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GCSAusE19 (Text)

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Contributor :
Lauren McLeod
Date transcribed :
8 February 2012
Description :
Helen has had an argument over the phone with her boss about a missed shift and Lara and David are trying to get her to give an account of what happened.
Participants :
Helen (20, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student/Waitress) Lara (20, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student ) David (20, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, High school, Boilermaker) Mary (55, female, L1 English, AU, High school , High school administration)
Transcribers :
Lauren McLeod (March 2010)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE19 (Text), Text GCSAusE19 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE19 (Original), Original
Interactivity :
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Speech Style :
5 minutes 0 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
25 March 2010
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Data or documents associated with this record are available to the School of Languages & Linguistics only. Please contact the CGSAusE collection custodian to request copies.
Contributors :
McLeod, Lauren and Chang, Wei-Lin
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Griffith University
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Description :
A conversation between four Australians at home. Helen has had an argument over the phone with her boss about a missed shift and Lara and David are trying to get her to give an account of what happened
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Original Transcriber :
McLeod, Lauren
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Mary, Lara, David, Helen
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1,849 words, 9,391 characters (with spaces)
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GCSAusE19 - Transcript-1.pdf
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GCSAusE19 - Transcript
_THUMBS/GCSAusE19 - Transcript-1.pdf.jpeg
Haugh, Michael
GCSAusE19 - Transcript GCSAusE19#Text

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File contents

so what are you doin 
i don’t know 
you don’t know
clears throat
so what happened 
a lot of stuff 
sounds like she’s being a right-
Pain in the butt 
what happened is I told shirl I couldn’t work today n she
          forgot bout it n blamed it on Me
parently didn’t happen it’s my word against Hers   so
    she’s obviously right   Never HAPpened it’s all
in my head 
but lara heard it too
LAra heard it SHAnnon heard it
shannon heard it
‘t Sounds to me that’s she’s giving you a hard time
          to get you out before you turn twenty
well that’s what’s gonna happen I’m gonna piss off
yeah but-
its  what  she wants
it’sits silly she’s done it that way but- 
you need to stick it to her and then leave just-
well I thought she was gonna be good but she’s-
tell her how it is an then bugger off   just  say-
No coz
          I dont wanna leave on a bad note
no don’t leave on a bad note

NOT  what has she-   oh my god I keep telling
          you girls these things 
YOU’ve got NOthing to gain by telling someone to fuck off and
          walking out     WHere’s that gonna get you it’ll go
but you     got
all around town 
Who   gives  a  shit
plus then I probably wouldn’t get a good reference
it’s a small community    you     don’t     do    that
not that I would anyways but 
mmmm yeh ohh ohh hh ohh oh t in my opinion I   really
          couldn’t give a shit  becoz-
and the reason I haven’t walked out yet
          david is becoz I  ∙hhh I haven’t got another job and
          I don’t wanna anyone to  hhh have to ask anyone to
          support me 
talking with food in her mouthjust go in and say  
          to her what she’s saying   ∙hh the things she’s saying
          to   you are very hurtful and you can’t take it anymore 
yeah well I shouldn’t have to take it anymore I think
No just say that
so you going in tomorrow
then  blows raspberry with hand gesture
I    dont    know              I’ll probably
          go  well I was thinking I should probably call her
          tonight and say look I’m not gonna come in 
          so  you  can organise
so are quitting
someone to   work my shifts 
are you quitting 
well that’s what I wanna do 
just do it helen
I know but I don’t want mum and dad to have to support me hh
yeah but you got- that means you got more time on your hands
          to go and  apply for jobs
I know  I know  which probably ends up
          better anyway
just  Go with your-
and then  you’ll be less stressed out   you
          don’t have to worry bout that    cow
go with your gut
          feeling if you don’t want to   if you feel like you can’t go
         in there anymore 
do you really wanna go in tomorrow and
          have her abuse you   again
no not particularly
         well I know that   well she’s   she said that she
         needs to talk to me so I’m just gonna go in there 
         even if I do still work its gonna be miserable anyway 
         and andrea when she was on the phone to me she sounded
         like a   real 
nn not very nice at all so she’s obviously not happy with
         me either 
oh she’s gonna go with whatever shirl
oh   she’s   just   yeah
yeah cause she is 
hava few words to say to her as well
keep your mouth shut
your casual  you have no obligations to her   just
yeah that’s exactly right
call her up tonight and just tell her to  tell her how
         it is  don’t stuff   her  around  
well she look
don’t bother going in-
well  fa-    
         for the fact that I was arguing with her  and answering
         back she actually took it-
she wouldn’t have liked that
No she took it quite well  SUrprisingly coz like  
         usually if you answer back you talk back she gets really
         cranky but she was  
         NOt reasonable but she was listening to me
unless you wanna sleep  on it  and see how you feel
sort of
in the morning 
oh I’ve been feeling-
What’s that
a rechhordhher   it’s recordhhing us
anywaysound distorts
I’ll- I’ve been- I’ve been wanting to do it for you know
         how long now but I just haven’t   dunnit becoz  I
         don’t have another job to go to  and I don’t wanna have
         to rely on someone else   but I mean  
do what you like n
it  might give me more time to look for
         a job and I’ll be able to get a job 
Oh you’ll bemore determined
you’ll be less  stressed and y- you know you don’t need to be trying to look for another job  and then juggle it   uh and A job
a job and uni yeah
that’s   making you miserable at the same time and then
         doing uni as well it’s just too much  that’s too much
well apparently we’ve been  points to lara
         not so much you anymore coz your not there but   we’ve
         been not doing our job right 
blows raspberry 
and she said- oh I said well I haven’t been there for the
         past ∙hh three weeks I’ve been there for five an- five
         hours a week and she said well it’s not just these weeks
         and I said wellsound distorts
don’t blame it on me because I haven’t been there clatter from kitchen
well the day we went in it was pretty pathetic the other
         girls weren’t they 
sophie  still doesn’t know what she’s doing
I don’t think
I don’t think she
         realises what she   has in you and lara
that    robyn    girl    spilt    coffee   Everywhere
         I mean it takes a lot to   figure out how to carry
         coffees it’s hard but-
yeah but whoever made them made them too full
Marianna made the coffee with with   THat
         much froth on the latteindicates with her hand
so that was   even  har that’s not very
         muchfor a- for a start
I’d   say  its  probably   possibly been
         given advice to 
oh yeah
try to get rid of you before you turn twenty
oh  but  it’d  be  mari-  it’d  be   maria an
         heidi’d be in on it  if that’s the case 
yeah but that’s still no reason for her to act this
         way she’s 
She coulda just said look I don’t really   want to