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GCSAusE40 (Raw)

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participant,GCSAusE40 - Participant 1,53 participant,GCSAusE40 - Participant 2,47
Contributor :
Maria Sartsies
Date transcribed :
16 September 2015
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two befriended nurses who are colleagues at a Greek aged care home in Brisbane. Conversation about family events and visiting Greece.
Ethics approval number :
Participants :
Miriam (53, Greece, female, L1 Greek, L2 English, GR, Undergraduate, Nurse) Ema (47, Greek, female, L1 Greek, L2 English, GR, Undergraduate, Nurse)
Transcribers :
Maria Sartsies (April, 2015)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
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Interactivity :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 02 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
April 2015
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Transcript length :
916 words, 4,645 characters (with spaces), 127 lines (0:00-5:02)

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Transcript Coversheet
|                                       |Data                                                                       |
|Title                                  |GCSAusE40                                                                  |
|Number of people                       |2                                                                          |
|Description                            |A transcribed conversation between two befriended nurses who are colleagues|
|                                       |at a Greek aged care home in Brisbane. Conversation about family events and|
|                                       |visiting Greece.                                                           |
|Participants                           |Miriam (53, Greece, female, L1 Greek, L2 English, GR, Undergraduate, Nurse)|
|                                       |Ema (47, Greek, female, L1 Greek, L2 English, GR, Undergraduate, Nurse)    |
|Date of recording                      |April 2015                                                                 |
|Place of recording                     |Brisbane                                                                   |
|Length of recording                    |5 minutes 02 seconds                                                       |
|Contributor of recording               |Maria Sartsies                                                             |
|Length of transcript                   |916 words, 4,645 characters (with spaces), 127 lines (0:00-5:02)           |
|Number of pages                        |5                                                                          |
|Transcribers                           |Maria Sartsies (April, 2015)                                               |
|Date transcription last modified       |16 September 2015                                                          |
|Creator                                |Michael Haugh                                                              |

1     E:    You work tomorrow?

2     M:    Tomorrow morning they have church.

3     E:    Oh really?

4     M:    Tomorrow they have church for communion for Easta for the

5     Greek Easta?

6     E:    ↑O::kay,

7     M:    So it’s gonna be a busy morning.

8     E:    Oka::y,

9     M:    Have you ever come to church here↑(1.0)in the morning?

10    E:    When I used to work mo:rning at the beginning yes. but not

11    now because now all my shift is afternoon.

12    M:    mmm::, [it’s very]=

13    E:           [so I]

14    M:    = nice actually

15    E:    really?=

16    M:    =it’s very nice

17    E:    oka::y,

18    M:    all the residents sit down in front there waiting for the

19          prIest to co::me and they get communion,

20    E:    ◦Okay=

21    M:    =it’s really nice=

22    E:    =↑Aww that’s why Agatha tonight she said [to me she’s]

23          fasting

24    M:                                              [hhhhhhhhhhh]=

25    M:    =poo:r darling she didn’t want to eat anything with oil in

26          it nothing because she’s fasting?

27    E:    oka::y,

28    M:    yea::h it’s special for us easta iz-iz a special time(1.2)all

29          our families get together we get Easta eggs and we get(1.0)

30          tsoure:kia hhhhhh

31    E:    you working o::::[n ] Saturday?

32    M:                     [no]=

33    E:    =no Sunday?=

34    M:    =no i’ve got good Friday off=

35    E:    =ohh::=

36    M:    =and Saturday and Sunday off(.)and Sunday is my ↑Birthday.

37    E:    oh really?↑

38    M:    ye::ah=

39    E:    =and how old-how [old are you?]

40    M:                     [I’m an old] woman six-fifty three↑

41    E:    ↑oh:: my goodness and you looks only forty.

42    M:    oh::: ge:: that’s why you my friend.

43    E:    Are you going to make a pArty?↑

44    M:    no=

45    E:    =no you should make one celebrate party=

46    M:    =no easta and birthday parties too much easta is enough

47         (1.3)

48    E:    me always um: I used to make on my birthday party Miriam big

49          party.

50    M:    what↑ did you cook yourself or the family did it?

51    E:    [no]

52    M:    [no] I’m not gonna cook for myself=

53    E:    =I cook some food but the most( )take away

54    M:    mm::

55    E:    like catering not take away catering.=

56    M:    -↑A ye:ah

57    E:    =in my country they used to make like that.

58    M:    when I turned fifty my kids had a surprise for me (1.0) but I

59          wasn’t expecting it and it was so:: lovely

60    E:    ne

61    M:    eighty people

62    E:    <I make my last birthday before I come he::re in afstralia

63          like three years before>

64    M:    mm::

65    E:    it was all my friend rou:nd twenty ladies=

66    M:    -mm::

67    E:    =in my house and we had a very good time Miriam it was my la-

68          last birthday in my country=

69    M:    =◦oh::

70    E:    I miss them a lot(.)

71    M:    When are you going back?

72    E:    ↑oh:: I don’t know(.)maybe few years(0.2)after

73       (1.0)

74    M:    I’m hoping that I’m gonna go this-summer back.

75    E:    You plan to go?

76    M:    No I haven’t(.)done anything yet but I’m hO:ping that I get

77          a month off or somethin’

78          (2.0)

79    E:    When it was the las’ time when you went(.)back to Greece?

80    M:    yeah um: two thousand thirteen.

81    E:    two years befOre↑.

82    M:    mm:

83    E:    oka::y me actually I went last year when it was my granddaughter

84          chrisTening for twenty dayz(0.4)an::’ I’m really scared to fly

85          again >oh my god<=

86    M:    =its tiring=

87    E:    =[yeah]

88    M:     [it’s]not enough twenty days is not enough(0.4) you need two

89          days to go(.)and two days to come back(.)[isn’t it]

90    E:                                             [yeah::  ] that’s

91          true=

92    M:    =it’s not enough

93    E:    I went Christmas

94    M:    oh!

95    E:    twenty five I was on the airoplane Miriam

96    M:    oh

97    E:    ye::ah

98          (1.0)

99    M:    that’s alright we gotta do these things for the families

100   E:    ye:ah

101         (0.8)

102   M:    y-you got the memories now (1.2) ahhhhhhhh yeah (0.5) when I

103         um (0.3) I go if I go: my daughter’s going in july (0.2)

104         beginning of july she’s goin’ to visit my motha↑(0.8)and um

105         she’s gonna take the little baby to see-my motha’s gonna see

106         a grandchild a great gr↑ANdchild.=

107   E:    =oh my goodness!=

108   M:    =ye::ah it’s gonna be so exciting so I wAnt to go with ‘er (.)

109         just to help ‘er in the airopla:ne.

110   E:    actually you gonna: goo-have a good time.

111   M:    I: kno:w: can’t wait my motha hasn’t seen any-she didn’t-she

112         didn’t see my grandkid m-my kids=

113   E:    =really::?=

114   M:    =mm:

115   E:    oh my god=

116   M:    =she came here but my daughter was ten when she came here

117         (.)

118   E:    That’s the sad things Miriam in the life.

119   M:    I know we leave them and we come here what can you ↑do?=

120   E:    =Huh? nothing miriam mou well?

121   M:    That’s alright we only doing it for them to have a bit of

122         a (0.5) because Australia’s a good country.

123   E:    =ye:ah it’s a re:ally good country

124   M:    it is it’s good for families

125   E:    ye:ah

126   M:    so us parents suffering a little bit for them to have a betta

127         life