a couple of years ago . and stay
      with them for a couple of weeks
and have a bit of a break (?)
it’s just ideas at the moment
and exams start next week
looking forward to them?
I don’ think anyone does

they should be alright, but we’re still getting taught work like we
      haven’t been able to start revising yet for any subjects which still
      makes it hard
coz we’re still learning things a week before the exams . um I don’t
      really get that worried over exams unlike some people
are there any that you’re particularly concerned about? or not really
only my maths exams . I hate maths it’s algebra
but . I could do it if I tried but coz I don’t like it that much I
      don’t get into it
I see, you put it to the bottom of the list of priorities
yeah although it should probly be one of my top ones coz it’s maths
I find that if you enjoy something you do try
yeah yeah . if it’s interesting you’ll put the time in to learn but
      maths it’s so boring you’re always putting yourself off, saying oh
      I’ll do it tomorrow and never get around to it
mm . well which one do you think will be the best then?
um I think graphics
you enjoy graphics
yeah I enjoy it (?) and music will be easy as well
oh well that’s good . alright then REDACTED
      it’s still noisy outside but we can’t delay any longer what I need you
      to do is just to read down this list of sentences from one to eighteen
      and just to read them aloud as you normally would
Δ( δΙγ(ζ φαΥν ΔΙ (Υπ(λ σι⎤μΘκσΙδ(νσ ωΙλ ηΘπΗ(νΔΙ ΘΙδΖδ (π(ι⎤ΣΙΘΙτ ?((⊃ κ(μϕ←⎤νΙκΘΙΣν1 (α⎤Δ( Δ(ν μεμ(ΥζΔ( μΘ⎤ν Ιν Δ( κϕ←⎤ νϕ←⎤ ηι⎤ ω(ζ ωΘΙστΙΝ ηΙζ τΗαΙμΔ( π?τ| η?⊃δ( ω?ζ ηΙζ κ(Ισμ(σ γΙφτμι⎤γ(ν β(?⎤τΗ Ιν ( πε⎤(?ϖ λεΔ( β←⎤τσ Θν Δεν Θν πΥτ| Δεμ ?ν⎤ Δ( (℘γϕ←⎤ κΘν (Ι⎤ηιτ πΘϕελα φ( τΗι⎤στε⊃α ηΘδ τωΙν β?Ιζ Θν Δεν ( λΙτΗ(⊃ γ∈⎤⊃( ωεντ⎨ τ( βαΙ σ(μ λΙλΙζ⎤ (ϖ Δ( ϖΘ⊃Ικωι⎤νζλΘν ναΥ πλΘΙζ Ιν μ(((←⎤ν νϕ←⎤ σαΥΤ ωΘΙ⊃ζ Ιν σκαΙ βλ←⎤ Θν ϖΙκτ?⎤(Ιϕα
       Ιν δα⎤κ βλ←⎤αΙ π(Ιφ∈⎤ φ(αΙδΘΙζ τ( μ℘νδΘΙζ Θν σΘτ⁄(δΘΙζ τ( σ℘νδΘιζηαΥ ?Υ⊃δ⎨ δ←⎤ ϕ←⎤ ηΘφ τ←⎤ βι τ( γετ⁄ ( π((ϖΙΖν?(⊃ δ(αΙϖΙΝ λαΙσενσ Ιν
       (στΣ(ΘΙϕααΙ αΣϕ←⎤μ ΔΘτσ βΘΙσΙκλΙ (αΙτ β(τ⁄ (τ λι⎤σ Δε⎤ζ ν(Υ κ?ντ((ϖ∈⎤σΙ (βαΥτ| Δ(
       β?Ιζ (δ(εσ ηι λΙϖζ ηι(ω?(| πι⎤π(⊃ νι⎤δ Ιζ ϖ(ΥκΘΙΣν?(λ εδΖ←⎤κΘΙΣν?δ← ϕ←⎤ ν(Υ πι⎤π(⊃ ωΙΤ δΙφ((ν (ι⎤δΖ(ν(⊃ Θκσενσ?ν αΥ( τΥ(∏ ?ϖ Δ( μ℘(Ι (Ιϖ( ωΙ ω?τΣτ β∈⎤δζ κ?⎤τ| σ(μ β(Ιμ Θν αΔ( φΙΣ Θν
       τΣ(αΙδ αΥτ| σ(μ (κω?τ⁄Ικ σπ?⎤τσ  ωι ?⎤⊃σ(Υ ωεντ⎨ τ←⎤ ( κΘτ⁄λ? ?κΣν?
       (ν ω(ν δΘΙ ωι φαΥνδ ( σμ?⎤⊃ σ?⊃τ λΘΙκτΘΙκ ι⎤Δ( Δ( σεϖεντΗΙτΗ←⎤ φ((μ μΘλϖ(ν ?⎤ ΔΙ Θιτ φ((μ ηαΙ στΣ(ι⎤τ ΔΘΙ β(ΥΤ
       γ(Υ τ( σω?νστ(ν ω?⎤κσΙτΙ μεν τΣ(αδΙΣ(ν(⊃Ι ω?⎤ βαΥ⊃( ηΘτσ β(τ Δε⎤ ϖε(Ι (ε⎤ ναΥβι ΘΙ δ℘βλ? ελ ΘΙ α⎤ ΘΙ τιδ℘βλ? (Υ δι εν ΘΙ δι Θι δ℘βλ? τι ΘΙΘΙτΣ (Υ α⎤ εσ ΘΙτΣ ΘΙ εμβι⎤τ β←⎤τ σΘΙ σ(Υ ηαΙ ηαΥ π?τΗ φι( ηε⎤ κα⎤ β?⎤ τΥΩ( βαΙ τ?Ι πΙν α ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ΘΙ ∪σελ αΥτ  ∪σελΙΝ   ΘΙ ∪γετΗ℘π   ΘΙ ∪γετΗ (ωΘΙ κα⎤   ΘΙ
       ∪σετΗ ℘π  τ← ∪σελ℘π
τ← ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ∪σελ αΥτ  ∪σελΙΝ   ∪γετΗ℘π   ∪γετΗ (ωΘΙ κα⎤   ∪σετΗ ℘π   ∪σελ℘π
        ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ