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GCSAusE13 (Text)

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Contributor :
Leigh Foo
Date transcribed :
7 October 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between four housemates, three males and one female, that occurred at home.
Ethics approval number :
Participants :
Logan (21, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Warren(21, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Angela (21, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Michael (24, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate (TAFE Diploma), Fabrication Engineer)
Transcribers :
Leigh Foo (April 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE13 (Original), Original GCSAusE13 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE13 (Text), Text
Interactivity :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
4 minutes 58 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
April 2009
Document metadata
Contributors :
Leigh Foo
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Haugh, Michael
Ethics approval number :
Transcript format :
Transcript length :
1,657 words, 9,236 characters (with spaces), 253 lines
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GCSAusE13 - Transcript GCSAusE13#Text

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File contents

hhhh h hhhh
hhhh h

oh actually no she did  I think she used to 
oh yeah don’t
cover up for her now
yeah righto Warren

well I liked it
when you guys were around

when u guys were around

but ahm  I’m excited about Jesse’s birthday 
how many weeks after hers is yours one week
or two

two weeks I think 
maybe   two and a half
what are you doing huh
its gonna be an expensive month

oi so many birthdays already
what are you getting Jess
I dunno I’m just
I dunno I was thinking about nothing
I’m just gonna have a big birthday bash
have        decided everyones
don’t say it too loud
birthday present apart from freakin’ yours
shes awake
what do you want
yeah that’s cause I’m  hard core 
what do you want
I dunno
is there any like in partic
I don’t want anything
no well you there must

get him a GPS just rewrap yours and
give it to him
hh hhh h
I want a car 
oh yeah I’ll buy you a car no worries Waz
I’ll just buy you
a Bunnings voucher
real friends would hook me up
hh hhhhh
you could always
yes  have you decided how much
you want for your car yet 
no I 
don’ know
I really need to know what to  get  you
well  you were working
that out today
what car are you selling your car
ahm maybe
or buying it
you mean the ahm  ute    
are you selling your car
or are you buying it
he’s already bought
I wouldn’t rebuy my car
your your ute 
yeah I don’ know yet maybe  depends
really what do you
want  I really need to know
why do you really need to know
it’s a Hilux or Rodeo
this is your
I want   you   to come and party at my birthday
cause I got
oh yeah I’ll just do that and buy you nothing
plenty of other people are
no       you bought me a GPS I wanna know what you want
 cause I got
I told you I want a car
hhhh hh

alright I’ll buy yo
I’m  sorry  I’m not made of money

I’ll buy
you a two hundred dollar car

m hhh hh hh
gimme a match box car
gimme a match box car

wha  Logan get OUt
I’m sorry
gimme a miniature
Miniature man
yeah  get me a gorilla suit

I uhm
oh are you doing a theme for your birthday
what are you getting 
don’t know  I don’t know
yet  I got like  I got  a small present
 that I know I wanna buy her  but I dunno
but a lot
no but  not the main present but just like maybe

what is it you should say it and we can save the
nah  no way

the what
I dunno if she’ll use it though
why not

she just chucks um hhh  she chucks her laptop

in like a Woollies bag h hh
I know             
oh okay
yeah so shell have a use for it and then
I’ll get her something else  

I dunno what I’m gonna get her
’cause I was thinking everytime she gets in my car
all she has is laptop with a battery on top
and she scratched my window last time she
did that

have you fixed that yet
what hap when did she
I don’t have the heart to say gimme sixty bucks
to fix my window
oh you should have said to her for it
I’d pay for it if I broke it
what did she do what did she do

oh she just scratched my tinted window that’s all
oh that’s all what did she how though

oh see that’s the whole point she had her laptop with
the  battery and everything on top she was climbing
into the my car  and the door  shut behind her
and smashed the window
h hhh
yes  like all it did was scratch the tint but um
 as I was saying like  we should 
but yeah not just that
what was I gonna say

I dunno
but it’s Warren who’s giving me the shits
'cause I don’t know what he wants
I’m terrible at buying people presents
no you’re not you buy people good presents

no I’m not
hh h hh
see I’m I can’t buy male presents I just can’t I’m
not good at it  cause I’m not a male so I don’t know
what they want 
what do you want I’m not buying you a car
I’ve been  relying on that

I don’t know get me like a

are you having a costume party

probably not  unless people wanna dress up

well I’m I was looking forward to it  dressing
I’m dressing up for Gregs 
I’m thinking yeah what sort of  is that
it’s a jungle theme so I’m going to
go to Spotlight  and buy some ahm  tiger
material or some leopard material
oh god
and I’m gonna make myself some  pants like in
home ec
Warren’s goin’ to sew 
yep I am
did you do home ec like that
yeah  and then
are you serious
I’ll make the pants 
you can just you can buy the pattern
and then
what like pyjama pants
yeah then I’m gonna like             
you know  buy the
pattern then all you have to do is like cut
you know what I mean like
 yeah like short  then I’m gonna sew it 
and then I’m 
how do they know so much about sewing
I don’t know
I’m gonna make  arm bands 
like     just like      fussy ones
the ones I made were about three sizes too big for
I look like a tigers Tarzan man 
but sewing I got an A for

can’t you get like people  just like 
a Tarzan costume isn’t a Tarzan costume pretty much
why the fuck would I wan
just like  a rug
yeah but that’s gay  that’s something you’d wear
mines gonna
oi my pirate outfit was awesome
no one’s gonna
have my costume cause I’m making it myself  and then
I’m gonna wear it around the house 
my short short tiger pants
I wasn’t invited