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GCSAusE33 (Text)

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Contributor :
Xinying Guan
Date transcribed :
16 September 2015
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two female students at a café. Amanda is telling Katie about her possible meeting with a male friend who is overseas.
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Participants :
Amanda (21, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Katie (22, China, female, L1 Chinese, L2 English, CN, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Xinying Guan (March 2012)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE33 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE33 (Text), Text GCSAusE33 (Original), Original
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Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 10 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2012
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Contributors :
Xinying Guan
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School of Languages and Linguistics
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Haugh, Michael
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1,529 words, 8,224 characters (with spaces), 218 lines
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GCSAusE33#Text GCSAusE33 - Transcript

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File contents

Ok  this  Yeah it doesn’t matter
Err yeah  He’s getting ready for his trip to

Iceland  so he

What’s with Iceland  Ice

Did I tell you he’sgone


Did I tell you he was going to Iceland

No no no

Oh  in  in like two weeks going for a week

 for his holiday yeah

 O h re   a   lly     is it above Canada


I don’t know 


it’s Europe

Yeah  eroOk Iceland  yeah

So Iceland  yeap  but

anyway he’s   he needed to buy  new

lenz ’n a new tripod for his camera  so  he’s

asking me 


so  s it like a  just travelling  or he’s

 doing it for job

Yep  that’s was a week’s holiday

 so he ’s gonna come here  over easter 

I think I told you that

Yeah yeah yeah you did

but then it  it cos like   over two grands just to get here

 so he couldn’t ’afford it and he  he got a

 flight for less than a grand to Iceland So

he’s going there  Was then like ahhaha

I wanna


to meet him somewhere

  but     er           it would take you like 

thirty plus hour to get to Iceland

Not from America


I mean from  from Australia if you wanna go

there and meet him

 ohyeah but no I can’t go there ’n meet him


it will be too expensive  to get there


Emm so are you planning on meetin’ him somewhere


well I wanted to in that week  but then he

book the flight to  Iceland before I  s

suggested anything  

Cause I wasn’t er sure so   just have to wait to July

Well but July then means you’ll have a big holiday

Yeah well that’s hopefully went fine m 

Going to South

America or might  State 

Ex  ci  ting  

but a week’s not very long

Well  but  for the winter break you get 

two month  ish two month ish

  a n y w a y   

Well  propro hopefully I m done 


Ohright  right of course    

Yeah  yeah 

I was thinking about myself 


yeah  So  yeah

cause he only gets a week  in April and then

a week in July

Aww OK 

So he doesn’t get many holidays  It’s

difficult like that

But  the thing is if he works in a uni then

 that should  like have more  holidays

like the students

Y    e    a      h  I think he teaches

summer schools  So that’s why in July he only

gets week like that

 o    h 

Yeah  so he’s excited about that


So you are not gonna meet him during Easter this time


have to wait

That’s a shame

I know I was a bit disappointed  but


I mean because I  like I thought about 

up saying like we should we could meet in Fiju or


Yeah yeah yeah

but then like I’ve never meet him in person I’m like

 is it a smart idea to go to another country


Actually  it sort of is

And meet em  like  person you’ve never met in


Ssort of is

 a n d  


You think then what if you don’t get along or you don’t

like that

Well you just go ’n sightseeing and then you don’t have

to concentrate on that anymore

Yeah you’re right

And  if things really get ugly like

 when you come back it’s all behind you


Because if  like for me I think  like I’m

really  attached to  location to person


So  like if I have some good times with certain

people or really bad times with certain people


Whenwhenever I  wen’ pass that place I woul’ 

that  that ’ll come up to me again


 So   It woul’

be sortda  tra  it’ll  itit will feels

like youyou’re both travelling And which’s easier



Anything to broom


Look at  m e ’n

Y e a h  eyeah  yeah


Well yeah  I don’t think it ’ll turn ugly

 cauz we get along pretty well   at phone and everything

And if it gets good that ’ll be really good because

it ’ll become a  special trip

But then he bought  his flight  before I

 I thought wel er  

If he  wanted to  do that hehe can suggest it

 but then he  bou booked the flight to

Iceland and go 

 proprobably it was a really good deal

so he’z

He’s  he’s jus’ like his dream place to go

so   Erm

But that ’ll be veri excited


And  ’n you can still get in touch w’i him on



Yeah  yeah  he said he ’ll call me

 So yeah

 that’s good


So you not gonna see him  until


July   June or July

Wellz  actually

when you think if it it’s only four more months

It’s not very long yeah


But I  understand why you  like  feeling


Yeah cause I ’d like to meet him in person and then

how it goes  so I know like  the next


So I know  what I am talking when I graduated

 I mean  spending

a week with someone  is not that much anyway



And maybe it’s easier because if we met  and

spend a week together and that went really well 

and then  We have to say goodbye again and that

might be harder to  not see each other for

 three more months