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British or German
JC (RF3)
(Mentions a grandmother who died in Australia, but also others who are living in England and Scotland)
British or German
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Small Group
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Face to Face
Related Document : MEBH1M1_Sanitised (Text), Text
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Doesn’t know where his parents were born - says that one was born in Germany and one in England, or maybe both in England. Mentions grandparents in England and Scotland
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Interactive Discourse
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Now, REDACTED. Could you tell me your name
My name’s REDACTED. I’m -
I’m fifteen years old.
How do I spell your surname?
Right okay. And you’re fifteen. Okay what subjects are you doing
Ah, English, Maths, Science, VCE Info Tech, Industry and Enterprise,
That’s about it.
And do you enjoy those subjects?
Oh most of them, some of them get boring at times.
I suppose you get more choice next year?
Yeah. Have you thought about what you’d like to choose?
Oh, not really. I want to drop a couple like maths.
I want to drop English but I can’t.
And um what about when you finish school? Have you thought about what
         you’d like to do?
Mm, I’d like to become either a computer programmer or an architect
         or draftsman.
Right, so do you think what you drop now is if you want to be one of
         those? Yeah.
Might have to persevere with it. Yeah. So where do you live
Okay, and um have you got any brothers and sisters?
I’ve got a sister, her name’s REDACTED. My
         parents’ names are REDACTED and IDENTIFYING
And is your sister older or younger?
Younger than me by a year.
Okay. Does she go to this school too?
Yeah, she’s in Year 8 now.
Okay, so you’re two years ahead of her at school.
Yeah, at school.
Right. And were your parents born in Australia?
Um, I don’t know really. I think-
You don’t know.
I don’t think they were. I think they were born one was in Germany
         and one was England or both of them England. And they came over
         here on one of the ships.
Oh I see. So they came over here when they were young?
Yeah. So do you speak any languages other than English?
Not really. I learnt Eng- um French and Japanese in Years 7 and 8 but
         I dropped them because they take up too much time.
Yep, sure. Okay, um well, of all the subjects that you do at school,
         you were telling me a bit about them before, which one is your
         favourite one?
Um, Info Tech and Keyboarding, the computer subjects.
Right, okay, so your goal to be a computer programmer is manifested
         in what you do. Do you use a computer a lot at home?
Um, oh I probably use a computer at least two hours every week at
Do you? What sort of things do you do on it?
Just um word processing, databases, games.
And are you connected to the Internet?
No we’re not. We’re looking at getting it when it comes out on Foxtel
         because we’ve got that as well.
How long is that going to take before it comes out?
Um, well when we first got it they said it was going to come out in
         January but it still hasn’t come out so we’re not too sure.
Right um well I bet you’re looking forward to that.
Yeah, it should be good, --
Do you have any other hobbies REDACTED?
Um, I play tennis, I used to play soccer and basketball at one stage
         and..I like most sports.
So do you play tennis regularly?
Yeah I play tennis on Friday nights and then I also play a match on
         Saturdays, most Saturdays until the season’s over.
Right. Okay, and anything besides sport? Do you have any hobbies
         besides computers and sport?
Not really. Oh I like I don’t know if you’d call it sport I like
         surfing and body boarding.
Yeah, that’s sport. How often do you get to do that?
Only once a month but -
What about over summer?
Oh. I do it a lot more over summer than winter.
What did you do during the summer holidays?
Stayed home.
Yeah? Did you enjoy the hot weather?
Not really. I like cold weather better, it’s better for sleeping.
Yeah. It’s a bit exhausting isn’t it? And um did you have a big
         Christmas in your family?
Um, usually we get together with both sides of the family, one is
         usually either on Christmas Day or the night before, the other is
         usually on Boxing Day.
Do you have a large family? I mean your extended family?
Um, as far as I know that’s in Australia we’ve got fifteen members of
         the family in Australia but there’s more overseas in England and
         Scotland. That’s going through my grandparents family as well.
Right. Have you ever been over there?
No, I’ve never been out of Australia, the furthest I’ve been is
Oh I see. Would you like to travel overseas?
Yeah, I’d love to go to America or Argentina.
Yeah. What’s the attraction in Argentina?
The soccer.
The soccer, right. So you enjoy watching the soccer?
Who do you follow?
Oh. Probably Argentina.
Right okay. And do you follow any soccer locally?
Um, not really. I my cousin plays soccer for a girls team in Berwick.
         I know I keep up with her and ask her what she won and stuff but
         like Liverpool, Everton I think that’s about it.
Right. That’s good. So do you have a best friend IDENTIFYING
         MATERIAL REMOVED? Or do you have many friends?
Oh, I’ve got a couple of friends, yeah.
Not a lot but a couple.
So the one’s you’ve got are good friends rather than having many um -
Okay, I see what you mean. And what sort of things do you like doing
         with your friends?
Oh, just playing sport, mucking around at school.
Yeah. What you enjoy doing. What about movies? Have you seen any good
         movies lately?
Not really, the last movie I went to was when Independence Day came
         out. That was a long time ago.
Right. Was that good?
Oh yeah, it could have been a bit better.
Yeah? What would you have like them to have done to make it better?
More action in it.
Right. You like action.
Yeah. Are you interested in the Star Wars trilogy which is coming out
Oh, I don’t really know, because I’ve seen the three of them that was
         already out originally.
Right. On video?
I don’t know what the big difference is.
I think the big difference is that it’s on a big screen. Does that
         tempt you?
Not really.
No. Right. Do you ever have rows with your sister or your parents?
Oh, my sister I occasionally have a bit of a fight with but it blows
         over pretty quickly when my parents have a say.
What sort of things do you normally argue about?
I don’t know. My parents nag me about homework.
...I don’t know, just normal things that everyone argues about.
Yep, just normal family things. Have you ever been in hospital?
No, I’ve never been in hospital.
Have you ever visited anybody in hospital?
Yeah, I’ve visited my grandparents, my...grandma when she was about
         to die in hospital.
Right, so um what did you think of the hospital?
I don’t really know. She got well looked after, more well looked
         after than people at home usually.
Right. So you were quite impressed by her care. That’s good. Do you
         think that um your generation actually understands the younger
         generations? So the people your grandparents age understand people
         your parents age?
I reckon they could be bit more lenient to us because they said that
         they had such a hard time when they were back at school and they
         don’t realise they think we’ve got it easy but we’ve still got it
         quite hard.
Yeah. What about somebody in your parents generation? Do you think
         they understand your generation?
They’re a bit better but they’re still from what I can see they say
         that they try not to be like their parents but I don’t think
         anybody can be not like their parents --
Yeah. What do you thing you’ll be like if you become a parent?
I’d try to be easy on the kid if I was a parent but I don’t really
         know, I couldn’t tell --
Yeah, It’s not something you’ve thought about?
Yeah. So you haven’t thought about having children? Plenty of time
         for that. So when you say that you’d like to be a um computer
         programmer I guess you’d have to go to university to do that?
You can either go to university or TAFE.
Have you thought about where you’d like to go?
I’d love to ah go up to the one in Sale maybe, the university up in
         Sale. Or maybe Dandenong TAFE, or the local Monash which is up in
What’s the attraction of the place in Sale?
It just, I’ve heard a lot, I haven’t really seen it, I’ve heard a lot
         about it. It’s meant to be big or something. You can stay on site
         there -- I’m not too sure.
You’d probably have to wouldn’t you if you --
Yeah. What do you think of moving out of home? When you’re that age,
         I mean.
Well, I’d rather I’d love to but it would be a bit hard because
         unless I’ve got a job as well as going to university I couldn’t
         support myself and I’d need to live off my parents also.
Yeah. It’s quite expensive isn’t it? And by the time you’re that age
         you’ll probably want money. Mmm, do you know what sort of things
         your sister likes doing?
Yeah, she’s into dancing and stuff. She’s in the school production,
         she likes playing the saxophone, she’s got a job in a saxophone
         ensemble. If she gets asked she’ll play in the big band for the
Do you have a musical instrument?
Um, at the moment I’m learning guitar. I’ve only been learning for a
         month now but -
Are you enjoying it?
Yeah, I’ve learnt quite a few instruments. I used to learn the guitar
         but I stopped because I was only about 8 or 9 and I had no interest
         in it. Now I have. --
Right, okay. Well if somebody came to Melbourne, a visitor, and this
         person was a non-Australian what would you describe to that person
         about Melbourne? How would you describe Melbourne to that person?
Never go anywhere without your sunglasses or an umbrella.
Why do you say that?
Because you can never tell if it’s going to rain or be sunny.
Well how would you describe an Australian Year 10 student? Typical
         Australian Year 10 student, if there is such a thing?
Look out for the rude arrogant ones, and try to make friends with the
         nice peaceful ones.
So there are certainly rude arrogant ones you think?
Right. Do you enjoy going to school here?
Yeah, I like it. It’s very strict compared to some schools. That’s
         why it’s quite good because I mean it keeps you on line.
All right REDACTED. Well I think we’ve asked
         enough questions.