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GCSAusE23 (Raw)

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Contributor :
Roslyn Rowen
Date transcribed :
9 February 2012
Description :
An audio recording of a conversation between a male and two females in a University College dormitory room.
Participants :
Jessica (20, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Shelly (19, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Steve (18, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Roslyn Rowen (March 2010)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE23 (Text), Text GCSAusE23 (Original), Original GCSAusE23 (Raw), Raw
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
9 minutes 53 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2010
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Transcript Coversheet
|                      |Data                                        |
|Title                 |GCSAusE23                                   |
|Number of people      |3                                           |
|Description           |An audio recording of a conversation between|
|                      |a male and two females in a University      |
|                      |College dormitory room.                     |
|Participants          |Jessica (20, Australia, female, L1 English, |
|                      |AU,                                         |
|                      |Undergraduate, Student)                     |
|                      |Shelly (19, Australia, female, L1 English,  |
|                      |AU,                                         |
|                      |Undergraduate, Student)                     |
|                      |Steve (18, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, |
|                      |Undergraduate, Student)                     |
|Date of recording     |March 2010                                  |
|Place of recording    |Brisbane                                    |
|Length of recording   |9 minutes 53 seconds                        |
|Contributor of        |Roslyn Rowen                                |
|recording             |                                            |
|Length of transcript  |1,662 words, 9,185 characters (with spaces),|
|                      |210 lines(0:00-9:53)                        |
|Number of pages       |7                                           |
|Transcribers          |Roslyn Rowen (March 2010)                   |
|                      |                                            |
|Date transcription    |9 February 2012                             |
|last modified         |                                            |
|Creator               |Michael Haugh                               |

   1        S:    Were you’s even in that(0.5) thing in the bott-
   2.             in the bo[ttom common room with that guy?
   3.       J:            [Oh:h ↑yeah tonight?
   4.       R:                          Oh (hhh) asleep
   5.       S:    Ye:ah well yeah coz I lai:d down on that sofa [where-
   6        J:                                               [Oh good
   7.             booster (hhh)
   8        S:    coz I was I was re:ally uncomfortable to so I laid
   9              And I was ri:ght at the front as well(0.4) and [then it’s
  10.             he turns the li:ghts off
   11       J:                                                 [hh
   12             for the bloody [sli:de (0.4) and I was just like
  13.             dozin(0.6) and
  14.       R:                  [hhh
  15.       S:    then [like I fell asleep
   16       R:         [hello
  17.             And then someone was like - and then Georgia’s li[ke(0.3)
  18.       R:                                                  [(hhhhh)
  19.       R:    wake ↑up ma:n (hhhh)
  20.       J:    (hhh)
   21       S:    Sat back up and I was like hhhh[hhhhhh I’m sea[ted I
   should be
  22.             able to stay awake.
  23.       R:                                 [(hhhh)        [keep it
  24.       R:    yes very true
   25       S:    and um yeah(0.2) and was just like(0.4) woke up and
Georgia was
  26.             like [you were sno:ring and I was like oh ° god(.)°
  27.       J:         [did you have pizza tonight?
   28       R:    °nah° we just had chocolate on the cou:ch(0.2)(hh) that’s
   29             well it was actually a pretty bad movie night but the
  30.             were good
  31.       S:    mmm what mo[vie
  32.       R:    yeah
  33.       J:              [I thought it would be heaps more ↓inte[resting
   34       R:                                                      [Oh well
  35.             like talk thing.(.)
  36.       S:    oh(.) yeah I didn’t find it interesting
   37       R:    oh(.) it was better last year coz he had more of those
  38.             things(0.8)
  39.       J:    ↓oh:h [ok
   40       S:          [it’s easy enough to avoid(.) getting into fights
  41.             you’re out(.) like it’s not that hard=
   42       J:    =kinda just sa:id everything that comes to me as common
  43.             like(0.3)
  44.       R:    [Yeah
  45.       S:    [that’s what I think ye:ah
  46.       J:    like it didn’t rea(h)lly [like ↑gain anything from it
  47.       S:                                        [No
   48       R:                             [I think it’s [mo:re(0.6) aimed
   at like
  49.             the football kind of=
  50.       J:    =yeah that are like just like(.)↓du:hhh
  51.       R:    mm yeah [hhhhh
  52.       J:            [hhh
  53.       S:    The what
  54.       J:    .hh ↑Footballers hhh
  55.       S:    ↓du:hh
  56.       J:    I play ↓footba[ll=
  57.       R:                 [hhhh
  58.       S:    =I’m telling Troy you said that=
  59.       J:    =uh ha I throw the ba:ll (0.3)
  60.       R:    hhhhh(.) and I ↑catch too
  61.       S:    very stereotyp (0.2) typical of you
  62.       J:          [o:hh
  63.       R:    Yeah ↑[Jessica don’t be ↑me:an to footballers?(0.9)
  64.       J:    I was jo:king?
  65.       S:    They’re good looking(.) they’re good for something
  66.       J:    No[they aren’t (.)°yuk°
   67       R:      [And they earn millions and millions of dollars
  68.             ↑playing some- doing something they love
  69.       S:    Not[not NRL players(.)NRL players are poor compared to
             70.            sports.
  71.       J:       [Yeah touching other boys(0.2) like(0.1) being ga:y.
  72.       R:    Alright(0.5)
   72       S:    NRL players get like at most is like 500 grand a year(0.8)

  73.             [coz other sports-
  74.       R:    [that’s probably more than I’m ever gunna ↓earn.
  75.       S:    Christiano Ronaldo got paid like a 100 million
  76.       R:    ↑What that’s cra:zy?=
   77       S:    =And Labrawn James got paid 100 million dollars and he
  78.             even played a game of basketball(0.7) in the NBA (0.3)
  79.       R:    (hh)t[hat’s crazy
  80.       J:         Everyone in Scotland is in love with
  81.       R:    Nev:er heard of him=
  82.       S:    =He’s a wanker
   83       J:    His like post- his pretty hot(0.4) his posters are like in
   84             like .hhabove everyone’s [fire ↑place (.) in all these
house we
  85.             went  to
  86.       R:                       [hh
  87.       R:    on the fire ↑place [that’s like the que::en (hhhhh)
   88       J:                       [Yep on the mantel piece (0.4) pictures
  89.             him [(0.2) th[at’s how I know who he is(hh)
  90.       R:                           [hhh
   91       S:                                   [wher- Where did you go
  91.             Where did you go(0.4)
  93.       J:    oh when I lived in ↓Scotland (0.1) just like (0.3) coz-
  94. S:    oh you know just when I was ↓liv[ing (.) in Scotland
  95. J:                             oh just like[houses I went to (hh)
  96. R:    Yeah know ask her [where else she’s been? (.)
  97. J:                     [Other people’s ↑flats and [stuff (hh)
   98 S:                                              [Where else have you
  99.             been.
 100. J:    .h oh just in ↓Europe(0.6) Western Europe.
 101. R:    haaha
 102. S:    Western Europe (1.0)
 103. J:    Yeah you know
 104. S:    The good bits (.)
 105. R:    just the sights (0.2)
 106. S:    you didn’t go to like (0.6)
 107. J:    n:ah I really wanted to go to Eastern Europe actually
 108. R:    mm
 109. S:    Really like Brackenslava
 110. J:    but(.) yeah °no°
 111. J:    I think it would have been mad(0.3)
 112. R:    yeah Kazakstan(0.9) h(hh)ave you ever ↑heard of that?[(hh)
   113      J:                                                        [Ye:ah
 114.       its not(.) Europe is it?
 115. R:    Yeah its near Italy
 116. J:    Really
 117. S:    N:o its classed- [I think its classed as Asia though
 118. J:                     [No it’s Asia?
 119. R:    Is it(0.3)
 120. S:    Maybe Uzbekistan is I don’t know if-
 121. R:                                ↑GO:d [already in trouble
   122      J:    Russia is like the furthest (0.4) [like the start of Asia
 123.       and everything [west of that (0.5) is Europe
 124. R:               [Russia?
   125      S:    Russia [is Europe- but Russia is Europe even though (0.3)
 126.       percent of it is in Asia(1.0)
   127      R:           [Isn’t it the (.) O:h ↑yeah it must be sort of in
 128.       middle there
 129. S:    coz people don’t live in the Western part of it because it’s
 130. R:    Coz there’s noth(h)ing there (hhh)
 131. S:    Siberia (0.2)
   132      R:    .hh
 133.       And if you live there you die. (0.5)
 134. R:                                 (hhh)
 135. S:    So [then you wouldn’t go and live there?
   136      R:       [Like cold like Exa(h)ctly uh:hh limited life span
 137.       know u:hh(hhh)
 138. S:                                                          [Yep
 139. R:    Cut the country in ha:lf(1.3) well ↓done (hhhhhh)
 140. J:    ↑where have you been Steve I haven’t seen you in ages (0.8)
 141. S:    since when? (0.6)
 142. J:    o:h I don’t kno:w (0.5) did you go away on the weekend? (0.5)
 143. S:    no:pe I went to the casino (0.5) o:[:n Friday night
 144. R:                                     [ohh yeah?
   145      J:                                     [ohh yeah that’s right
   how was
 146.       that
 147. S:    don’t a:sk (0.3)
 148. R:    [hhhh
   149      J:    [oh I ye:ah I think we’ve already had this conversation
   and you
 150.       said don’t [ask
 151. S:           [probably ye:ah
 152. J:    hhh
 153. R:    oh: that bad hey?
 154. S:    Let’s just say I lost two hundred dollars (0.2)
 155. R:    ho:ly
 156. J:    [how’d you spend that much
   157      S:    [um but I went there with two hundred dollars (0.3) to
   °lose° so
 158.       it’s all good
 159. R:    Yeah
 160. S:    um and then last ni::ght yeah it was °Saturday° night
 161. S:    yeah coz Rhys was up my friend (.)
 162. R:    mm (0.6)
 163. S:    and um yeah(0.6) we went to the valley(1.0) and went to the
 164. fa:mily and it was awe:some (0.9)
 165. R:    Go:od
   166      S:    I don’t know why people are always like I hate the valley
 167.       like wh:y (0.8)
 168. J:    n[a:h I like it]
   169      R:     [I always feel claustrophobic there but I’ve only been a
 170.       of times and it’s always been like(.)[they’re al:ways really
 171.       busy
 172. J:                                         [It’s coz people always go
 173.       to(0.4)] Bir:dee num [nums too
   174      R:                                         [yeah its always
   175      S:    ((coughs))
   176      J:    Birdee num nums is [shit we should go to some of ↑the
   (0.6) good
 177.       pl(h)aces ha
 178. R:                       [ye:ah Cloudland or something
 179. S:    [Cloudland
 180. R:    [I really want to go there (0.4) I haven’t been to Cloudland
 181. S:    Cloudland is mad
   182      J:    And um those like little ↑Indy bars that are-  there’s
   this one I
   183            went to with my sister and they have this like guy that
   184            ↑jazz like old [jazz music and it’s so cool(.hh) and it’s
 185.       long and skinny?
   186      R:    [Ye:ah
 187.       [That’s Cool
   188      J:    [and this other one that’s like heaps of levels and its
   189            graffiti[ed(.) and it’s like a (0.5).hh arty place it’s
 190.       graffiti everywhere
 191. R:    [Yeah
 192. J:    [that’d be cool
   193      S:    [um when we went to the casino there was this guy out the
 194.       playing steel drums(1.5)
 195. R:    yeah (0.2)  [on Saturday night
 196. J:         o:h ↓ye[:ah he’s there like everyday
 197. S:    he’s there- yeah he is(.) there everyd-
 198. J:    like all day ever(h)yday
   199      S:    yeah um we were paying him o:ut (0.1) and then [u:m (0.2)
   when we
 200.       came
 201. J:                                                [↓oh
   202      S:    yeah like actually paying him out like saying to him like
 203.       you’:re (0.5) look at that idiot.
 204. J:    oh
 205. S:    we were just like °↓o:h °
   206      R:    hhhhh
   207            And then we were comin out and he had like money is his
   thing and 208       I was like he’s got more money than me.
 209. J:    [hhhh
 210. R:    [hhhhh