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MEBH1MB_Sanitised (Text)

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female primary,male,15
British or German
(Mentions a grandmother who died in Australia, but also others who are living in England and Scotland)
British or German
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document : MEBH1MB_Sanitised (Text), Text
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Doesn’t know where his parents were born - says that one was born in Germany and one in England, or maybe both in England. Mentions grandparents in England and Scotland
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[u'*it sounds like the \u2018mate\u2019 that BH1M refers to (ie. BH1MP1f) is actually\nhis sister - may need to check this??']
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Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
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tape with my mate . the time is ... what is the time I don’t have my
         watch on
quarter past seven
quarter past seven in the morning I think we’re up a little early but
         anyway . on a Monday morning the date is the eleventh of August
         ninety-seven we have sitting in the room my mate IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED and my name is REDACTED. so
         how are you today REDACTED
all right I suppose
that’s good
tired . still tired from last night or
had a tiring week this week?
don’t be a smart arse OK you can speak
um well I need to get this done quickly coz
do you have any questions
questions . not really
oh yeah by the way this um this cassette tape will be floating around
         Monash for five years but they’ll erase your name and stuff so it
         doesn’t really matter about that um .. so yeah well and you’re not
         getting paid for it but I am
that sucks
oh well that’s the way life goes . sit down Bitty . by the way we’ve
         got our pet dog in the room at the same time ... Ank . Anchor ...
         come on you’ve got to speak REDACTED. this is
         for Monash
((pause in taping))
OK we’re back now we just had a little delay because we had to go get
         ready for school and the time is I have got my watch on now .
         twenty-five to eight .. in the room with me is still myself and my
         mate REDACTED. how’s it going IDENTIFYING
pretty good
um .. what would you like to talk about today
um .. the weather . it is poring down outside and . oh  we’re
         going to have to stand at the bus stop . waiting for the bus and
         get drenched through
ah huh . what’s this in my sock as I’m putting it on . I do believe
         it’s a bit of tissue but I can only find out .. it is um yeah so
         ... how’s your week been
pretty good
you’ve got a busy week coming up this week haven’t you
yep .. um .. yeah I suppose I’ve got volleyball and
‘Godspell’ ... um for the record . REDACTED’s
         doing ‘Godspell’ this week four out of the six days this week .
         Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday OK it goes only 40 dollars oh
         that was the cat jumping over the cord for those that want to know
         um it’s only 8 dollars a adult and what is it for children?
six bucks for children and twenty-eight dollars
twenty-eight dollars
for a family
yep . and where is it held?
at REDACTED at the back of IDENTIFYING
situated on REDACTED for all those people
         wanting to come yes and you can buy tickets at the door . what time
         does it start
seven thirty
good to see . Britty! . OK how long have we got to go oh we’ve still
         got ten minutes . ten minutes
um ...

it’s a bit hard talking in front of a microphone with a mate . not
         much we can say decent ..
do you have any questions
not really . I suppose all those Monash who’ll be listening to
         our boring conversation
yep for five minutes
are thinking how on earth can those people do that
five years sorry not five minutes

just think your mug of a voice will be on here
your grizzly voice will be on here
((cough)) yep ((sniff)) um
OK I can’t wait till this is over so I can listen to it and
         laugh my head off
you won’t get to listen to it will you . I don’t think so
yeah I suppose I’ll have to go to school unless when we’ve
         already missed the bus oh well
no we haven’t missed the bus . we’ve got another ten minutes if we
         run like the wind
yeah and we’ll probably slip on our arse coz it’s so cold and
         wet outside and it’s raining and I’ll bet you it will hail today
         and I’ve got sport of course today . I always have sport on the
         rainy days oh well ... um so what have you got today IDENTIFYING
I’m not sure what classes I’ve got coz I’ve left my diary at school
I’m sure it’ll be a productive school school day for me
@ um ... well ... I suppose .. um ... whatdyou what did you
         have for breakfast?
well I had a nutritious two pieces of toast . two Anzac biscuits and
         a coffee
biscuits this early in the morning
well what did I have I had two pieces of toast and a coffee
         that’s it yeah
I wouldn’t call that very nutritious

you didn’t have the junk food in there . yeah well so what about you
         . how’s your school days going to be this week
well they’re going to be very very busy and . he’s clawing the
         floor so cat! Stop it . um it’s going to be busy coz
‘Godspell’ and I’ve got saxophone and I’ve got .. heaps of
         stuff at school
so you’re just the productive person
you’re like Miss Bouquet on “Keeping Up Appearances”
Bucket . um
oh um um um um
nearly time now
oh OK I was just going to tell a joke all right . there’s this
         little girl and she’s sitting on the white cliffs of Dover looking
         over her prayers . she goes there day after day after day and one
         day this pigeon came down and said ‘little girl little girl why do
         you sit here and look so sad’ and um the little girl said ‘well
         pigeon I want to be a ballerina and the best schools are in France’
         but because she’s poor she can’t go there and she’s really sad
         about this and the pigeon said ‘all right little girl have faith in
         me and I’ll come back to you in a couple of days’ so days went by
         and the pigeon came back and said ‘little girl little girl if you
         have faith in me follow me down the white cliffs’ and so she said
         ‘all right them’ and she followed him down to the um to the edge of
         the the
yeah sea and there was this raft sitting there and the pigeon
         said again ‘little girl if you have faith in me jump on the raft’
         so um she jumped on the raft and all of a sudden all these pigeons
         came down and they all had pieces of string in their mouths so she
         tied all the string around the raft and the pigeons started taking
         her off towing her out to sea right and one by one the strings
         broke and eventually there was none left and a big wave came and
         crashed on the little girl and she drowned . you know what the
         moral of this story is? You never become a great ballerina if
         you’re pigeon toed . I think that’s quite funny
I wouldn’t . I think it’s pathetic ((sniff)) well I think time is up
         I’m not too sure because we had that big break yeah I’d say time is
         up right about now um these are to all the Monash people g’day
peace man
adios amigos