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Born in Australia (in the local area)
JC (RF3)
Born in Scotland
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant’s mother was born in the north east of Scotland and came to Australia when she was about twelve. The informant is making plans to visit Scotland with her mother at the end of Year twelve, and also to live in England with a friend as she has relatives there as well as some friends (it doesn’t appear that she has travelled to England or Scotland before)
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Interactive Discourse
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Okay REDACTED, where do you live?
I live in REDACTED.
Right.  How do you get to school everyday?
I have to catch the bus to school, I’m driven up to the bus stop
         first by friends. I don’t have to walk far, I only have to walk
         about two minutes up a hill once I get there.
Right.  Do you enjoy catching the bus?
Yeah, we’ve got a really nice bus driver.
And he gets to know you?
Yeah, he always says: see you dear, and you know kind of like some of
         the others.
How many people catch the bus on your particular bus?
Oh we only have about maybe 23 in the morning
And I catch a different one at night and that one’s always packed.
Is it?
Yeah, so there’s always a fight for a seat.
Right. Do you have any brothers and sisters IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
I have a younger sister who’s 11, her name is IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED and she goes to this school and an older brother who is
         nearly 17, he goes to REDACTED.
Right.  Has he always gone to REDACTED, or?
Yeah, he only started there in Year 7 and then he’s going right
         through there to do his VCE as well.
Right okay.  What subjects do you do at school?
Um, I do more of the arts subjects, so Graphics - it’s one of my
         favourite subjects - and Music, and I do all the core subjects as
         well, and I’m doing keyboarding and Info Tech, that’s about it.
You get to choose more subjects next year, don’t you?
Yeah, yeah.  You get more electives and -
Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you finish school?
Well, I’m sort of very musical and I’ve got a band outside school and
         I’d like to have a music career and that.
So would you study music somewhere like the Conservatory?
Yeah. I’m sort of like modern music more, not like the heavy sort of
I see.
I don’t like the I’m into a lot of English music, things like that,
         so I’d like to study a bit more music but I’d also my graphics
         although I’m just for work experience I’m going to a graphic
         designer to work with like designing album covers.
Oh I see.  That’s interesting.
Yeah, because I’ve always like drawing.  I’ve done it ever since I
         was a kid.
So where do you go to do that?
Um, because my friend’s father, he’s in the music industry and he’s
         just released an album, so he knows the business, he deals with all
         of that and someone he knows, I can’t remember know now so he was
         able to get me in there to do that.
So on the top 40 charts at the moment, do you have a favourite singer
         or group?
Oh not really on the Australian or American charts.
Because no-one really likes the singers like I do in Australia.  Have
         you heard of Blair?
No?  They’re probably they’d be the biggest ones that everyone’s
         heard, but yeah the bands I like are in England.
Right. So you follow the English top 40?
Yes.  English everything, the people there, I love the country and
Really.  Have you been there?
No, my Mum’s from Scotland.
I see.
So she wants to go back over there in the next couple of years and
         I’m hopefully going over with her.
So your Mum was born in Scotland?
And what about your Dad?
He was born in Australia, in this area as well.  He went to the same
         primary school I did as well, so he’s got more of a background in
         this district.
Right.  Okay.  And how old was your mum when she came out here?
I think she was about 12 years old.  She moved out with her family,
         pretty rough times, they weren’t getting much luck over in
         Scotland, they couldn’t make much of a living so they came over
Right, okay.  So when do you plan to go to Scotland?
Oh, at the end of Year 12 I’m planning on saving up with a friend
         because we want to move to England and live there because we know
         I’ve got some relatives over there and a few friends
So we just want to travel around there for a bit and my mum will go
         over the first time, go to Scotland because my cousins over there
         as well.
Where abouts in Scotland?
Up near -- somewhere up near the north east part of Scotland.
I’m not sure exactly where. I’m not so much good with my memory in
         that way.
And in England are there any particular places you’d like to stay?
Oh Liverpool.
Yeah, I go for their football team, the soccer and that so definitely
         Liverpool and London, I’d like to go there because it’s so
         happening like everyone’s into going there.
But I just love the countryside as well, all the pictures look just
         so peaceful.  I love some of the older scenes, I don’t like the
         modern things, I much like to see the stone bridges, those sort of
         things I like.
Yes it has some beautiful old buildings over there.
Yeah.  Old ancient churches and things as well, so.
Do you speak any languages apart from English?
I learnt Japanese for a couple of years.
In Year 7, and I learnt it last year as well, but I found it a bit
         difficult last year because it was too much time effort to put into
         it so I gave that up last year.
And are there any languages that you haven’t had an opportunity to
         learn but you’d like to?
Um I thought about studying a bit more French because I studied that
         for a bit in Year 7, and I know -- I used to do it because no one
         else was really doing in Year 8 so I chose Japanese. And Indian, I
         wouldn’t mind learning Indian, because one of our favourite bands
         from England, they were influenced by the Indian words,  so some of
         those songs are in Indian, just their writing it looks so artistic
         and that so it would be really interesting to learn that.
How would you get hold of all this music from overseas?
Oh it’s really through my friend REDACTED, she
         got me into it all because I wasn’t that much into music but um
         she’s got a penpal over in England as well who she writes to and he
         tells her about all the new bands like I got to try this one, but
         for most of the CDs we have to like ask for them to be sent over to
         Australia because some of the record companies over here don’t
         stock them yet or there’s always delays like four or five months
         delays on them.  So like we read about them in all the papers from
         England, and like we want them now but you have to wait so much
         longer before we actually can hear it.
So is it expensive getting them sent here?
It’s not much more, we do we pay the normal price for the CD and we
         just have to ask at the desks of the CD shops and that and they’ll
         order them over from England.
How long does it usually take?
It only takes sometimes three months to get over, so you have to be
         very patient.  Some of the bands are quite big over here and they
         do get - sold over here in Australia so it’s not that hard chasing
         them up.
Well what would you do, REDACTED, if you won
Oh, lots of things.  Um I’d probably have to give some money to my
         family I suppose so they could do something -- but I probably would
         like to travel over to England or buy a few new music things or a
         new piano.  I need a new piano and that so.
You play the piano?
Yeah, I play the piano, and I’m starting the organ and saxophone now,
         so a few musical instruments wouldn’t go astray.
You really are into music aren’t you?
Yeah, I am.
Both sides of it.
Yeah, that’s the thing because with the piano I get trained like
         classically and that with our band at school they have more modern
         music, so I get a taste of both sides. Yeah so it’s fun.
And your siblings, are they into music too?
Very different to me.  My sister is, she’s very influenced by me.
         But she tends to follow in my footsteps, she didn’t like music all
         that much but now she sort of is starting to like everything I like
         and she plays -- on the piano, if she’s in a good mood I’ll  teach
         her a little song or something.  My older brother likes all the
         American music.
So we have our feuds every now and then on who’s better.
         Nothing drastic though, - -kill each other.
But you do have arguments and fights -
Yeah, oh more just like sarcastically, I get on really well with my
         brother and sister so..
And your parents?
Yeah, no we’re a pretty good family compared to some others.  We’re
         pretty lucky.
And what about your teachers.  Do you get along well with your
Mm, there’s a few I don’t like but mainly because they’re not very
         creative, they just set the work that you have to do and some of
         it’s just like pointless, like you know it all already but they
         still make you do an exercise like twelve times so it’s just
         wasting your time.  One teacher who really doesn’t get on with me
         at all, and my marks dropped down with him. -
So do you think it makes a difference if you get along well with your
         teacher, you do well in the subject?
Like some teachers are very lenient towards others, the ones who sit
         down the front and always asking questions, but other ones
         understand like if you don’t totally fully understand what the
         work, they’ll take the time to come and explain it really simply to
         you.  And like if a teacher does that you automatically like them
         better, so you enjoy your school a lot more as well.
That’s interesting and ah sport.  Are you in to sport at all?
Yeah, because my brother is and my father are very sporty and my
         brother still is, so I used to play netball for about six years so
         I sort of got pretty good at that and oh just average at the
         running and that, the aths sports I was also in that.  But soccer,
         I want to start that up.   I  played for the school side and I
         caught on to that really quick, that was a lot of fun.
When do you start getting into soccer?
Oh last year, got into the English teams, because I used to love AFL
         but then I now I don’t like it all.
Don’t you?
No.  It just changed. I could see more sense in soccer and that
         originated first over the AFL so.
And you follow Liverpool
I liked it better. Yep.  They’re my favourite team.
Do you have a favourite player?
Yeah, Steve McManahan, it’s quite a funny name but, no so like I have
         to watch that every Monday night, stay up and watch it because it’s
         on at ten thirty so..
JC    But you wouldn’t get to see it all every Monday night would you?
Mm you do, because they’re on of the top sides.  They play all their
         matches.  So that’s pretty good.  There’s a few people at school
         who are into the soccer, but it’s like they always go for the
         losing side though.  There’s always a few arguments over that and
         who’s winning more and that.
And what did you do over summer?
Oh we went to Tasmania, and we bought a motor home.  My father it’s
         been his lifelong dream to get a motorhome and travel around
         Australia, so we went over on the Spirit of Tasmania and just
         travelled around Tasmania for seventeen days.
Did you get seasick?
No, it was fun I loved going on the boat, so it was interesting.
And what about Christmas?  Did you have a bit Christmas celebration
         with your family?
Oh we don’t celebrate it very big.  We always used to get sick of our
         relatives from both sides of the family, just have lunch down at
         one people’s place on my mother’s side because she’s got more
         relatives, because my father’s only got the one sister, so we have
         lunch down there with them and come back up because our
         grandparents live next door to us.  So we just go over there and
         say hello to the rest of them.  We just sort of relax over
Oh that’s good.  Okay well I think that should be about it.  We
         haven’t spoken for that long but I think that should do it.