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MEBH4MB_Sanitised (Text)

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Face to Face
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This informant was born in England (Manchester) and came to Australia when he was three years old. He returned to Manchester when he was seven, and again when he was eleven (doesn’t mention the length of time, but says that he ‘lived in Manchester’). All the members of his immediate family were born in England. He says that his mother still retains her Manchester accent, and also speaks French fluently, as she lived in France for a year when she was eighteen and is still actively developing her skills in the language. It should be noted that the recording qualtiy of this tape is rather poor. The actual recording itself is quite poor, and this is paired with the fact that the participants are eating dinner at the time of recording and hence there is a great deal of background noise which makes it even more difficult to hear the participants’ conversation.
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Interactive Discourse
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?? Thursday night ??? that night ???? room
I’ll have a look
maybe you left them in the (?car?)...yeah
did REDACTED here about your escapades
yes..yeah she was there when it happened
on the ramp?
??? here?
do you want (?some black?) ?????
yeah wouldn’ mind one...??????
BH2M: do you?..?????
BH2F: ???? have a few today
‘scuse me......?????
beautiful..nothing like beef
(?want some beef?)
????????? I think that some people prefer one over the other though
         you’ve just got to accept that (dog barks) can’ please all the
         people all the time
??you’ve got to accept that??? cattle ??? ?got lamb?
BH2M: ???????????
nah ‘s alrigh’
someone ?????
yeah can I ?????
nah ????you two
????gravy ?? that’s for later on
so you’re goin’ to REDACTED’s tonight
what (?there’s?????)
three times aren’t they????
yeah I’ve got one more to go
no it’s three
you on antibiotics as well
have you had your third today?
I’ve had..two today ??????????????????????????????rat boy??
half boy half rat since he’s been bitten by a
         terrorising his school...????
BH2M: that’s ????
hmm you said we should ask these questions and then about
         something else for a while
oh yeah when is ??????
I don’t know
????when I was there ???
yeah I think so ???? you know he’s still gonna come down
go out...say oh yeah (?might have to give up the?) the jet skiing ???
         (?stuff?) just means you guys can come to the city
hmm less you wanna do it in like one gonna spend it in
         the city with ??? you know ?? pass? whatever
‘n then the next weekend you come down here
and and um come down here most Sundays or whatever but you know come
         down here for..we go away every other weekend ???? 
yep..reckon it’s  ??? every other weekend at least ?? every weekend
hmm yeah
?? we’d be cutting the cost ???

Phone rings
a telephone call

Phone rings
??? beautiful
(?be just you and Mum here?) yeah
certainly not..we don’t take calls from people like you when you’re
         in’erruptin’ our tea...we’re having a nice we’re having a nice
         roast..?? don’t expec’  call phone calls from  people like
         you...well I’m sorry about that lad1 it’s just fortunate that you
         can’t see ????day in the garden all these leaves had to pick up
it’s spring yeah but the gum trees tend to drop their leaves all the so you...uh..uh..well you’ve heard that song haven’t you
         about a gum tree..what a what about suntan? ..alright..uh...oh
         have you oh dear oh so what you been up to then?...oh dear
         okay..well look she she you wanna talk to IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED ‘cos she’ll know more of the details than me won’t
         she..look look ???? an hour ago?...yeah...oh you
         back on course again then oh great okay well make sure you eat eat
         plenty of stuff won’t you get you sorted better..oh she
         better well I I’ll...specialist.yeah...okay...what’s going
         on..okay..look I be okay so you’re obviously not that concerned
         because you’re leaving it a long time isn’t it really ??? the
         twenty seventh..he’s obviously not..he’ just got a bit weak again did just felt
         a bit weak again..hope you can still went a bit
         weak...right better get to
         Australia......right..oh right..... ???????...yeah..
         good... yeah well look I’ll get REDACTED for
         you can have a quick word with REDACTED if
         you want then okay? Alright well we’ll look forward to seein’ you
         after Christmas then anyway?
thanks REDACTED bye ‘n take care take care of
         yourself won’t you..yeah.good luck cheers then
Hi Dad..what’s wrong
said the doctor ?? a bit pale..but he said you’d better get to
         Australia ?????
@@@ how funny is he?
how long for...’n what happened..but you didn’t have the bad
         reaction this time
??sort of character isn’t he????
you didn’t have the bad reaction this time...thank goodness I didn’t
         know..thank goodness I didn’t know you were ill..???? ???yeah???
??a bit???
do they know why it happened?
you ???? did you?...I didn’t speak to them ??? yeah
yeah ?? ?????why they think it’s happenin’???????
????gotta relax??everythings okay??
thought you were gonna go over at some you want to go
         ???won’t it...what’s that six months you were
two years
two years ago
?????oh no???you’re still on ???? well no I didn’t know??????
two years ago
it’s almost two years
and what what did your iron get down to?...
?????material world...material2
do you need another spud Dad?
I’ll have that ???..????
Copy Cat’s on tonight
???taping Copy Cat????
????were you
oh..I dunno..?????
is it good Copy Cat?
well there’s another good one on with Harrison Ford in it
I’ve seen it
yeah well might watch Sabrina and tape Copy Sabrina tape
         Copy Cat
so um did you make an appointment ?????
well what was that movie that that we saw the other night?
with um..
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler..that was good...he’s in another one that’s ‘spose to be
         funny isn’t he IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMVOED?
????? Billy Maddison
yeah..yeah that was good
did [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED have ???don’t tell???]
????????????...that was absolutely beautiful
what when the walking boy ??????
no...Mum Dad ‘n REDACTED
no don’t say anything Dad?????? So don’t do anything?????coming out
         do you?????no well you haven’t been????
???she grown now?????????pretty chubby?????? She’d be older than
         Grade six ?????? high school
she’s not in high school
she’s in ?????
yeah she’s in ?????...grey socks
????yeah yeah..are you takin’ all your iron tablets?
good good good great great okay well look um yeah...I ring you up ‘n
         the twenty’re going on the twenty see..well
         I’ll give you a ring a day or so after that then..and see how
         you’ve everything’s okay apart from that?...absolutely
         great absolutely great yeah..yeah call you back then..okay.oh
         REDACTED yesterday one eight slabs of beer in
         a raffle...slab.’n each slab is twenty four singles
‘n he’s not saving any for yor
so you’d better get out here..because...yeah...well he needs some
         help heneeds some help to drink it..

yes so hope it’s yes that’s great good good
???????drink beer??
what’s he drink??????
um?????? No I haven’t really I shall be ringing any day it’s my turn
         to ring um...oh yeah yeah...are they all okay?????yeah..okay..I’ll
         ring you after the twenty seventh...good..well you keep up with the
         tablets and rest up Dad..?????good food you know beef ‘n that with
         the iron
they’re talking about..alot of doctors now are using psychology in
         diagnostic medicine because alot of the ???now due to ???????
good good...good... you will anyway  okay Dad I’ll
         phone you after the twenty seventh..take care take care bye bye
         bye... hmm..he sounds good now
not good
what happened?
well he went on a routine um visit to the doctor and he to ??????
good boy
???? high reading that you quoted me ‘nd his was a hundred and
         twelve...which was sort of okay so the other one was actually
         ????eleven ?thirteen was eight so they took him straight in
what does it mean gotta have a blood tranfusion?..why his body’s just
         not producing enough iron is that what it is
yeah ‘n they just don’t know why
so obviously he’s eating all the right stuff
it’s not diet hmm
what produces iron?
um...something in your blood
that he’s using too meat..that might be a factor
no no but what what um produces it in your blood um
your pancreas
no no no
no the thing that they take out when you do like someone with
bone marrow
yes your bone marrow...bone marrow might be infected
whadya do to get iron?
at your age you just
no what’s the tablets they use
yeah Fe
right ??? chew some of this
???????????????????????????????I just picked it out ????????????
just ????
can be anyone ????
????? about an hour ago

End of tape

1 could also be ‘love’
2 sung to tune of Madonna’s Material World