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GCSAusE27 (Text)

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Contributor :
Sayaka Kanamori
Date transcribed :
9 February 2012
Description :
A conversation between two Australians about going to Japan for the summer holiday.
Participants :
Diana (20, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Linda (28, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Sayaka Kanamori (March 2010)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE27 (Text), Text GCSAusE27 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE27 (Original), Original
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Speech Style :
5 minutes 03 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2010
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Data or documents associated with this record are available to the School of Languages & Linguistics only. Please contact the CGSAusE collection custodian to request copies.
Contributors :
Kanamori, Sayaka and Chang, Wei-Lin
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School of Languages and Linguistics
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Griffith University
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Description :
A conversation between two Australians about going to Japan for the summer holiday
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Kanamori, Sayaka
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1,362 words, 7,303 characters (with spaces)
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GCSAusE27 - Transcript-1.pdf
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GCSAusE27 - Transcript
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Haugh, Michael
GCSAusE27 - Transcript GCSAusE27#Text

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File contents

So yea I was thinking about um going to Japan for the
      holidays um yeah these summer holidays
Yeah and um   where you gonna go
Ah I I don’t know kind of I wanna go back home hahaha to the
       to my hometown over there coz hum
what’s name of it
umm Maebachi
oh okayDiana D managed to express it by gestures
it’s kind of 3 hours north of Tokyo like on the other side
         like Tokyo’s here and it’s almost like directly across the
         other side of Japan
And um yeah  I haven’t seen people there so long and I feel
     like I haven’t um like talked to them for ages I’m kind of
     let our friendship like kind of like neglected like I never
     write to them e-mail so I really wanna see all of them again
and how long will you go for
Ahhh probably about a month like coz uni finishes around
     end of November so December   and umm   yea and so
     December and January probably yeah
Part of January
Do you wanna do any sightseeing while you’re there
Ah yea definitely I was thinking maybe like Kyoto and stuff
     like that but um lot of people said that Kyoto isn’t that
       like people say that it’s cool but actually not when
     we get there
It’s just like you see a few temples and that’s it
Depends like um -
Have you been there
I I went to Kyoto and umm if you do go I recommend Fushimi
          Fushimi Inari is the name of tample
Ahh  okay
It’s umm you know you might seen it in um both  and  travel  40
      stuff   you  know  um  the  temple  with  like  two  thousands  41
   Toori gates  all in go up the mountain
Yea yeah
That’s that’s that temple
Ahhhh okay
and it’s really
Yeah coz a lot of people say like one of the weirdest things
     about it is that kind of you’ve got a really old style home
     right next to a Mc Donald’s or a seven eleven or something
     it’s just kind of two eras just merged together in one city
Oh yeah I mean-
But I suppose you get that all over Japan
Yea I mean like if you go to Kyoto expecting to see Kyoto
           two hundred years ago then you
Haha yea like Samurai walking around
but you know like and and   you have to look for the places
     you wanna  yea go
You have to look for them
But um
Hum but mainly I think the main reason I really wanna go
     is  hum because ahh just to see people that I haven’t seen
     in a while rather than being a tourist I wasn’t it to be
     and like kind of like going back home rather than being
     tourist over there  yeah
yea yeah I just wondered if you you were gonna do a
           little bit maybe
Coz I really wanna see uhmm like Tokyo and like uhm do some
           shopping and stuff like that not that I’ll have money
Um umm coz yea the shopping over there is like umm it seems
     to be really kind of unique you know stuff that you can’t
     get over here you know
            track goes pass- interrupting
Yea So humm
What you wanna buy 
I don’t know a lot of stuff it seems like  you know they
     have really cute accessories I’m not sure of I’ll be able
     to you know afford or fit in my luggage you know like actual
     clothes but
You know actually I’ve look for ages around here is um
     a phone charm
wow Wow yeah
you know what you put coz they have the most boring ones
     over here its just like a strap you know and just a little
     Nokia symbol or something
but over there I really like you know whole like phone
     charm culture that that they have like some of the phone
    are just like you you feel like you couldn’t hold the phone
    they’ve got many on there
yea one good thing is to do to umz   you know like  
     get heaps of presents to take to people
and when you give them the presents you’ve got all this room
      in your bag
Yeah yeah
to fit all the stuff that you buy hehe
I was in Japanese class the other day we um saw one you know
    of those
         outside of sounds 
         Japanese culture um shows and they were
wow okay
talking about um like normal household items normal white
         items being black
in ah Japanese or in English
in Japanese
oh ok yep
in Japan in Japan normal like
okay yea yep
normal everyday sort of TV program and they were saying like
     it’s really fashionable now to get black toilet paper
and like you go to the shop
And the guy: in the shop they interviewed the guy in the
    shop and they said oh you know it’s a really nice but um
    present to give and we will like uh on way
BaHahahaha toilet paper
          Hahahah both laugh
And like you know like ear buds and um
Black ear buds
Balck ear buds and uh black udon they put um um they put  134
      a tea spoon of
Wow I
           wouldn’t eat that
Oh apparently like they put a tea spoon of charcoal in the
    in the mix and them
and then the people who were eating it said it tastes pretty
     good so I don’t know
Hum I wonder if the taste changes coz of the colour like
     it it wouldn’t  they’d just kind of be dying wouldn’t they
Hum  it might change slightly   but it’s like only
     a tea spoon in like a  whole bowl of mixed
But I don’t think it would be
Too bad it wouldn’t be over powering or anything