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MEBH1M2_Sanitised (Text)

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British or German
JC (RF3)
(Mentions a grandmother who died in Australia, but also others who are living in England and Scotland)
British or German
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Small Group
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Face to Face
Related Document : MEBH1M2_Sanitised (Text), Text
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Doesn’t know where his parents were born - says that one was born in Germany and one in England, or maybe both in England. Mentions grandparents in England and Scotland
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Interactive Discourse
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alright REDACTED um since I last saw you um I
       believe you’ve had work experience and also you’ve had school
       holidays . what did you get up to in work experience?
um I worked for a company called Carrier Luke, I worked on their
       mainframe computers doing some (?) drawings for them
right, what do they do?
um they’re an American company that sell the large air conditioners
       for the shopping centres
and they um install and manufacture (?)
ooh, and how did you get on to them?
um dad dad’s got one of them as a client for his work
and for how many days?
I worked there for four days, it was about I think 7.6 hours I think
per day?
yeah did you enjoy it?
um yeah it was good for the money it was anyway
oh you got paid, does everybody get paid when you do work experience?
yeah everyone gets minimum of five dollars unless it’s a charitable
       company or something
minimum or five dollars a day or?
yeah minimum or five dollars a day
right I see
not average wage
yeah, well that’s alright and what about the holidays?
mm, I dunno if I remember the holidays
it seems so long ago
um I don’t remember the holidays at all
do you have holidays coming up?
yeah got four weeks left of this school then holidays then school
       after that for two weeks
right do you plan to do anything over the holidays?
play it by
work, yeah
what do you mean work
um, paper round
oh ok, do you get up early to do that?
nah, I just do it as soon as I get home from school
right so do you deliver, what is it the afternoon papers or the local
the local paper and pamphlets like junk mail and stuff
right . yeah . on your bike?
just walk
walk yeah
how long does it take?
‘bout hour and a half, gotta do two hundred and seven’y houses
mm, and how many days do you do that?
about five out of the seven days
right, so it’s pretty demanding, isn’t it?
yeah it takes . it’s, it takes a lot of energy, you can do it, like
       if your sick you can’t do it coz like you haven’t got enough energy
       to do the whole round but
yeah so
yeah and it pays ok?
yeah, yeah it’s, I reckon it’s a bit more than average wage for
       working for an hour, I work for an hour and a half and I get about
       I’m only working for an hour and a half and it’s about thirty
that’s pretty good . thirty dollars a day
yeah a whole round
that’s pretty good, yeah and what about when you get to a letterbox
       that says no junkmail and no advertising material?
ohh, I well I just have to deliver the paper and take the junk mail
       with us
yeah does it annoy you?
yeah it does when you’ve got the paper and the junk mail together
yeah . are there many letterboxes like that?
oh there’s about twen’y in the whole round
right, yeah . and are you ever tempted to just put it in anyway?
mm no coz they actually ring up the company and abuse the company and
       we don’t get paid
oh ok . yeah, oh well, well look we’ll start on the reading part of
       the interview
what I need you to do is just go down these senteces, don’t worry
       about nineteen, from one to eighteen, and jsut read them out aloud
       as you normally would
even the numbers?
if you want to read the numbers you can but you don’t have to
questions word list number one
Δ( δΙγ(ζ φαΥν ΔΙ (Υπ(⊃ σι⎤μΘκσΙδενσ ω(⊃ ηΘπΗ(νΔΙ ΘΙδΖδ (π(ι⎤σΙΘΙτ ?((⊃ κ(μϕ←⎤νΙκΘΙΣνζ1 (α⎤Δ( ΔΘν μεμ(ΥζΔ( μΘ⎤ν Ιν Δ( κϕ←⎤ νϕ←⎤ ηι⎤ ω(ζ ωΘΙ ωΘΙστΙΝ ηΙζ τΗαΙμΔ( π?τ| η?⊃δ( ω?ζ ηΙζ κ(Ισμ(σ λι γΙφτμι⎤γ(ν β(?⎤τ| Ιν ( πε⎤(?ϖ λεΔ( β←⎤τσ Θν πΥτ| Δεμ Ιν Δ( (℘γ ?ν⎤ Δ( (℘γϕ←⎤ κ(ν (Ι⎤ηιτ πΘλΘΙ φ( τΗι⎤στΕ⊃α ηΘδ τωΙν β?Ιζ (νδ| Δεν ( λΙΡλ? γ∈⎤⊃( ωεν τ( βαΙ σ(μ λΙλΙζ⎤ (ϖ Δ( ϖΘ⊃Ικωι⎤νζλΘν ναΥ πλΘΙζ Ιν μ μ((←⎤ν νϕ←⎤ σαΥΤ ωΘΙ⊃ζ Ιν σκαΙ βλ←⎤ Θν ϖΙκτ?⎤(Ιϕα
       Ιν δα⎤κ βλ←⎤αΙ π(Ιφ∈⎤ φ(αΙδΘΙζ τ( μ℘νδΘΙζ Θν σΘτ|δΘΙζ τ( σ℘νδΘιζηαΥ ?Υ⊃δ⎨ δ←⎤ ϕ←⎤ ηΘφ τ( βι τ( γετ π((ϖΙΖν?(⊃ δ(αΙϖΙΝ λαΙσενσεσ Ιν
       (στΣ(ΘΙϕααΙ Θσϕ←⎤μ ΔΘτ βΘΙσΙκλΙ (αΙτ β(τ Θτ λι⎤σ Δε⎤ζ ν(Υ κ?ντ((ϖ∈⎤σΙ (Υϖ( (βαΥτ|
       Δ( β?Ιζ (δ(εσ ηΙ λΙϖζ ηι⎤ϕ(ω?(| πι⎤π(⊃ νι⎤δ Ιζ ϖ(ΥκΘΙΣν?(λ εδΖ(κΘΙΣν?δ← ϕ←⎤ ν(Υ πι⎤π(⊃ ωΙΤ δΙφ((ν (ι⎤δΖ(ν(⊃ ΘκσΙδενσ ? Θκσενσ?ν αΥ τΥ(∏ (ϖ Δ( μ℘(Ι (Ιϖ( ωΙ ω?τΣτ β∈⎤δζ κ?⎤τ| σ(μ β(Ιμ Θν αΔ( φΙΣ Θν
       τΣ(αΙδ σ(μ (κω?τ⁄Ικ σπ?⎤τσ  ωι ωεντ⎨ τ←⎤ ( κΘτ⁄λ? ?κΣν? (ν ω(ν δΘΙ
       ωι φαΥνδ σ(μ σμ?⎤⊃ σ?⊃τ λΘΙκ φαΥνδ ΘΙ σμ?⎤⊃ σ?⊃τ λΘΙκτεΙκ ι⎤Δ( Δ( σεϖεντΗΙτΗ←⎤ φ(?μ μ?⊃ϖ(ν ?⎤ ΔΙ Θιτ φ((μ ηαΙ στΣ(ι⎤τ ΔΘΙ β(ΥΤ
       γ(Υ τ←⎤ σω?νστ(ν ω?⎤κσΙτ⁄Ι μεν τΣ(αδΙΣν?(⊃Ι ω?⎤ β?Υ⊃( ηΘτσ β(τ ΔΘΙ Δε⎤ ϖε(Ι (ε⎤ ναΥβι ΘΙ δ℘βλ? ελ ΘΙ α∏ ΘΙ τιδ℘βλ? (Υ δι εν ΘΙ δι Θι δ℘βλ? τι ΘΙηΘΙτΣ (Υ α∏ εσ ηΘΙτΣ ΘΙ εμβι⎤τ β←⎤τ σεΙ σ(Υ ηαΙ ηαΥ π?τ φι( ηε⎤ κα⎤ β?⎤ τΥ( βαΙ τ?Ι πΙν ℘ ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ℘ ∪σελ αΥτ  ∪σελΙΝ   ℘ ∪γετΗ℘π   ℘ ∪γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ κα⎤  ℘ ∪σετΗ ℘π
       ℘ ∪σελ℘π   τ← πΥ⊃℘π πΥ⊃ ∪αΥτ   τ← σελ ℘πφΙΣ  ∪πΥ⊃ αΥτ  ∪σελ αΥτ  ∪σελΙΝ   ∪γετ℘π   ∪γετ⁄ (ωΘΙ κα⎤   ∪σετ⁄ ℘π
       ∪σελ℘π   πΥ⊃ ∪αΥτ