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GCSAusE37 (Text)

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participant,GCSAusE37 - Participant 1,22 participant,GCSAusE37 - Participant 2,22
Contributor :
Stephanie Truong
Date transcribed :
10 September 2015
Description :
a conversation between a couple after Jack has come home from a work event
Ethics approval number :
Participants :
Jack (22, Australia, male, L1 Cantonese, L2 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Jill (22, America, female,L1 Cantonese, L2 English, US, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Stephanie Truong (March 2015)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
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Interactivity :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 1 second
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2015
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Contributors :
Stephanie Truong
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Haugh, Michael
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1,421 words, 7,736 characters (with spaces), 214 lines (0:00-5:01)
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GCSAusE37#Text GCSAusE37 - Transcript

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That was the only funny part of your whole night
 You were there for like four hours

Now’ went to um  eat pizza first

At the Ho  HarrisonGrey’s officea fuck man I
should’ve took photos  well I didn’t wanna loo
Their office is
I didn’t wanna look like a fuckin weirdo

Then you take a photolike you hold it up to your chest
and you No you just make it look like you’re looking at
No     holy shh
yer  yer phone like this n you just take a picture
n  we wen

We went to their tea room


And holy shit it’s fancy

Fancier than your tea room

hh yup
Is it cus they’re lawyers


Lawyers make more right
It’s likea fancy bar     like they had a
 vending machine in there  imagine like a really
fancied up swaggy bar Our one’s just like a 
a nice like

so like Friday’s  ahhhaha
if youif you look at  it’s
nicer than Friday’sif you look at our tea room hh 
like ok  in Pick n’ Pay our Pick n’
Pay tea room’s like  our houseour kitchen but really
bad like dodgey n’ it’s like all white
worse than yer sister’s break room  at the
dentist’s office
aw it’s similar like thatthat standard
yea no w so a normal breakroom
our work w     

our work one  is really nice compared to that 
like it’s got nice benches nice kitchen top everything
looks nice
I’ve seen yoursyou show m’ a picture of that

and it’s like got um  it’s got cushions on the

ºn’ tv rightº

Yeah it’s got cushions on the wall tv n’ it looks stylish
n’ there’s couches

Yea I’ve seen a picture
fucking went to this one This one’s got
like a bar stall in the middle  really nice r it’s
all black  an’ like they’d layered it like a club
 and there’s like booths n’ shitn’ it looks fuckin
amazing n’ it and  every one of us that walked in we’re
all like  what the
Is it cuz they’re lawyers

Umapparently they got reno like  ta year ago

Is it because lawyers like  get together over drinks
often like that

Like in Suits You know how they always drink

No  ºnah  not like that they don’t drink in

Oh  Do they make any deals in the booths

ºNo hh
ºWhy I’m just imagining you know like how Harvey always
drinks in his office  Or like  you always make
deals or you like drink with yer like  your clients
or whatever  No


They just have i they just renovated just because


They must’ve  had a cool interior design person then

Yea cus they’re  they’re doing it level by level
they’re doing the level eight now

How many levels does that firm have

H starting from level eight  Eight nine ten

Seven eight nine

We own all of ten

Oh you’re level ten Same building


Oh yer networking with the lawyers underneath you


Maybe yer partners will be like ºoh should renovate too hh
No th the partners weren’t there

Oh  Yer partners weren’t there at a networking event 126         Then who was therelike
I said all the youngins

Did you meet anyone

No  I didn’t talk to anyoneI donwanna talk to

What theEarlier I asked you if you did any networking
and you said you did and now hhh now yer saying you did
when did I say

EarlierWhen you came homeWhen you walked through the
doorI was like  so did you do any actual networking
And yer like yeawhen you were opening the packet
I wasn’t listening

I knew you weren’t listeningYou never listen

hh ºh h hº hh you  know me

Then why’d you answer

ºCuz I’m a gangstaº
You weren’t even listeningWhy’d you go yea when I asked you
the question

ºCuz imma p m p i m p not l e

hahhh  hh  So are you going to the hospital
I want to

MmYou’re parents are going again  I’m going again um
during the day  you
again To see the baby

Your mom asked me to  Your mom does not like going there
by herselfShe’s afraid of parking  It’s not like I can
help her that muchAlthough I did help her find the spothh
And she was afraid like there wouldn’t be enough spaceBut
I’m like how big do you think the car isIt’s like she thinks
the car’s like as big as this bed or something
hh She thought it wouldn’t fit like  And it wasn’t a
hard oneI found an easy one for her right  All she had
to do was pull into itNo Not um  um parallel park
or anythingShe just had to pull in cuz i

it was the end of the row


And she’s all like hh are you sure will fitbecause it was
right next to thesomeone’s driveway


She’s like are you sure there’s enough room I mont be
blocking it

hh And I’m like it’s fine because any  either way that
carwe were in the  You know the creepy street


Yea we were on the other side of it

um  The op the side that we didn’t drive on at

And so  Either wayum the car would’ve  ha
can only back out  in one direction  And then drive
that way  Because there’s that partition


And I’m like yeaSo it doesn’t even matter if we’re
sticking out a little bit into the driveway cuz either way
they turn  um  They turn and back out to the left
They  they don’t turn and back out to the right so they
wouldn’t even come close to the car

hh But I knew we’d fit anyways ºand I was like yeah just go