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GCSAusE22 (Raw)

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Contributor :
Sonya Hunt
Date transcribed :
8 February 2012
Description :
A conversation between three siblings discussing youngest’s day at school
Participants :
Mary (16, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, High School, Student) Kelly (19, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student/Café worker) Bob (22, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Pharmacist)
Transcribers :
Sonya Hunt (March 2010)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE22 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE22 (Original), Original GCSAusE22 (Text), Text
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 35 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2010
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Transcript Coversheet
|                      |Data                                        |
|Title                 |GCSAusE22                                   |
|Number of people      |3                                           |
|Description           |A conversation between three siblings       |
|                      |discussing youngest’s day at school         |
|Participants          |Mary (16, Australia, female, L1 English, AU,|
|                      |                                            |
|                      |High School, Student)                       |
|                      |Kelly (19, Australia, female, L1 English,   |
|                      |AU,                                         |
|                      |Undergraduate, Student/Café worker)         |
|                      |Bob (22, Australia, male, L1 English, AU,   |
|                      |Undergraduate, Pharmacist)                  |
|Date of recording     |March 2010                                  |
|Place of recording    |Brisbane                                    |
|Length of recording   |5 minutes 35 seconds                        |
|Contributor of        |Sonya Hunt                                  |
|recording             |                                            |
|Length of transcript  |1,393 words, 7,774 characters (with spaces),|
|                      |147 lines(0:00-5:27)                        |
|Number of pages       |7                                           |
|Transcribers          |Sonya Hunt (March 2010)                     |
|                      |                                            |
|Date transcription    |8 February 2012                             |
|last modified         |                                            |
|Creator               |Michael Haugh                               |

1     M:    U:m I ha::d I had double S.O.R:
2     K:    With Glazey?
3     M:    I cannot (sta:nd Mr. Glazebrooke=
4     K:     =Why?
5     M:    O:h my go:d, he just thinks he’s so: (awesome he’s just
6           like I dunno we were just talking about like abo:rtion and
7     stuff like that and he was just really annoying and then
8     every(, like you ca:n’t actually belie:ve you can’t he doesn’t 9
let you believe in what you wan’t to belie:ve you have to
10    believe what he: believes?( if that makes any sense?=
11    K:    =Well he’s the teacher he has to guide you like in, I
12          don’t know in a, certain wa:y.
13    M:    Yeah but, I don’t really think that’s fai:r because he:’s like
14          teaching things that are:n’t even like o:n that.
15          Catholic teacher [shouldn’t really.
16    K:                   ↑[So he’s saying that it’s, ri:ght to
17          have one?=
18    B:      [Are the Catholic teachers, allowed to give?–
19    M:    = [↑No:                                u:m I dunno.
20          Well I asked him so many questions like, oh: do you belie:ve in
21          like the afterlife? and he said no: and he doesn’t belie:ve if
22          that reincarnation or anythi:ng like that. and he: I dunno: he
23          just like (if you have an opinion and he just to:tally just
24          like ridicu:les you: and like tells you that your opinions are
25          ba:d and stuff like that, that they’re ridiculous and I think
26          it’s not fai:r.
27    K:    Are you still doing John’s –
28    (Why: are you learning about abortions, if you’re trying to
29    study John’s (Gospel?
30    M:    Oh we’re just learning about like, sacred texts and stuff,
31          we’re ↑not doing John’s go:spel, we just only did a tiny bit of
32          John’s go:spel.
33    K:    What’s your exa:m ↑on then?
34    M:    A:ll different stuff like heaps of different sacred texts
35    and like Ninian Sma:rt =
36    K:    =O:h, Ninian Smart’s seven [dimensions?=
37    M:                        [yep.
38          =Yep, and like then just like a little bit of John’s gospel
39          just like heaps of different sacred texts and things like tha:t
40    B:    [What -
41    K:    [Well tha:t’s shit=
42    B:    =What’s sacred text has to do with abor:tion?=
43    M:    =Oh, we were talking about like, I dunno: like the catholic
44          chur:ch and things like the in contrace:ption and things like
45          tha:t-
46    B:    Hm [okay
47    M:       [And how like the Catholic Church are against
48             contraception.=
49    K:    =So y- so you don’t li:ke S.O.R
50    M:    (No
51    K:    Oh, what else did you have?
52    M:    Um, I had everythi:ng apart from english, I’m really annoy:ed?
53          because in english everyone e:lse got their marks back except
54          for our class because we didn’t have it today?
55    K:    Oh that’s bullshit, what is your english?
56    M:    U:m we had to write a narrative excerpt filling in
57          the gap for Great Gatsby=
58    K:    =Oh, that’s
59          alright, you probably did shit in it anyway(=
60    M:    =[ hhh ]
61    K:     [(U:m ]what happened in drama check-in today
62    M:    We didn’t (do drama check in [because    ]
63    K:                               [ Oh (why:? ]
64    M:    Because everyone did their performances,our drama
65          technology per[formances.]
66    K:                 [ oh what  ]was the other half
67          of the class like?
68    M:    Everyone e:lse oh we’ve only we only got through
69          two: in one lesson today=
70    K:    =(Why:?
71    M:    ‘Cause they go for like ah twe:nty minutes.
72    K:    Um, who went?
73    M:    Um Jess Smi:th and Nicky Ma:rtin=
74    M:    (Nicky’s technologies was actually rea:lly good.
75    K:    = Why what were they?
76    M:    U::m like a video: like a really sa:d like like mini-  movie-
77          type-thing with a so:ng over the to:p. And then, (oh yeah,
78          this is really funny she had the song ‘I:ris’? as one of
79          hers, by the Goo Goo Dolls ?–
80    K:    How does that go?=
81    M:     =And I give up (fore:ver to touch you: ‘cause I kno:w that
82           you feel me somehow(((clicks fingers to beat))
83    M:     That song.
84    K:     Oh yea(hhh)h.
85    M:     And u:m Nicky wasn’t working the audio wasn’t working, so
86           she’s like, ‘kay can I just get Mary to sing it for
87           every[o:ne?]
88    K:          [ hhh(]oh no: hhh.
89    B:     hhh  hhh
90    M:     And I was like yeah ‘cause I felt ba:d if I didn’t do it coz
91           it’s Nicky’s like perfor:mance it’s like her ma:rk.
92    K:     (Shi:t
93    M:     And I’m like crap I’m gonna have to do thi:s so I had to
94           like get up in front of the class and just hhh start singing
95           Iris seriously: and then she realized that she had Iris and
96           so I sang for no rea:son hhh. So I was really
97           emba(hhh)rrassed hhh-
98    K:     Well that’s friggen hilar:ious, [(u:m]
99    M:                              [But ] it was really funny
100          because Nicky um (.) didn’t she wasn’t tall enough? to see
101          over the lectu:rn?=
102   K:     =hhh hhh hhh [hhh
103   M:                 [so she had to stand on a stoo:l=
104   K:     =That’s fu:nny, was everyone pissed that they didn’t get
105          drama check-in?
106   M:     I beg your par:don?
107   K:     Was everyone pissed that they didn’t get to do drama
108          check-in?
109   M:     No: because we knew that we weren’t going to get to it
110          [because ˚of this˚
111   K:     [Um was your teacher ti:red this morning?
112   M:     I had her in period six-
113   K:     And she seemed in a really bad moo:d?
114   M:     U:m I dunno:, I didn’t really talk to her
115          she didn’t really sa:y anything
116   B:     [Why would
117   M:     [She was mar:king=
118   B:     =Why should she be [in
119   K:                       [Oh just her facebook statuses
120          la:tely. She’s just like, “oh: can’t see:m just like, can’t
121          seem to be seeing the any (li:ght at the end of the tunnel
122          (and      just, no no hang on what one was a rea:lly funny
status, 123          it was like not fee:ling very well, thinks it’s
because I’ve 124          been in a stuffy roo:m doing school work all day
haven’t eaten 125          or drunk anythi:ng I can’t see any li:ght at the
end of the 126          tunnel the      only light no what was it? Only
black eyes only
127          black circles under my ey:es and [it was like ‘dot dot dot’.
128   B:                                     [hhh
129   K:     (And no one comments it =
130   M:     =Oh: it really bugs me when people like on Facebook just put
131          every single detail about their li:fe on Facebook
132   K:     [ I do: it
133   M:     [It’s really annoying yea:h but it’s just like there’s so:
134          much stuff that people just don’t need to know like why do you

135          have to post all this like pe:rs- I hate it when [people
136   K:                                                [(Well I was
137          saying that I was really ti:red and had been at uni since
138          eight o’clock since before eight and I was still at uni and I
139          had to wake myself up before I played socce:r–
140   M:     Well that’s fair enou:gh, like that’s not, ( I ha:te it when
141          people put their per:sonal life on facebook? like oh I’m so:
142          depressed ‘blah blah blah’ it’s just people don’t need to know

143          that sort of stuff.
144   K:     Maybe they’re crying out for he:lp?
145   M:     Ah:
146   K:     Perha:ps I guess that might [be (the reason(
147   M:                               [I dunno: