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GCSAusE24 (Raw)

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participant,GCSAusE24 - Participant 1,52 participant,GCSAusE24 - Participant 3,27 participant,GCSAusE24 - Participant 2,24 participant,GCSAusE24 - Participant 4,33
Contributor :
Billie Mertens
Date transcribed :
9 February 2012
Description :
A conversation between four Australians. Meeting before each show and inform the senior staff of what is happening that night
Participants :
Max (52, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Venue leader AOS) Rita (24, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student/Waitress) Leo(27, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Bar manager AOS) Abby (33, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, AOS F&B leader)
Transcribers :
Billie Mertens (April 2010)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE24 (Text), Text GCSAusE24 (Original), Original GCSAusE24 (Raw), Raw
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
10 minutes 01 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2010
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Transcript Coversheet
|                      |Data                                        |
|Title                 |GCSAusE24                                   |
|Number of people      |4                                           |
|Description           |A conversation between four Australians.    |
|                      |Meeting before each show and inform the     |
|                      |senior staff of what is happening that night|
|Participants          |Max (52, Australia, male, L1 English, AU,   |
|                      |Venue leader AOS)                           |
|                      |Rita (24, Australia, female, L1 English, AU,|
|                      |                                            |
|                      |Undergraduate, Student/Waitress)            |
|                      |Leo(27, Australia, male, L1 English, AU,    |
|                      |Bar manager AOS)                            |
|                      |Abby (33, Australia, female, L1 English, AU,|
|                      |                                            |
|                      |AOS F&B leader)                             |
|Date of recording     |March 2010                                  |
|Place of recording    |Brisbane                                    |
|Length of recording   |10 minutes 01 seconds                       |
|Contributor of        |Billie Mertens                              |
|recording             |                                            |
|Length of transcript  |1,103 words, 6,811 characters (with spaces),|
|                      |122 lines(1:01-6:02)                        |
|Number of pages       |5                                           |
|Transcribers          |Billie Mertens (April 2010)                 |
|                      |                                            |
|Date transcription    |9 February 2012                             |
|last modified         |                                            |
|Creator               |Michael Haugh                               |

A:    so she hhas disregarded the nut free option. (0.2) go and talk to her
R:    Yep
A:    o:k
A:    She should be  ahh shes gonna be smack bang in the middle of you so:
      i dunno whose side     she’ll theyll end up on but [you=
R:                                                            [ right
      in the middle
A:    =go talk to her.
R:    yep
A:    ah Also i  in i ohh its ↓̊Bernadette so i don’t need to say
      anything ̊ ok (0.5) ̊shes̊ not Here
      ((Pause 2.0))
M:    Very good. any questions on the meals? (1.0)  not as much weird stuff

      um as we’ve had um ̊certain days ̊ Um now obviously we have three new
      starters  Tonight um:: I didn’t even know [(   )] i thought we had One
      (0.2)  then theres a possibility of two and it ended up at three 
      so these guys are multihires (0.2) th’re technically for saturday
      nights: and anythin’ else we as they won’ let us hire any
      more ne:w starting staff the only other option is to go multihire an:d
      umm yeah theyre starting to send a fe:w through so: um: you’ll get
      some familiar face:s a::nd some ̊new people̊ ̊Ok just be aware̊,
      ((Clears throat))
      ↑What i need to do:: leo is um: (2.0) where are they all at the
A:    on a bre[ak=
L:             ̊[on a break ̊
M:             =[on a break when they come back from a break you need to
      catch up with them ahh find out A what their availability is cause
      well need to give them another two shif’s, hhopefully this week,
      im talkin’ bout matt and hemi there cause i think leannes already been
      rostered (0.2) for tomorrow and Saturday. (0.2)↑ok (.) so i need to
      work out with those guys rosters so i can give them a couple of real
      shifts (0.5) o:n: ?satuR:Day as well we have another multihire
      starting from reHire multihire (0.2) hes name is Brandon ↓Dewar
L:     ̊heheheh ̊
A:    Bran:↑Do:↓n
R:     ̊hhhh̊
M:    hhif anyone knows brandon Its going to be a fun night,
      ̊hehehehe̊,anything could happen (.) So he should be alright ahh hes
      disappearing for two weeks in: april.↑so rather getting him to start
      um after that if he can start earli↓er so he can get his stadium legs
      back again (0.2)and: um (0.2) ↑march is the peak time where um.
      ̊sorrẙ ↑May is the peak time for when we are going to have problems
      because they will go i think to close thursdays, double show,
      staturday as an ongoing prospec↓t i think youll find theyll like what
      results they get from it. They’ll get six to seven hundred in the
      early show on the Saturday,which is better than the Thur:sday,
      >so they save some money by havin↓ two shows in one↓day,< so: i think
      youll find it could be the norm-
      ((background crash))
M:    -it could be the norm  when were havin quitter times (0.2)so that↓s
      the challenge for us to find 50 staff on a saturday
L:    ↑thats what the mulithires all about,
M:    ̊very simple̊
L:    ̊hmm̊
A:    ̊mmm hmm ̊
R:    Yes.
M:    so:[hh
A:       [and then theres Sunday
M:    hhand the odd Sunday thrown in of cours:e [
R:                                              [on a double show ?

M:     ̊hmmm̊ an odd Sunday thrown in as well,
M:     Once a month were suppose t’have a Sunday show
      ̊although we are doing two this month ̊-
                                            we should have a stri:ke or

M:     ̊whhhẙ your not Even in the Union
R:    hhhh i mean–[
M:                [↑go to the union.
M:    ↑right just be aware um they everybody if you want a free flu shot
      with all your coughing-
R:    -↑OHH ↑MY ↑GOD its not a flu.

A:    ̊[hmhmh]̊
R:    ↑how many times do you: ↑hhow many- [
M:    [ ̊i ↑know its: not̊ im stirring you up.↑but there are now for the
      first time ever the company has organised,Free: (0.2) Flu vaccinations
      available for staff who would like to have them
      theyre > not compulsory<  some people are abit opposed to flu shots
      hhand tha’s perfectly fine cause theres arguments either wa:y   >don’t
      ask me what they are<   cause i really ̊couldn’t care im not a doctor̊
      (.)ahh bu↓t are made available and if people say they cant afford it
A:    [↑its↑ free ↑anyw[a:y

M:                     =[yep there free
R:    Even when you go to a real ↑docta’
M:    ↑yea i↑kno:w
R:    ↑AS If movie world as if this place is going to give anything away
      for free ̊when it costs ̊ money,
A:     ̊like they claim̊
R:    what a ↓joke .
M:    ↑Bring your medi[care card
A:                   [↑cause the’re onsite staff anywa:y ↓the nurse.
R:    ↑is this so we don’t get hhsick hhcalls? hehe
M:    no its been done ↑at ↑movie world
A:    oh: ohkay ̊hmm̊
M:    ̊Hmmm̊ so its the onsite nurse at ↓movie world ̊and sea world so̊-[=
A:                                                              [ohh=
A:                                                               =[it’s
      after hours?
L:    [what does P.B.A Q.H.R. and MEAA  mean?
M:    ↑ok um P.B.A is the agreement that you guys are under there price
      bargaining agreement(0.5)↑ Q.H.R im not exactly sur:e ↓im not sur:e
A:        [̊queensland health inst[itution̊
M:                              [> yea so thats the nursing staff<
      Mi:a is ̊um̊ the >show and entertainment side of thin[ gs<
R:                                                            [media
      entertain- entertainment ̊acting association̊
M:    ↑very good [=
A:                =[̊hmm̊
M:                 [thats probably what it is, so it cov[ =ers
L:                 [did you make that up?
R:    ̊no̊: no i learnt it at uni
      ((soft laughter)
M:    = in the park it cov[=ers
R:                       [ ̊yay for uni ̊
M:    =here as well so they’re under a different award so:: ye:ap ↑only
      people outside of THat i think are salary staff but that doesn’t
      include anyone under this roof .(0.5)Ok, So if anyone wants that they
      have to follow up instructions on these signs are up in the staff
      rooms at kronos