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JC (RF3)
English (Mother can speak French)
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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The informant wasn’t asked where her parents were born, mentions that grandparents were ‘also in the country’ when she visited London, but they could have also been travelling. She does however also mention ‘relatives and friends’ in England. She has been to England and America, and would really like to go back to America and see a lot more of it.
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[u'Interview Starts: Counter 27']
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Interactive Discourse
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Okay REDACTED, can you tell me where you live?
Um I just live next to the school.  Just up that hill.
Right. So you’d walk to school every day.
Yeah and back.
That’s handy.
Mm yeah, but it’s not nice going home up the hill.
Oh right.  It’s a bit of a steep hill, is it?
Not bad though. --
Right. I suppose with all your heavy books and things it makes it a
         bit awkward.
And do you have any brothers and sisters, IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
No, I’m an only child.
Right. Okay.  How do you feel about that?
I like it, um people tell me you know all these problems with
         brothers and sisters, when they’re hanging about, so -
It’s good.
Do you get along very well with your parents?
Um, yeah.  Me and my mum sort of have a lot of fights but we sort of
         we get along.
Yeah.  I suppose it’s fairly typical at your age to think that
         there’s differences in opinion.
Mm, yeah.  Definitely.
Do you think that um people of your parent’s generation understand
         people of your generation?
I think they understand us more than their parents understood them.
         Because sort of their generation was really --  so they sort of
         understand how we can feel, about what we do and stuff.  I suppose
         all parents are sort of a bit their children find them really staid
         and things.
Right.  What about an extended family, IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
         REMOVED.  Do you have any um cousins?
Yep, I’ve got about six cousins, six cousins yeah.  Oh and my
And do you see them regularly?
Um, one set of grandparents I see all the time.  The other one, not
Why?  Do they live far away?
Oh they’re sort of really old and they can’t drive.
Oh I see.
And we can’t be bothered going down to see them.
It’s our fault really.
Mm mm and what did you do during the summer holidays?
Um, sort of we basically just sort of relaxed after school, saw my
         friends a few times, went out and saw a few movies.  I went to um
         Phillip Island for a few days.  That’s about it.
Did you enjoy the hot weather?
No, I hate hot weather.  I much prefer cold.
Everybody seems to be saying that to me lately.  And what about
         Christmas?  Do you have a big Christmas in your family?
Yeah, all the relatives come to our house and mum cooks and that’s
         about it.
Is it an all day thing or --
Um, it’s an all day thing.  They sort of arrive in the morning and
         then go home when the alcohol runs out.
That’s a bit - yeah.
So what time would that be?
Oh, the next morning, sometimes.
Yeah.  And what sort of subjects are you doing at school this year?
Um, well I’ve got a couple of electives like Music and Drama, and
         next semester I’m doing Graphics and Keyboarding but the rest are
         all like you can’t choose them.  Oh, and I’m doing VCE maths.
Okay, so you must like maths, you must be good at it.
No.  My parents think I’m good at it, so, and it’s their decision
Oh right.
It’s pretty hard actually.
Yeah.  So how do you feel about them making that decision for you?
Oh well, I suppose it’s like I want to do Science when I leave school
         so I’ll have to do maths.  It’s better to get it done now because
         that leaves another subject open for next year.
I mean I wanted to do it but now that it’s done, it’s not really
         liking it, so..
So you want to do Sciences when you leave school.
Mm hm.
Have you thought about what sort of Science?
Forensic Science but there really isn’t many career opportunities for
         that so maybe Psychology, that’s an Arts degree, but maybe
         something to do with Psychology, possibly.
Right.  I think you can do Psychology as part of a Science degree,
Right, good.
So have you thought about which university you’d like to go to?
Well, Dad wants me to go to Monash because that’s where he went, but
         I don’t know, whichever.  Local, like in Victoria.
I see.  So there’d be a fair bit of travel involved, wouldn’t there?
Um, yeah, I’d probably, if I got a position in Melbourne I’d probably
         share with one of my friend’s.
Get a flat.
A flat nearby, yeah.  That’ll be handy.  And um what sort of hobbies
         do you have?
Um I play bass, bass guitar. I just started that, a few weeks ago.
How’s it going?
It’s really good.  Yeah, I love it.  And my best well one of my best
         friends plays it as well, and um that’s really good and what else?
         Um, well I read a lot and play a bit of soccer and AFL.
Right.  You’re in a women’s team?
No, just the school.  Just the school.
Right.  Is it a mixed team?
Um, well we don’t have a girls team here so we just some of the young
         girls team but the AFL they don’t have any positions for girls so
         we just sort of muck around with the guys.
And how do you cope playing with the guys?
Um, They’re pretty reluctant to involve you properly because they’re
         afraid of what you know they might do.  So you don’t really get
         into the game properly, but no it’s pretty good.
You get to practice your kicking
Oh yeah.
And handballing
So is there anything that you haven’t done in your life that you’d
         like to do?  I mean, I know you want to do Forensic Science or
Yeah, I’d really like to travel a lot.  I’ve been to England and a
         little bit of America but I’d really like to get back to America
         and see a lot of America.
Right.  Do you speak any languages besides English?
Um, I did Italian um for in primary school for about five years but I
         can’t even remember any of it.
And in Year 7 I did French and Japanese and in Year 8, but I dropped
         it in Year 8 because --
Right.  And what about your parents, do they speak any languages
         besides English?
Um, Mum speaks French, but that’s it.
Where did she learn French?
At school.  Oh, and Dad’s um learning French now.
Oh is see?
Yeah, he started a couple of a year ago.
That’s interesting.  Why is he doing that?
Oh because they’re going to the continent when I leave home. --
So when last time you went overseas did you go with your parents?
And how long ago -
No actually the last time I went I went on my own.
Did you?
But the time before that I went with my parents.
So how long ago was that?
Um last year in June.  June of last year.
Right, and you travelled by yourself?
Yeah, I flew to England.  My grandparents were in the country too, so
         they met me and I sort of stayed with them a bit but we’ve got
         relatives and friends so I stayed with them.
Right?  How did you cope going on the plane by yourself.  It’s a long
Yeah, it’s so boring.  You don’t realise until you’re there on you
         own.  But on the way back I met this girl from Singapore, and she
         was really nice so I kept in touch with her.
That’s good.  So you’ve got a pen pal too.
That’s handy.  What sort of things do you have fights or arguments um
         about with your parents?
Um my friends and we’ve got a we’ve got the internet and my mother
         doesn’t like me going on it as much as I do.  So she’s gets a bit
         upset about that.  But, um oh sometimes sometimes we get into like
         issues and I always have to disagree even though I know they’re
         right. Because but then when I’m with my friends I’ll go with what
         my parents have been saying.  So it’s like, I just sort of test
         them basically.
Well you’ve got loyalty to your friends when you’re talking to your
         parents and loyalty to your parents when you’re talking to your
Yeah.  Definitely.
I don’t think it’s that uncommon.
So, um you said that when you go to uni if you happen to go to
         Melbourne Uni you’ll move into a flat with a friend.  Are you
         looking forward to leaving home?
Yeah. Yeah.  Well, see my mum and I get along better if I’m not
         actually living there.
So, that’s really weird.  Yeah, I am.
And do you intend to have your own family one day?
Yep, definitely.  I’m having two kids.  That’s it.
Right.  And how do you think you’ll relate to them?
Um, I’d rather have girls, I think I’d relate better to girls..
Why’s that?
I can understand them more, I think that would be it.  And um also my
         mum had me and she’s been really good, having just a girl, so and I
         don’t have any experience with boys, not having brothers, so I
         think it would be easier.
You have a little bit of experience with boys don’t you, because you
         go to a co-ed school?
Yeah, I mean like younger -
Oh I see.
Having a younger boy around.
Yep.  You said before that you actually like being an only child.
         Are there any times in your life when you think I’d like to have a
Yes.  Definitely, if I don’t want to talk to my mum about something I
         don’t have anyone else to talk to about it, like if I had an older
         sister I could ask her.
So that’s about the only time.
So you wouldn’t like to have a younger brother or sister.
That’s interesting.  Very good.  And um what’s your favourite subject
         at school?
English or um History is good too.
Why do you like English?
Um, it’s you can be creative and it’s interesting I think the way it
         - the way this language works, it’s a really difficult language so
         it’s interesting how we’re so used to it and words, the way words
         work.  It’s interesting.
It sounds like you’re interested in Linguistics.
Um no.  I don’t even know what it is, so.
Well, linguistics is just the study of language.
Yeah, but that would be other languages as well.
Well it relates across languages, yes, um but if you’re interesting
         in English you can study English.  So there you go, but I’m not
         meant to be doing the talking here.
Oh okay.  Right.
So do you have a best friend, REDACTED, or a
         group of best friends?
Um, a group of best friends.  I did have a best friend last year but
         I swapped classes this year so we sort of separated a bit, and I’ve
         got this other friend in all my classes so she’s now my best friend
         I think.
What sort of things do you like to do with your friends?
Um, go out, see movies and go to parties and just sort of hang around
         with them.  It’s good to like go out somewhere and be with a whole
         group because you can like feel wanted and all that sort of thing.
Mm, what sort of movies have you seen lately?  Seen any good ones?
Um, saw Sleepers.  That was pretty good. Yeah, um Brad Pitt was in it
         I think.  No um Val Kilmer, he was in something.  Yeah, he’s
Do you like Val Kilmer?
Did you see the movie about the lions?
I haven’t seen that yet.  No.
I don’t know if it’s still on.
No it’s probably coming out on video though.
And what about reading.  You like English, do you like reading?
I love reading, yeah.  I love - or - I can’t really decide.
Have you read them more than once?
Yeah, I’ve read - about three times.
It’s because I was an only child, when I was young I sort of  didn’t
         have anyone to play with so I used to read a lot.
And also, like parents when you’re an only child they treat you as
         just another adult, more I think, and so I sort of picked up
         reading from my mum, she’s a real big reader.  I really enjoy it.
Well, I think that bell says it’s time for us to stop.