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The informant wasn’t asked where her parents were born, mentions that grandparents were ‘also in the country’ when she visited London, but they could have also been travelling. She does however also mention ‘relatives and friends’ in England. She has been to England and America, and would really like to go back to America and see a lot more of it.
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he goes home like once a week ‘nd gets food..he just..get his mother
         just gives him.his mother gives him heaps ‘n heaps of food
’cos they never buy any food at their house
we do too
you haven’t got any milk
yes we have
got like this much milk..yeah...’n that’s you’ve open their
         cupboard  they’ve got all this like..
got milk.coke..cereal..museli..cheese..???..jam..bread
they’ve got all this unneccessary stuff they’ve got not pasta they’ve
         got no rice they’ve got no bread they’ve got no.
????? No staple ????
there’s nothing there except like condiments
that’s right that’s why your mother ??? your food
?on the shelf overhead?
how long ‘ave you been in this flat on your own
‘bout four months
jeez you lasted longer than REDACTED..he
         moved out when he went in to uh 1st year 2nd year university ??????
         with his other two mates
         was in Melbourne anyway and..near Caulfield he lasted three weeks
         and what he used ????? come home ‘n get his food ????????????  ‘n
         they all moved out ‘n he couldn’t stand it ???? three weeks later
oh God
three weeks.hell you’re doing well if it’s four months ‘n your
         still getting ?????
yeah well she does it to get him to get him to stay there
yeah well ????? to come home
d’ya see the way know you wanna move out I could always
         move back
you can always move back that’s right
but um..
but you don’t
prefer not to..
no well you’re independent aren’t you
well when I was livin’ at home I was always in and out the door all
         the time I wouldn’t be home for any more than ten
         usually go home pick up something or other or get changed or have
         a quick shower and then I’m out again
????? Get back three
BH2GM coughing
four five ‘clock in the morning..from a nightclub..that’s what they
         got fed up on
yeah well ???? a late ???????? but then you’ve finished school
         haven’t ya?
yeah ???? year
????? you’ve finished school ‘n everything before???????
         what’s what’s on the plan now for ya..what ya hopin’ to be?
um..I’ve just got an apprentice after finishing that I’ll
         probably maybe open up my own little store or I might just start
         work somewhere else ‘n get a bit o’ money ‘nd maybe after that open
         up a small store..somethin’ like that
????? electrical stop in uh years ago ????? in Dandenong called
         ????? electrical shop ???????????? I think it was just a family
         business ??????????
you’d only need a small shop for electrical don’t really do
I’ll tell you where there is one like that in ?? vacuum??????
         ‘n that’s just a little bit of shop frontage ‘n the workshop’s at
         the back ???????
yeah..all you really need’s a two half shop out the front you just
         have say things that people have brought in ‘n they don’t wanna
         repair ‘n they say alright have it or it’s too expensive and you
         migth get another one in..I don’t know few weeks later same sort of
         problem but slightly different ‘nd you can use that parts out o’
         that one ‘nd put ‘em in that one then you can stick it in the front
         of the shop ‘n you just have a sales register or somethin’ like
         that..’n out the back just have all your benches with all your all your units
sounds could really be ?????????????????????
‘n then say maybe..I don’t know.get an apprentice get him in the shop you are at the moment ’n who are you apprenticed
         with then?
who are you apprenticed with?
Cash Converters
Cash Converters oh I’ve heard of them
they’re an electronic
they’re a big firm aren’t they?
very big..they’ve got um...probably like twenty-two stores in the
         whole of Victoria
that’s a lot isn’t it?
it’s quite a few..there’s about a hundred ‘n twenty all up in the
         whole of Australia
right ????
I think they are but I haven’t seen any over in the states at all..I
         don’t know maybe they got the name then moved over here ‘nd said
         okay here we go put ‘em everywhere but um they’re just really
         franchised with one main store in the city..then all the others are
         just people that buy or private business owned
yeah  ??? keep they’re own money
????? business how’re ye doin’?
oh gets busy...but um that’s the fourth Cash Converters I’ve worked
is it?
I’ve worked at REDACTED Cash Converters I was
         there for nearly twelve months I worked at IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED ‘n REDACTED at the same time it was
         like one day here one day there one day here one day there I was
         workin’ there for about nine months ‘n now I’m at Cash Converters
         down here in REDACTED
in REDACTED. Is that a busy area?
yeah well pretty busy..that store down there’s um the best store in
         the whole of Victoria..we’re on top of the list
do you have to work overtime REDACTED?
not really..usually I get most of my work done but if I need overtime
         I just come in another day I only work two days a week at the
         moment because I’m still setting everything up um but in those two
         day I’m making uh two two hundred ‘n fifty dollars
it’s enough to get through the week for there
yeah how come you haven’t worked two days a week ?????
????? um they’ve pretty much got nothing there um I’ve got the TV ‘n
         the video ‘n the CD player on one side ‘n just tools packed
         everywhere on the other
and have you got ??? of work comin’ in?
no no there’s always work there but um but say when I wanna test a
         car amplifier or somethin’ I’ve gotta shoot over there ‘nd grab a
         power supply ‘nd shoot over here ‘nd grab a power radio ‘nd bring
         it all back and set it all up’ll just be easier once it’s
         all set up I can just grab a ??? and put some ??? in here ‘nd ???
         ready to go
and then you’ll be working five days a week?
Flat out
hmm flat’ll probably be Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
         Saturday week
hmm long week
oh it’s not that long I did the same hours over at IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED and over there I was pulling in seven seven
         hundred and fifty a week
that’s alot of money
hmm it’s a good job to have
oh yes I bet you ??? a bit back ??????
yeah I losing about two hundred and fifty three hundred dollars

Cut in tape
??? your hobbies?
playin’ with radio controlled..aeroplanes boats like
         building computers
oh do you?
this is like fifty questions!
oh shut up! 
um love rollerblading always gotta have me rollerblading
did you know I always wanted to know ??? rollerblading but I
         never had the courage to try it
well you should see the scars he’s got (cut in tape)
         rollerblading..look there
oh oh
and his knees
??? two scabby little knees..I broke this collar bone this time I
         fractured my skull
I went into a rollerblading bowl which is just like a big concrete
         bowl.‘n you go in and do jumps
yeah..I’ve seen that! You go up ‘n down up ‘n down I’ve seen
I went in came out got six ‘n a half foot in the air ‘n fell flat on
         my back
oh god
shoulder first
‘n you still do it? Oh you’re nuts you could break legs or
break ya neck
hmm true but nowdays if I’m doing anything like that I’ll take a
         helmut ????
wrist guards
oh yeah like knee pads
no not really knee pad
yes knee pads..yeah
??? I’ve never seen ‘em on rollerblades doin’ that I’ve seen
         them on those little things
and they go up and they jump
yeah and they put it up in their hand and put back ‘n their ????
ohhh yes that’s dangerous very dangerous
there’s a guy in the city that we know there’s where I actually had
         my accident there’s actually two bowls in one you’ve got big bowl
         no small bowl here ‘nd a big bowl here
‘nd in the middle on this side it sorta goes up smooths out and then
         down again and on that side it goes up there’s two middle  poles ‘n
         then it goes down again..he jumps in this side goes up does a
         complete backflip ‘n goes down that side and out

Break in tape
do you remember that time Mum rang up that computer place and that
         guy cracked onto her over the phone..he was like twenty or
         something and he thought she was the same age..she was ??? he’s far
         too ???? 
??? exuse me ahh we don’t want smelly ahh ???
??your cat??
I dunno
this man.came to our house to clean the carpet
?REDACTED ??? I said yes this is
         REDACTED ‘n she’s gone yeah I ‘m here to
         clean your carpets I said no you’re not

I said uh we don’t need our carpets cleaned ??????? came back
         ‘n he showed me a bit o’ paper phone number was nine it wasn’t
         REMOVED or somethin’ but we had no ??????????
and uh..I said to him the best uh you’ve got the wrong address
         ????the phone numbers you take why don’t you ringing ‘em up he said
         oh well can I use your phone well I let him in uh and eh the phone
         ‘nd he got the proper address I hadn’t a clue where it was or if it
         was in REDACTED
it was a nine uh ???????
???? very very much very much he said I clean your carpets for
??????? that’d be about a hundred ‘n fifty thousand pounds
yeah..OW ???? she’s she not biting??? Go to bed!!
thirty three
no she’s thirty one thirty two
Quite an extended period where BH2GM and BH2GF are both mumbling at the
         same time making it rather difficult to understand
two three...yeah and her parent
seven and a half percent or something isn’t it?
yeah yeah
yeah that’s like my sister she works for shell um to train different
         people ‘nd her husband worked for Ansett and when they went on
         their honeymoon they went to Hawaii and it cost them a return a
         hundred and twenty dollars..cost them absolutely nothing at all
ya still get
and after that you only pay very little
yeah the only problem with that is if you ask for a certain seat
‘n sometimes you can even be in first class though
yeah it just depends where they gotta a spare seat
yeah that’s right
you can never book anything
you just gotta pay full price tickets but if you want the discount
         they’ll give you you just gotta wait um
yes because it was the honeymoon ‘nd he hadn’t had a trip he’d been
         working there for four years he hasn’t

Break in tape
???start of next year or end of this one????
you should move back should move back into home ‘n they’ll have ta
         take ya
they’re gonna take me anyway
are they
are you going with them are you?
I think so I haven’t made up my mind yet
you haven’t made up your mind yet..oh God! It’s like.oh I don’ know
         if I wanna go round the world trip that my parents are paying for
well you don’t wanna go with your parents do you?
if I if I was twenty one I would
no he’s already twenty one
I’m already twenty one
oh you’re already twenty one..oh well
but but like as a teenager you can’t go out on your own like at my
         age you couldn’t
kind of but he can he can just like say okay I’ll see ya in three
         weeks time or whatever
At this point every participant other than BH2 (who is obviously right next
         to the microphone) becomes incredibly faint so very hard to
don’t know can ya?
I don’t wanna ?????
?????? on the wrong side of the road
wrong side of the road
shoulda seen my father ?? in America ‘cos you gotta drive on the
         right hand side
yeah ??????
yeah in a big intersection you have to go like far over...well we
         were pulled up to these set of lights...and all the cars are going
         past...and the lights turn red and Dad’s just gone shhheung and
         he’s going down the road and all these cars and their face are all
         gone AHHHH grab the wheel and just took it right over...but my
         father’s got one bung eye..he’s got one eye he can’t really see out
         of um and he’s since he’s always been driving on the right hand
         side of the wheel he’s always got the vision he knows exactly how
         far he’s got..when he swapped sides all his vision was different
         and Mum reckons that she was pretty much sitting grabbing on to the
         gear shift because ??????? past the car
‘ts just completely different all the rules are changed
where did you drive on the right hand side? Oh that’s
so when I’m driving ????

no worse ???? the first night ???? the pedestrian crossing ???? had
         to crossing ‘n the cars going the other way
on the wrong side of the road @@
had to pull in back off the street again
scary ????? sort of back in the car yeah no problem
I I could imagine cross county yeah you know it’d be okay but in
         traffic intersections
turning..nah..I just
‘n it’s other things
‘n can you imagine driving in New York on that side of the road
ohh in the city!
?????????????????????????????????????????????????? driving past a cab
         stop and someone walked across ???????????? next day
well that’s like one of the guys that come home from America ???????
         when he gets over here the first thing he does ??? come pick me up
         from the airport he won’t drive here either.hates it
???can’t blame???
Dad said if he ever went back there he’d do that.he said it’s
         actually cheaper instead of getting a taxi it’s cheaper to actually
         hire a limo for the day over’s just that cheap..the limo
         for a day is something like eighty dollars
that was what we were gonna do ‘member?
???when we booked we booked all the airport trips to the hotels
oh okay
yeah so..  found when we got there uh ??? ours anyway
you you’d go outside for a limo
‘n ??? hire a limo yeah for ?? the same price
yeah...yeah like up in Queensland friends of mine went up there just
         for a holiday and they down..they were staying...just on the
         outskirts of Surfers and they were going to Seaworld and Dreamworld
         and all them..they found it cheaper by about a hundred and fifty
         dollars to get a limo for the day than to get the taxis there and
‘ts just incredible
the chauffeurs are nice really nice too ‘cos they said oh yeah you
         know we’ve never really been in a limo so the limo driver went up
         to the beach he pulled over ????? he just sat there and watched
         they were taking photos ‘nd he took a photo of them all sticking
         their head out the sunroof of the limo
oh it was hilarious.some of the photos they brought back
so when they go up

End of tape

1 In these pauses there is another participant speaking really softly but
it’s impossible to tell who it is or what they’re saying
2 extremely too faint to hear