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male female primary,male,15
British or German
(Mentions a grandmother who died in Australia, but also others who are living in England and Scotland)
British or German
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Small Group
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Face to Face
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MEBH1MA_Sanitised (Text), Text
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Doesn’t know where his parents were born - says that one was born in Germany and one in England, or maybe both in England. Mentions grandparents in England and Scotland
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Interactive Discourse
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.. the tenth of
ninety-seven . and the time is nine o’clock my name’s IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED. tape with my parents .. well people in the room
my name’s REDACTED
my name is REDACTED
and we’re the REDACTED family
part of the REDACTED family
part of . always corrected by my Mum . just the way she is
that’s what Mum’s are for
.. um . well basically I’d just be asking some questions and you guys
         will just be having a normal conversation . as we would any other
         day  just . no pressure or anything that there’s a microphone
         staring right at you in front of you .. that’s about all there is
         to say
OK REDACTED well what would you like to
do we go in the normal subjects and how you’re always in
         trouble  or do we do you want other subjects
ah other subjects would be nice
other subjects
but school I don’t mind
school how’s school going
school’s going OK . I’m trying hard
are you
well go on REDACTED you’re supposed ask
         the questions
I don’t have to ask ask the questions it’s just a conversation
OK what would you like to talk about
.. let’s talk about politics ...
OK .. Australian politics or global politics
lets talk about .. politics to do with immigration
well you start it off
your thoughts on Pauline Hanson
... problematic .. she .. I think too many people take .. to
         heart what she has to say without looking at the real issues and I
         think Pauline Hanson whitewashes the issues .. doesn’t look at the
         real meaning of what she’s talking about . but then again I haven’t
         been and actually listened to Pauline Hanson I’ve only seen what’s
         on the media and perhaps the media reports unfairly . so it’s
         really difficult to say you shouldn’t judge people unless you can .
         really sit down and listen to what they have to say . and make a
         judgement by listening to all sides of the argument . and I think
         that’s the problem we don’t listen to all sides of the argument
         we’re listening to the media coverage on Pauline Hanson
OK . Dad any other thoughts?
I think that everybody has the right to say and . feel what
         they want and I think that everybody is entitled to free speech the
         thing that annoys me is that when the the you have these
         demonstrations and ah people go along and abuse and carry on and I
         thought the Australian way was to to be able to speak your mind ..
         um she has just as much right to to have an opinion to something as
         everybody else and she needs to be respected for that
mm hm . what do you guys think about the One Party Nation
well I think REDACTED you’re not really
         sure about what that question means and I think if you want
         opinions from us what you should do is a little bit more reading
         and establish what One Party Nation means and then ask the question
what do you feel about One Party na- . what what do you see the
         polic- the policies of ah that particular party to be
um .. I can’t really say because of Mum was saying . I don’t read up
         enough on it
yeah but you’ve seen things in the media . how do you feel
         about that
well I’ve got a lot of friends who are Asian and I . I say if they’re
         bringing in money to the economy so be it
but is that all people are good for . to bring money into the
         economy REDACTED?
no I wouldn’t say that is all people are good for but . Asians should
         be treated like Australians Aborigines and everybody else I think
         .. Australia is .. a cultural society
what is a cultural society?
mixed group
well we’re a mixed cultural society IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
and so you reckon that everybody has the same rights as all the
does that also apply then when when Australians go overseas do
         they have the same rights as everybody else
I think I think they should but I think some of them . I think one
         of the reasons why people are coming over here is coz overse- we’ve
         got it easy compared to overseas in economy wise we’re a cheaper
         country . to to live in but also .. laws and regulations are a lot
         . a . lot less stricter
well we’re not a cheap country to live in .. but human rights
         issues perhaps you know we follow human rights issues a lot more
         closely to what we should . and a lot of nations do
but again that’s something that you really need to study on and
         really look into so that you can make a qualified judgement on that
         . so you’ve got a lot of newspaper reading and current affairs
         reading to do and also look at some more history before you can
         make your judgements
mm hm . you guys got any questions for me
oh not really REDACTED. no this is . it’s
         pretty hard to just come up with questions like that I mean during
         the day I ask you questions about all sorts of things
but when you’re put in front of a microphone it’s pretty hard
well . how have you guys been coping this week
how have we been coping . not too badly but very stressed out .
         it’s been a very busy week
I agree with your mother it has been a very busy week but we
         get through . week by week
and next week will be even busier and I’ll just be glad when
         August is over and done with and you kids are on school holidays
         and we can all sort of sit back for a week or two and relax and not
         have all the running around to do and trying to get projects in and
         things done and . and we can all just take a breather for a while
well I’ll agree on that
just think of the amount of work that you have to do between
         now and then
um . I’m trying my hardest to catch up this term .. what are you guys
         how do you guys feel about . buying a block of land up in Inverloch
         and buying a house
oh well I’m .. excited about . having some sort of investment
but it’s also a worrying time because you have to think about
         what that means um economically to you at the at the moment and you
         don’t want to get too involved in something and um you know you’ve
         just got to be very careful and you have to look at all the
         different things when you’re buying something and you have to work
         out what is best not only for yourself but for the whole family
so it’s exciting but it’s also a bit of a worry and there’s a
         lot of running around to do to make sure that you get everything
         done properly
yep fair enough . Dad?
yeah very much the same I think that you just have to be
         extremely careful about how you commit yourself financially wise
         because um . in times when it’s tough  you still need to get by and
         when times are good and the times
but do you think do you think this investment will grow on us
well if we didn’t think it was a worthwhile investment we
         wouldn’t be going into it REDACTED
and it’s something we’ve thought about for a while so we’ve
         just decided now is probably a good time to do it
the one thing about having an investment down in Inverloch I
         mean it’s somewhere where we can go and for a holiday and something
         that even you you kids if you want to can use it in the future
mm hm so does that mean when we’re a bit older we’ll get our own key
         to the property and be able to throw big big parties
look I don’t know about that REDACTED but
         the investment is not just a financial one it’s an investment in
         the family being able to stay together for many years to come . we
         hope that we’ll have this property in many years time and that you
         and your family will be able to come and visit and want to come
         down and spend weekends with us there and it’ll be a base where
         everyone can get away and relax and still keep the family
         connections . rather than everyone goes off all the time in
         separate ways and you know we’re hoping this’ll be just a real
         centre for the families . and not just a financial thing certainly
         you know when Dad and I have passed away well that’ll still be
         there for you to use or to sell if you feel that’s what you need to
         do at that stage . but it’s a long term thing and you know we’ll
         just have to wait and see how much use we get out of it and what we
         do with it and you know we might not get a lot of use out of it .
         if we don’t get a lot of use it’s a financial investment . if we do
         get a lot out well that’s great but it’s more than just looking at
         the finances it’s a way of . trying to ensure that there’s always
         something there for the family to come to and to relax and have a
         little bit of social life and when things get too stressful
         somewhere to just go away and get away from the hustle and bustle
         of the city and things like that
so how do you feel about it REDACTED
um I can’t really say how I feel about it because I haven’t seen the
         finished product
neither have we but
no but the idea of of having somewhere to go
I reckon it’s fine because that way if I’m ever in trouble at home
         when I’m say nineteen . and I’ve got work but I’ve got holidays and
         I’m just getting in trouble at home just hop in the car drive down
         there for the weekend to let you guys cool off
@@ so you you plan on
@@ well that’s not really the idea
do you plan on getting into a lot of trouble when you’re
no I don’t plan on getting in a lot of trouble but trouble as you
         know through my years trouble has a tendency to look for me
oh does it
oh OK
you don’t give it directions?
no . I don’t try to no
anyway . we’ll see what happens
so what have you got planned for the week IDENTIFYING MATERIAL
work work and more work
what sort of work
catch up work and all of the above . all of the above
all of the above what . be more specific in about what you’re
         going to do try and plan out what you’re going to do
basically . get all my homework in and . catch up on work that needs
         doing if there is any
OK well it’s going to be a tough week so you know we’re going
         to be out a fair bit and we’ve a lot to do
but we’ve all got a lot of commitments this week and it’s going
         to be hard to get some family time together
especially with REDACTED and ‘Godspell’  and
yeah so you
what nights are you guys going
Thursday night and REDACTED’s going .
         REDACTED’s parents are going Friday is it
something like that
or Saturday I’m not sure
so you know we’re just going to have to really try and get some
         time together of a weekend since we’re not going to have a lot of
         quality time as a family through the week this week . and it’s up
         to each one of us to do what we’re responsible for so just make
         sure you get everything done that needs to be done without us
         getting on your back
I intend to
anyway . have we just about used up our time IDENTIFYING
well we started at nine and we’re just coming up to fifteen minutes
five more minutes of torture . do you mean we have to talk to
         you for five more minutes
I’m getting sick of you guys voices
 oh it’s not very pleasant having to sit and talk in a
or listen to Dad through a microphone considering he’s done it for
         many years
no . so you’re going to get your school work done this week?
I am
you sure?
have you planned out what you’re going to have to do?
I can’t really plan out all what I’m going to do this weekend this
         week because I’m not sure what I’m going to do be doing
well the thing is though that it’s
I’ve got my paper round to do through the week
no but you still have to plan out you need to know what you’re
         going to do beforehand so that you can get it done . if you just
         wait until you get something and say ‘oh well I’d better do this’
         it’ll never get done or you’ll never get the amount of work done
         that you need to get done .. so you should understand that
you should always have goals REDACTEDwith what you’re doing
I’ve always got goals
for your short term and your long term . so you really need to
         have a weekly plan . and know what you’re doing and where you’re
         going with it . and everything else should be fitted into it
yeah OK weekly plan I’ve got tennis Friday nights . tennis this
         Saturday . morning . coming up . ah .. maybe ball room dancing
         Friday night after tennis depends how I go . it’s a big maybe .
         church Sunday morning and the rest of the time is either paper run
         or homework .. after school
well you just mentioned about three or four things which you
         can feel comfortable with because they’re planned items that you’re
         going to do you know you’re going to have to do them
if you could feel that confident about your school work would
         that help you . if you knew that for instance by Monday or like
         today with this tape if you knew by Monday you have to hand this
         tape in to to um to qualify for whatever might be the tape before
         then you’ve got a situation where you can get it done like if you
         had the same the same ideas or the same planning to go with the
         rest of your school work it wouldn’t be a problem because you’d
         know OK come Tuesday you have to do English and Maths come
         Wednesday you have to do Science and RE or whatever the other
         subjects are so you’d be able to handle it in small little chunks
         subsequently getting the whole um of the work done . comfortably .
         people don’t plan to fail they plan to fail they fail to plan
mm hm
do you understand what that means
ah people don’t people don’t 
people never
people don’t want to fail but they don’t sometimes they don’t have a
         choice they don’t plan ahead enough to stop that
the people that’s exactly right people um who um plan their
         lives out and get things done then in a lot of cases they don’t
         fail in the overall picture but people who never plan drift along
         and in a lot of cases they just fail
so it’s a very important idea that you plan out what you should
         be doing
and I think on that note we’ve probably quite gone long enough
         on this
we have coming up to twenty minutes
yeah well but you had we had we had to stop for
no that’s fine that’s long that’s long enough
so I think you can pack this up now and get yourself organised
         it’s getting late . and um get yourself ready for tomorrow
yeah sure
OK and that’s the end of this interview.