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MEBH2FB_Sanitised (Text)

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Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
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The informant wasn’t asked where her parents were born, mentions that grandparents were ‘also in the country’ when she visited London, but they could have also been travelling. She does however also mention ‘relatives and friends’ in England. She has been to England and America, and would really like to go back to America and see a lot more of it. It should be noted that this conversation consists of anywhere between five and ten people, both male and female, all talking to each other at once. It is practically impossible to determine who is speaking when. There is a great deal of background noise, and the lines of conversation transcribed below are merely the parts of the conversation which are picked up most clearly by the tape recorder. The codes used for participants really only identify whether the speaker is male or female, as it is so difficult to identify particular participants. BH2F and BH2M are not necessarily the same person the whole conversation, it simply identifies the speaker as male or female and that the transcriber was unsure who it was speaking.
Speech Style :
[u'BH2F[1]\nBH2M[2]\n\n\n\nBH2M: [c\u2019mon]\nBH2F: [don\u2019t!]\nBH2F: [d\u2019you have a lighter?]\nBH2M: [huh?]\nBH2F: [yeah]\nBH2F: [@@@]\nBH2M: [ahhh..gotta you again!]\nBH2M: I can\u2019t find a job..I got no skills so I got [nooooo]']
part of:
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
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File contents

it’s a social I have to do it for
BH2M: so I gotta find a job before I move
BH2M: only thing I know how to do’s drive a forklift an’ I I I’m even shit
         at that
BH2F: yeah..I’s gonna tell her somethin’ but I couldn’ remember! so.
BH2F: it’s ‘cos o’ that you can’t remember!
BH2F: you wan’ some?
BH2F: what is it?
BH2F: voldka!!
BH2F: oh surprise surprise
BH2F: voldka. chchchc[3]
BH2M: smokes?
BH2F: lime in it
BH2F: yeah! lemon ‘n lime
BH2F: cool
BH2F: yeah

Long pause – lots of background noise, but no audible talking

BH2F: ?nails?
BH2F: yeah..look good
BH2M: ?there you go?
BH2F: Hi
BH2F: Hi
BH2F: Hi
BH2F: Hi
BH2M: huh?
BH2M: I dunno
BH2M: you sure?
BH2M: jus’ fuckin’ take it
BH2M: you gonna stay in that all night!
BH2M: you coming in your car or what?
BH2M: I dunno d’ya want me to?
BH2M: well there’s four people in each car
BH2M: in each car?
BH2M: might even chuck a person ???
BH2M: doesn’ worry me..make the night..make ?????????
BH2M: ?????do a hundred and sixty all the way??
BH2M: @@@ does he!?
BH2M: I don’ mind I’ll do it
BH2F: ?????
BH2M: don’t fool yourself speed kills
BH2F: what’s it say?
BH2M: don’t fool yourself speed thrills
BH2M: I agree with that
BH2M: it does
BH2M: it does man… ‘s my boot my ????
BH2M: yeah @@
BH2F: doesn’t it say speed kills?
BH2F: yeah it’s ‘sposed to say speed kills
BH2F: @@
BH2M: waiting for it to pop up
BH2F: it’s very true though
BH2F: what does? That speed kills or speed thrills
BH2F: both

Loud music starts – makes it even more difficult to hear conversation

BH2F: why’ve you got the doona over your shoulder?
BH2M: what’re you doin’
it’s a social critic
BH2F: oh
BH2M: (what) are you recording?
people’s voices
BH2M: why?
it’s a social critic
BH2M: ???doona??
BH2M: are you one of these recording people
no! it’s a social critic!
BH2M: she’s another one of those recording people!
I’m not! It’s a social critic!
BH2M: look out for [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED! She’s recording all the
BH2F: sorry?
BH2M: oh it’s a social critic!! Recording everything! What’s that
BH2F: what was that about me?
BH2M: no! let’s not talk about all the illegal shit we do ‘cos then we’ll
         be fucked up!
BH2M: I’m starvin’
BH2M: where’re you goin’
BH2M: ???Maccas
BH2M: what’re we doin’ here now
BH2M: this is not Maccas
BH2M: we takin’ your car
BH2M: yeah

Long period where it is impossible to understand any of the conversation
         over the music
will you come out of the car and talk?

Long period where it is impossible to understand any of the conversation
         over the music

BH2F: I can hear it from out here!!
I’m recording voices
BH2F: no!
BH2M: @@@@@@ so she looks!!
BH2M: yaaaaaaaaha!![4]
BH2M: busted!!
BH2F: shut up!
BH2M: ohh
BH2F: leave my bra alone!
BH2F: yeah leave her bra alone
BH2F: thankyou!
BH2M: ???is that recording?]
BH2M: so mind you you don’t tell anyone you’re recording you just go ahead
         and do it
it’s supposed @ to be a like just a conversation
BH2M: yeah but it’d be nice to tell people you’re recording ay? by the way
         I’m recording
BH2M: get that shit off!
BH2M: who ya gonna be giving that to?
Monash University
BH2M: why?
BH2F: what’s that recording?
BH2M: go suck me fuck you big muther fucker!
@@@@ just ignore that okay @@@@?
BH2M: suck my dick!  @@@@
BH2M: ???mum wears cowboy boots
BH2M: in bed with my fuckin’ mum
BH2M: whose your fuckin’ daddy? whose your daddy?
BH2F: what the fuck am I supposed to be saying?
you’re not supposed to say’s just a just a
BH2M: [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED get that dick out of your mouth! ]
OHH!! You fucking dirty cunt!
BH2M: oh OH OH that’s it!!
don’t be so rude
BH2M: you love it!
I don’t have no fucking dick in my mouth
I have ???? in my mouth!!

Sound of car engine revving excessively

BH2M:       get that on you recording!
I did @@@@
BH2F: are you having fun?

Sound of car engine revving excessively
no I’m not I have to do it!

Sound of car engine revving excessively

BH2M: what’re they doin’?

Sound of car engine revving excessively

BH2M: he said to ‘ark ‘em up
BH2M: where’re they goin’

Sound of car engine revving excessively

BH2M: are we gettin' in the cars or?
BH2F: yeah
BH2M: yeah..let’s go

Sound of car driving away, music stops, sound of second engine starting

BH2F: are you ????
BH2F: I dunno
BH2M: watch it
BH2M: what?
BH2M: take the sign off the car
BH2M: fuck the ??????
BH2M: she’s still recording
BH2M: fuckin’ Armour-all
BH2M: @@@
BH2M: decide to Armour-all the car ????? can only use one fuckin’ hand
BH2M: ain’t that a prick
BH2F: we have to go to the supermarket..don’t we [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
BH2M: yeah we gotta get a birthday card ?????
BH2M: birthday card?
BH2F: yes
BH2M: it’s a girl’s birthday..that’s where we’re going
BH2M: Lang Lang I’m worried..I’m gonna go to work on Wednesday ‘ng gonna
         go whatdya do on your long weekend I’m gonna go I went to Lang Lang
         to a party..I’m gonna get decked
BH2M: @@@
BH2M: where? Oh woop woop @@@
BH2M: na na I’s gonna get punched! I’m gonna say Lang Lang and I’s gonna
         get punched in the side of the head
BH2M: @@@ ain’t that a prick

Squeaking noise

BH2M: @@@@
BH2M: don’t worry when I’m driving ???? takes it slow
BH2M: huh?
BH2M: real slow
BH2M: yep
BH2M: yeah he’d have to
BH2M: you guys want Maccas?
BH2F: no
BH2M: yeah
BH2M: you have Maccas? Your shout?
BH2M: oh cool
BH2M: na n’I don’t want Maccas
BH2M: you don’t?
BH2M: I just wanna use the fuckin’ toilet!! @@@
BH2F: @@@
BH2M: I haven’t even got any grog.  s’there gonna be any grog there?
BH2M: I dunno I got a bottle of Beam if you want some
BH2M: hmm..
BH2M: you drink Beam don’t ya?
BH2M: yeah
BH2M: cool sounds good to me
BH2F: ??alcoholic?..he drinks it
BH2M: how the fuck’m I gonna drive though?
BH2M: you don’t have to you can stay there the night
BH2M: oh cool

Sound of car door opening, noise of traffic, difficult to make out

BH2F: so what do you have to do this for? you’re not still recording are
yeah @…it’s gonna be going all night
BH2F: all night?
well not all night when the tape runs out I’ll have to stop but um
         it’s for um this language thing
BH2F: yeah ?????
yes basically @@ get my head bashed in!…I think I’ll stop it for

Slight break in the tape

BH2M: you must be hungry
BH2M: y’oh I got the triple cheese one
BH2M: is that gonna be runnin’ all night?
BH2F: all the girls are sitting down there.can we swap seats can we
         can..[IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED? swap seats okay]
BH2M: boys table?
BH2F: is that on?
yes it is
BH2F: @@ everyone’s eating @@
BH2F: we’re girls what the fuck do you expect!
you don’t.just ignore it okay
BH2F: why what are you doing it for?
BH2F: okay it’s not really there
it’s a language study for Monash University..and it’s pissing
         everybody off
BH2F: why?
BH2F: yes I was gonna say I’ll just use language alright? @@
it doesn’t matter you can do what say whatever you want
BH2F: this whole thing.frigin’ sucks!
BH2F: frigin’ sucks!@@@
BH2F: ooh! She said it!
BH2F: wait for it!
BH2F: well excuse me I’ve been hanging around you guys for way too long
         it’s just
BH2F: bad influence
BH2F: see ya
BH2F: okay
BH2F: nuh
BH2F: nuh
BH2F: two’s better than one
BH2F: toast

Lots of laughing

BH2F: work that one out
BH2M: ????

Great deal of talking over one another

BH2M: over there somewhere…start movin’
BH2F: bitch
BH2F: hate ‘em
BH2F: her’s is natural
BH2F: My hair..I used her brush on my fringe so I might get the curly
BH2F: the curly germs@@@
BH2F: you caught it
BH2F: my fringe is now strange ‘cos I used your brush
BH2F: didn’t work
BH2F: doesn’t work on me
BH2F: hey cool we ignored the thing
BH2F: not anymore
BH2F: not anymore
BH2F: jeez this food’s yum
BH2F: yum yum yum @@@@
BH2F: @@@ hmm that is a tasty burger
BH2F: we’re gonna scum money off [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED and get
         some cookies]

Two of the irls sing a part of a song

BH2F: I’m not listening I’m waiting to speak to [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
BH2M: what was that?

Sound of several of the girls laughing

BH2F: girlish giggles
BH2F: well we’re girls, girls have girlish giggles [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
BH2F: well we’re not gonna have guffaws or anything @@@@
BH2F: so funny
BH2F: oh my god
BH2F: [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED can I have thirty cents? Can I have
         thiry cents please?]
BH2M: wanna cone?
BH2F: oh no that’s just gonna that’s gonna be too filling
BH2F: thankyou
BH2F: mine’s in the car somewhere
BH2F: mine’s in the front seat of the car but the cars locked so
BH2F: mine’s in the bag in the back of the car underneath all the doonas
BH2F: well mine’s in the front
BH2M: I asked for no pickles @@
BH2M: put ‘em up on the window see which one falls off last
BH2M: gross man
BH2M: no no no clean it please
BH2F: but you don’t know her name doofas!
BH2F: you can’t smoke in here
BH2M: says who? what’re you gonna do kick me out or
BH2F: I’m gonna jump on ya
BH2F: nah I’m gonna jump on you
BH2F: guess we’re going
BH2F: now everybody’s jumping him
BH2F: I did not!
BH2F: yeah you did [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED you raped him]
BH2F: did you suck all the white stuff out? @@@
BH2F: yes but he wanted it he enjoyed it
BH2M: he’s still got his legs spread [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED you
         didn’t do enough]
BH2M: oh shit!
BH2M: oh shit!
BH2M: who’s coming in my car?
BH2M: it’s been raining
BH2F: oh no
BH2M: oh shit
BH2M: whose coming in the Skyline
BH2M: anyway I’ve got better breaks in here I can tell you that much
BH2F: come on!
BH2M: can we smoke in your car?
BH2M: yeah with the windows down..window must be down man I’m serious must
         be must be
BH2M: we’ve gotta go to Safeway too just for a quick second
BH2F: so we can’t but we can’t lose them cos I don’t know the way ‘n
         neither of us none of us know the way
BH2M: so everyone has to go to Safeway
BH2F: we have to go to Safeway for like five seconds
BH2M: have any of you got a birthday card or somethin’ for her for her
BH2F: [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED’s got a present for her]
BH2M: I haven’t got shit! I don’t even know who it is
BH2F: no she doesn’t she’s got her a present
BH2M: we’ve gotta go to Safeway first
BH2M: alright go to Coles
BH2M: ???door open!
BH2M: ????you idiot!
BH2M: door’s open
BH2M: no it’s not
BH2M: no open it!
BH2F: no open it!
BH2M: windows open
BH2M: they are they’re open

Sound of cars driving off again, slight cut in the tape

BH2M: oh Fuck!
BH2M: I took his spare..I-I..I had both of my spare ‘n his spare on my
         arse end ‘nd went to Calder he needs his spare back man
very long segment of tape where loud music and other party sounds drown out
         any of the conversation
BH2M: I knew I knew it was fucked..alright? I knew what the problem was
         alrigh’..the shaft was fucked it wasn’ wanna pull out the
         brushes I’m sure the brushes were long..long as..but the shaft was
         actually completely worn out there was nothin’ on it
BH2M: why the fuck are you always recording our conversations?
BH2M: what’s this?
BH2M: the shit that was in my boot..from my Skyline you know?
BH2M: yeah but tha’s not your shit
BH2M: what is?
BH2F: I’m coming too
BH2M: where?
BH2M: that’s why the shaft was’s completely rooted
BH2F: back to his house
BH2M:’re coming back to his house
BH2M: yeah well fuck it I gave it to the guy that look.I told him to do
         this do that..put the bearings in put a new shaft in change the
         bloody..ah..fuckin’ brushes ‘n everythin’ you gonna change the
         regulator ah ‘n I said fuck it here’s a hundred ‘n eighty bucks..’n
         I won’t do it
BH2M: that’s alrigh’
BH2M: the car the car’s worth it though but ???
BH2M: ‘cept for one day we parked on a parking meter in Hobart ‘n my
         friend took his um alternator out of his car ‘n we went to TAFE
         pulled it apart ‘n the next thing he goes the instructor goes it
         was like twenty minutes to the end of the day ‘n he goes..oh one of
         your diodes is fucked..
BH2M: what?
BH2M: ’n he goes oh I’ll just see if we’ve got another one ‘n ??? look it
         up on the computer ‘n ohhh we should have one..found one..tried to
         put it in ‘n the one he put in was fucked I think as they soldered
         it in they put too much heat in ‘n fucked it..lucky they got it
         going ‘cos I was goin’ home in that car @
BH2M: you think ? fuckhead to pull it out
BH2M: ‘n it’s on a fuckin’ parkin’ meter!
@@ I have to!

Cut in tape

BH2M: lighter?
BH2M: you got no smoke’s so how come you got my lighter?
BH2M: ‘ts like that
BH2F: ??????@@@@ okay?
BH2M: you shouldn’t be!
BH2F: @@I know @@
BH2M: I mean we could talk about other things but we won’t
BH2M: what’s this?

Long period of people talking over one another, new song starts
this song makes me depressed
BH2M: @ and she’s fuckin’s recording it! You bitch!
BH2M: if I’m any more depressed
BH2M: do I really care?!
BH2F: you’re not taping all of that are you?
BH2M: can I can I can I just say something?
BH2M: no she was taping while we were talkin’ ????
BH2M: I have killed four people
BH2F: @@@ Seriously..have ya??
BH2M: three small dog one big dog..two wombats..I think about
         six kangaroos and two koalas..I blast them with shotgun
how many people he’s killed!
BH2F: what?
BH2F: what are you doing?
BH2F: @ look at this!
BH2M: what were we talking about?
over there? I dunno..we’ll have to wait ‘n see what it says on the

Volume of the music increases as another new song starts

BH2M: oh yes and I plan to kill my parents also..fuck it I get two brand
         new Visa claims and I get a for and I get a bloody paid off house
         ‘n a
BH2F: tell us your full name then!
BH2M: na na na na na na na[7]
BH2F: speak Spanish into it
BH2M: hi I’m [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED ‘n I’ve got a question for you masturbate?]
BH2F: @@@ only when I don’t have a boyfriend
BH2M: do you have a boyfriend at the moment?
BH2F: yes I do
BH2M: so does that mean you don’t?
BH2F: that’s right
BH2M: why not?
BH2F: ooooooo sucked in!!!
BH2F: @@ because he satisfies me
BH2M: buulllshiitt! I know the particular person that’s being talked about
         and I know it’s not true
BH2F: um..he’s the only guy that can make me cum
BH2M: what?
BH2F: he’s the only guy that can make me cum
BH2M: aye![8 She’s bit me!]
BH2M: he’s only what?
BH2F: he’s the only guy that can make me cum!
BH2M: right ‘n your going to take this ‘n ‘n see when you’re drunk ‘n
         you’re saying all this shit you you’re gonna be at school ‘n you’re
         gonna be like oh oh don’t listen to that bit
BH2M: did you record that shit that ????
no I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t
BH2M: I didn’t say anything bad
no I didn’t even have it then
BH2M: alright ??? what da we think about this fuckin’ situation
BH2F: what situation?
BH2M: right we’re twenty
BH2F: yeah
BH2F: haven’t had a root in twenty years
BH2M: we’re twenty..if I kill my parents I’ve got two brand new cars..I’ve
         have a  seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars..I have a fully
         paid off house...see ya
BH2M: no cars…no apart from that!
BH2M: right..we’re from Melbourne
BH2M: we’re from Melbourne
BH2F: you need sex you need sex!
BH2M: we’re stuck in
BH2M: I’m in fucking Lang Lang! I don’t think this joint is even on the
         map! I mean if you blink..if you blink as you’re driving past at
         sixty k’s you’d miss it
BH2M: Lang Lang. Where the fuck…Gooly Goo Goo..what the fuck is Gooly Goo
BH2F: don’t hang shit on Lang Lang
BH2M: that’s it..Lang Lang where the fuck is Lang Lang
BH2F: Lang Lang’s where you are right now
BH2M: what the fuck is Lang Lang?
BH2M: exactly!
BH2F: Lang Lang to’s ???
BH2M: yeah how drunk was someone when they thought yeah what the fuck
         we’ll call it Lang Lang
BH2M: it’s like a bet ya there’s a joint called Woop Woop
BH2M: yeah I bet it is
BH2F: yeah is there such a place as Woop Woop
BH2M: ‘n it’s gotta be better than this
BH2M: yeah I told you there’s a joint called Woop Woop
BH2M: I mean they haven’t even got gas here!
BH2M: nah they’ve got bottle gas
BH2F: Lang Lang isn’t that bad.we have got gas we’ve got bottle
         brother farts in bottles ‘n everything is okay
BH2M: yeah
BH2M: I’ve got bottle gas watch
BH2M: Lang Lang person…in a Lang Lang land
BH2F: I’m drunk okay?..I’m not actually I’m an ex ???
BH2M: just for your information the idiot making all that noise is
         [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED..who I’m most likely gonna kill
BH2F: @@@@@ who’re ya gonna kill?
BH2M: ????information the guy crackin’ on to me is [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
BH2F: don’t kill [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED okay ‘cos like I need him]
BH2F: you’re drunk as a skunk you idiot!
BH2M: say somethin’ kinky
BH2F: something kinky!
BH2M: c’mon talk dirty!
BH2F: talk dirty @@
BH2M: talk dirty..c’mon like so that’s so I don’t have to pay like four
         ninety-five a minute or somethin’
BH2F: @@@
BH2M: give me AB negative who’s AB negative
BH2M: call me now..pick up the can have a really good time why
         don’t ya call me pick up the phone..uh?
BH2M: see? He said it earlier so
BH2M: has anyone seen that ad on TV..’cos I get home late from work right
         ‘nd have you noticed that on late night TV there’s nothing but
         those ads for those like..those sex lines
BH2F: sex lines! @@@
BH2M: it’s can have a really good ‘n they get on the bit they get
         on ‘n say call me now..’n it’s not even them!’s like how can
         you get off on the phone?
BH2M: I wouldn’t know
BH2M: when you can get off anyway
BH2M: okay so what size what are your sexual fantasies?
BH2F: @@@ I’m not saying
BH2M: c’mon!…anybody? sexual fantasies sexual fantasies?
BH2F: that’s yours isn’t it!
BH2M: sexual fantasies?
BH2F: I’ve already told you mine
BH2M: my sexual fantasy my best mate
BH2F: to get a root! To get a root!
BH2M: not quite
BH2M: well yeah sort of but my best mate [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED
         together in bed with two blonde no no two blonde twins with big
         arse tits..I wanna go for all three of ‘em]
BH2F: fuck off!
BH2M: okay
@@ okay it’s my turn now.seeing it is my recorder!..well…I’m
         completely off my face..’nd [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED wants to
         say you wanna say hello REDACTED?]
BH2M: oh
there is. Actually there’s three [IDENTIFYING MATERIAL REMOVED’s
         running around right of them’s actually gotta tail the
         other two don’t]
BH2M: coulda fooled me I thought they all had tails
she doesn’t have a tail!…see?

Cut in tape

BH2M: finally a taxi that’ll pick me up in the morning..a Fairlane taxi
         like a really nice taxi picked me up.with blood pissing all
         over.and I said to him I wanna go to the Windsor motel ‘n he said
         oh yeah y’alright
BH2M: just for the record this is a pain in the arse having everything
         taped..will you get it away?
no @@@
BH2M: yes.fuck off!
I don’t wanna fuck off..I’m sorry
BH2M: ah I was about to say something disgusting I won’t

Break in tape

BH2F: it’s going
BH2M: I know
BH2F: turn it off
BH2F: ‘cos um

Break in tape

BH2F: he’s taping!
BH2M: fuck off you’re freaking me out man

Break in tape
have to do a family situation[9]
BH2M: I’m being quiet now
I’m recording…people
BH2F: are you recording ?????

1 signifies unidentified female speakers
2 signifies unidentified male speakers
3 “chchch” is sung by the speaker to the tune of a conga line
4 sort of squealing scream
5 whispered
6 gives name in foreign language
7 spoken extremely quickly
8 kind of a yelp/squeal
9 At this point the party sounds have stopped, and there are just some
background noises and voices.  It appears that BH2 is no longer at the
party, but in a home situation, and was starting to tape a family
conversation, but stopped for whatever reason.