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Born in Australia
JC (RF3)
Not asked about grandparents’ ethnicity
Born in Australia
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The family language is English. The informant has studied Japanese and French at school and stopped learning French at Year 7. He enjoys talking to America on-line.
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Interactive Discourse
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Okay REDACTED. Where do you live?
Um, I live in REDACTED.
That’s where I live.
And do you have any brothers and sisters?
Yeah, I’ve got two other brothers, one’s 18 and one’s 17.
So they’re both older?
Do you get along well with them?
Oh yeah, kind of.  But some-
Sometimes you have arguments?
What sort of things do you fight about?
Oh, just anything really, just heaps of different of different stuff.
The usual family things.
Do you like being the youngest?
No, not at all.
Why is that?
Oh, because you get told what to do all the time, you can’t do much.
And ah do you enjoy coming to this school?
Yeah, it’s not bad.
Yeah?  What sort of subjects do you do?
Um, just the usual Maths, English and Science, I’ve got two VCE
         subjects um Info Tech and Industry and Enterprise Studies, and just
         um PE and don’t really remember the rest.
Right.  Do you have any idea what you’d like to do when you finish
Um, probably something like a draftsmen, maybe like or something to
         do with drawing. Or if, if not that, um maybe in computers,
         something like that.
Do you have a computer at home?
Yep, I do.
Do you use it all the time?
Yeah.  All the time, usually use play games or the internet,
         something like that.
So you enjoy surfing the net.
What sort of things do you enjoy looking up?
Oh um just all the like things when you talk to people on the line
         and all that or talk to people in America and all that.
Do you have regular people that you talk to?
Oh yeah, yeah.
Are they about the same age?
Oh, sometimes they can be older but you don’t really know how much
         older or anything like that.  You don’t really know the names of
         them, just talk to --
Right.  Where were you born?
Right.  And what about your parents?
I don’t know.  I wouldn’t have a clue.
In Australia?
Yeah, oh yeah.
So do you speak any languages apart from English in your family?
Oh no, no.
But you studied a few languages at school?
Yeah.  Oh I studied Japanese mostly but I have um have um spoken a
         bit of French but not that much.
So when did you drop French?
Oh in Year 7, at the end of Year 7.
Well when you go on to become a draftsmen, or whatever you choose to
         do um have you thought about which university you’d like to go to?
Um no, not really.  I haven’t thought of that yet.
Yep, it’s sort of a long way off isn’t it?
Yep.  Sort of.
What sort of hobbies have you got, REDACTED?
Um, mostly drawing, that’s probably about it and just oh yeah that’s
         probably about it, just drawing.
Do you play sport?
Yeah, I play Basketball and golf.
Do you play golf in a team or is that something you do at school.
Um, no oh well no we don’t play that at school but we I play every
         Saturdays in in a group but it’s in a competition.
Right, is it a regular, because I don’t really understand a lot about
         golf and is it a regular group of people that you play with?
Well, you just put your name down in the in the comp and then right
         it’s whoever puts their name down with you, like so you play with
         anyone really.
Do you play it with any members of your family?
Oh my dad plays as well but I don’t play with him all the time, just
Yeah, it’s a pretty good game, isn’t it? Golf.
Yeah, I don’t mind it. It’s pretty good.
And what about watching um sport on television?  Or going to see a
         sport, do you enjoy -
Oh, I watch a lot of basketball and that on TV and that and a bit of
         golf but nothing really else.
Right.  Well, friends, REDACTED.  Do you have a
         best friend or a group of best friends?
Oh probably a group of best friends, I don’t have one really good
What sort of things do you like to do with your friends?
Oh we always play basketball on the courts.
Do you?
At lunchtime and recess.
It seems to be a very popular sport these days, basketball.
Oh yeah.
Do you follow a particular team?
Um, yeah for NBL I like the Melbourne Tigers and in the NBA I like
         the --
Do you ever get to see a live game in Melbourne?
Yeah my dad used to have a box seat for them and like he always used
         to give us tickets and stuff, we watched heaps of games so that was
         really good, but we don’t do that much more any more.
End of side
What would you do if you won Tattslotto?
Um probably buy a huge house and car and all that for when I’m older
         or something like that.  I don’t know really.
Obviously you had a note passed under the door so we haven’t had much
         luck, we’ve had a few interruptions.  And what about over summer.
         Did you do anything exciting over summer?
Um no not really I just went out with a few friends and stuff, but
         nothing really big.  We didn’t go on holidays or anything like
         that, just the usual stuff.
Right.  What about Christmas.  Did you celebrate Christmas in a big?
Um well we went to ah oh we had a Christmas party at our house, that
         was on um Boxing Day and we went to our cousins on actual Christmas
         Day, that was my Dad’s um like sister and all of that.  And then on
         Boxing Day it was my mums.
So you basically had Christmas that went for a couple of days rather
         than just one day.
Yeah So it wasn’t too bad.
Did you get any exciting presents?
Um, oh I just got some um golf clubs and um clothes and money and -
Sounds like you did very well.
Yeah.  I did.
That’s good.  Have you ever been in hospital?
Yes I have been to hospital heaps of times.
Oh have you?
Is it something ongoing?
Oh no not really, just every time a problem goes another one comes.
         Just keeps going and going.
Have you ever thought you were dieing?
No, no way.
Hasn’t been that traumatic?
So what do you think of hospital?
Oh I hate it.  It’s horrible.
It’s a bit of a silly question, isn’t it?  No one would enjoy being
         in hospital.   Well, I think that’s about it.  So thank you very
         much for that.