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male primary,male,16 male female
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
British (Northern England)
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MEBH4MA_Sanitised (Text), Text
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This informant was born in England (Manchester) and came to Australia when he was three years old. He returned to Manchester when he was seven, and again when he was eleven (doesn’t mention the length of time, but says that he ‘lived in Manchester’). All the members of his immediate family were born in England. He says that his mother still retains her Manchester accent, and also speaks French fluently, as she lived in France for a year when she was eighteen and is still actively developing her skills in the language.
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Interactive Discourse
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This is our family at dinner time .. it is a about fifteen to twenty
         minute recording of our family at dinner time . you’ll have to
         excuse the clanging noise actually sounds like ah a couple of
         people having a sword fight but it’s actually just uz ah eating
         with their knives and fork clanging on the ah plates but um I hope
         you can sit back relax and enjoy a listen to our family and um .
         enjoy it thank you very much.
where’s the battery recharger I’m making room for the battery
... talking about battery rechargers has anybody seen my big
the black one?
it was in my car -- can you put it back please
seems really weak . don’t you reckon . the torch?
it is like if I charge it up and went away to Queensland . best
         part you couldn’t see anything with it
no it’s quite a powerful torch
nah  ... I reckon those Dolphin ones are all right . they’re
         only about twelve bucks
mm .little bit big though . that’s a handy torch
yeah they are a bit big . is it any you want or a Dolphin one?
pass the -- please
no any waterproof stuff
and you want one that’s rechargeable really . rechargeable
can you pass the -- yeah Mum
fresh or stale? but the rechargeable batteries you know .
         they’re not as powerful .. they’re not quite as powerful as the
         normal battery ...
so what do you think of the tea ..
what did you have last night then?
how did you do it darl’ --
(talking quietly)
well . I just . followed . my gut instincts ... recipe
yep .. when you’ve been cooking for as long as me ..
what time has REDACTED got you in
         tomorrow then?
nine ...
I thought she goes there on a Wed . nes . day?
..yeah . so she’s missed out . five minutes after she left .
         she got a call to work and the day that she’s thinks she working
         she wanted to work Wednesday they’ve got no bookings
so she’s not going to get any work this week at all
who runs the ABS catering job?
.. the football . is finished
what at Waverley?
but they’ll be miles away ..
there’s still a couple of rounds to go
there might not be any
I thought that St Kilda will still be playing
yeah but they may not be playing at Waverley
yeah you’d think so
she went home with all the takings of all the round
well why doesn’t she do basketball or something then?
REDACTED divided it all up . divvyed it
         up and she got forty odd dollars
did she pick up tips
forty bucks for one night
no for the whole season
the whole week?
yeah and I said well she said she likes nights and she said
maybe she’s just not working any more
(taps running)
... this is nice this isn’t it?
not too bad ..
you’ve left the door open Mum on the microwave
.. just close it ...
... how many replies have you got to the advertisement?
. six
six huh? And they’re all the keen ones they must have sent that
         on Monday
there’s one arrived yesterday
did they?
mm hm
what did they hand deliver it? Was it in the Saturday Age?
Thursday Friday Saturday
oh ... I thought it was just in the Saturday
so where --
I don’t know . but she’s made a mistake because she hadn’t gone
         she would have had to work
where? Oh -- . ta
what time does the -- close?
um .. can’t remember which group of friends it was ..
it was nothing special was it . you went once you wouldn’t
         really be too bothered about going back that way would you?
I prefer the estate house .I preferred the ambience
preferred the --
yep .. well
you heard it along the grape vine
yeah no no I haven’t heard what’s going to happen but . the
         owners weren’t the owners that were there when we went . they sell
         them and it’s the new owners -- ... so what’s this teenager doing
um . nothing
how come?
Full Frontal?
yesterday and Thursdays . Melrose Place of course at 8.30 though
you squib

... so nothing else on the agenda IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
... it’s a wonder how those things start isn’t it?
one starts and somebody sends it to somebody and then somebody
         else sends it
 wait till you get the dear one
what is that coming tomorrow?
no but . I don’t know . it should come around here... sort of like a
         chain letter isn’t it?
well it sort of is ..
people just send it it’s funny . they just chuck it in the fax
         and send it to ‘em
--  got one?
um I need a lift tomorrow morning
mm what’s wrong with it this time?
it had a service and it needs new ah disks and the shockers
you going to drop him off at
Emerald . --
no he’s going to get his old man to drop him off here .. at quarter
         past seven or twenty past seven
tell Dad about your results
did you see them?
no but you told me
he just finished half exactly half the course
oh yeah
well I’m into the second semester already . since I got back from
(telephone rings)
oh that must be the phone
yeah it probably would be
(answering phone) hello?... certainly just hold one moment... Dad
who is it?
I forgot to ask
(talking in phone) hello REDACTED ... oh
         hi REDACTED how are you doing? ...yes I’ve
         just got home we’re just having tea now .. I left a message . I
         left a message on your phone last night .did you get did you get
         it? ... oh OK no that’s all right . no it just said that I
- and I had a good chat to him

and he was quite yeah quite please I phoned
I sent him a four page fax today outlining what we can do . and
         I’ll give him a call tomorrow --
I don’t think that’s very funny
excellent ..OK?...OK and I’ll be in touch shortly then ..
         thanks REDACTED .. bye ...
who was that Dad?
the one that owes them . the money?
what for?
services rendered
and what’s his story then about the money . was he surprised
         you were so friendly?
well I don’t know ..
cast your mind ... how much does he owe you?
twenty-five thousand
 why like what’d ya do . for him?
oh he went bust
what so you lent him 25 grand? Yeah what’d do for him then?
we had a lot of work for him and ah he never finally paid us --
so he still owes you twenty-five grand
what a nerve he’s got like what a nerve that he would ring you
what’s he want now? he need more work?
he wants a loan
is he asking for a longer extension is he or what’s he asking for?
no he’s working somewhere else now .. he’s gone interstate and
         he’s not working for --
yeah he sounded like he was interstate coz he sounded like he was on
         a mobile
he’s working for a big company and ah and he wants us to look
         at some work for the big company . so that’s pretty safe
and what’s the big company
yeah you’d think he’d be a bit shy . wouldn’t you?
well he is
how long has he --
not on the phone
what can you do though . is he planning on coming back?
... have you asked him how he’s been living the last couple of
no I haven’t asked him
so it’s been a couple of years then -- -- so it’s been three or so
         years and he hasn’t paid you so yet . things aren’t  looking good
we won’t get the money back
you won’t you don’t reckon?
couldn’t possibly
yeah? Yet he still speaks to you
could you reclaim any of the stuff you sold to him?
no --
((inaudible section 7 secs))
-- --
well what’s the point of going mad? He lost more the we . he
         lost his business he lost his --
I’d go sick . I’d probably go around and ah give him the proverbial
well that’s typical of a teenager isn’t it?
no it’s not no many no . hardly any teenagers are as aggressive as me
oh well that’s all right then
... I heard that someone in your grade tried to commit suicide
         last week
. the first I’ve bloody heard of it
what an awful thing to say - -
it’s complete crap! .. Who? When? Who told you that?
a friend told me
what friend? Is she a reliable source?
hmm absolutely
no I’m not telling you
was it a girl who tried to commit suicide
what in my year?
probably been ostracised has she?
what does ostracise mean?
just you know have shit hung on her . made to feel left out
what has she how has she tried to do it?
I don’t know any details . she failed
no but she might have been ugly or something
... who was it?
I’m not saying
who was it?
you shouldn’t tell him and why’d you bring it up
it’s not right that he should know...
but what makes . young people want to do that . what are the
         pressures of society
maybe school?
loads of pressures
you feel pressures REDACTED in Year 10?
no pressures from peers?
you’ll feel pressures from my boot soon

you feel pressures from . do you feel more pressure from peers
         or parents
parents easily
.. in what ways . describe it
his friends don’t nag him to do his homework
yeah for one . um
his friends don’t nag him to eat vegetables
they don’t get upset if I get a low mark in a test for instance and
         say you must work harder
you can’t really resist the fact that they don’t care as much
yeah obviously that’s part of that’s all part of the big step . they
         don’t care as much that’s one of the reasons why they don’t . it
         doesn’t bother me . ah they don’t they don’t bother me as much .
         because they don’t care . as much
but your family does care
a bit more youth -- girls than male
don’t know . I don’t know --
well REDACTED did a very mean thing on
what’s that
what did he do?
.. well we were going to the milkbar on Sunday
oh here we go
and I thought how lovely it is because he wanted to walk down
         the milk bar with me
we do it every Sunday
every Sunday and I’ve always bought him some special treats .
         chocolate . this Sunday I didn’t have oh I did I gave him ninety
         cents and said what can you get for ninety cents
you can’t get shit all
stormed round the shop kicking everybody in the shop shouting
         you can’t get any jack all for ninety cents . what an awful father
         you are
and then
extreme shit
and then he won’t go with me anymore

did you want to go for the reward
you’re a working man REDACTED

I got a shock and all this time I thought what a nice pleasant
         walking down together
oh it was mainly just ah
getting the paper and talking
oh this statement is based on ah emotion really or are you distraught
         about the chocolate bar and ah
you were led there under false pretences
 and there’s a fifty percent chance I’ll be coming down this week 
         depending on how I pull through 
not very funny REDACTED
very funny
... that was a nice tea
this was uz at tea