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GCSAusE09 (Text)

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participant,GCSAusE09 - Participant 1,32 participant,GCSAusE09 - Participant 2,21
Contributor :
Brad Karpa
Date transcribed :
7 October 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two male students that occurred on University grounds.
Participants :
Ben (32, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Alex (21, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Brad Karpa (April 2009) Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE09 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE09 (Original), Original GCSAusE09 (Text), Text
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 2 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
April 2009
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Contributors :
Karpa, Brad
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Haugh, Michael
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Description :
A transcribed conversation between two male students that occurred on University grounds.
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1,476 words, 7,467 characters (with spaces), 216 lines
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GCSAusE09 - Transcript
Haugh, Michael
GCSAusE09#Text GCSAusE09 - Transcript

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File contents

so what did you do on the weekend
ah went and saw a friend and ah 
ah okay  was it fun 
it was okay we went and ate subway and 
           yeah just chatted about   world events
           and the   economies
just chilling out
cool   yeah I ah   what did I do I just
          studied   spent the whole weekend studying
          did semantics on Saturday  and did   CA
          conversation analysis on Sunday
sounds like fun there goes the students life
          HA ha hh hh hh hh  hh
ah yes it was very interesting
um hm
so yeah 
so how’s all your ahm stuff coming along
          all your exams and not exams what are you
pretty cruisy yeah   nothing much
          they are all   sixty percent essays and
          they are mm due at the end of the semester
          to submit it
yeah there fun those 60 percent essays I think I got
          one of those I think we might be in
          the same class actually 
He He he
so how is your Chinese going
‘bout the same as usual  I got no idea
          what's going on   ‘cause a- there’s an exam
          coming soon   so yeah I got-   got to
          get my ahm-   I’m thinkin’ about getting a
          second language partner  figured if I get
          two   go twice a week I might  
          stand a chance of learning something  
yeah I have   s- s- several Chinese flat mates
          that maybe wanna  
ah really
improve their English yeah
yeah this girl that I was talking to lives with
          some Chinese people she lives with five of them
            so I figured if I   go over her place  I can   all talk to me in Chinese maybe
          I will work something out   that way get more
          confused though they’re probably all different
hh hh
being my luck they’ll be talking Cantonese  
          I go in to the exam and start saying something
HA HA ha
in another languageanother dialect 
ah I’m looking for some Chinese friends but
          like   it’s hard to find them
I was talking to someone this morning who
          was in   went to Taiwan can’t
          remember what her name was
when’d she go   last year
ah      I think she said she
          lived there for a while   she was a  she was an Australian she was born in
          Australia but she’s ahm I think she might be
          Chinese or Taiwanese  well  I suppose
          Chinese not Taiwanese
ah  was she doing semantics with us
she was in Chinese   class
what   ah interpreting
no no she’s in second year   she’d only- she’s
          got-   it was her I don’t know what it was
          it was her first semester of studying Chinese  but she’s been put into second year because
         she can speak it so well
ah she-   ah okay  you’re a second now
she must be alright for sure-
yeah she’s better than I am 
ha ha ha
can she talk to the teacher or
yeah yeah she’s really good go- got a really
         good pronunciation  she can’t- apparently she
         can’t read characters but she did better than I did
hmm  well she should be in third level or
         third year if she is   if she is that good 
yeah that’s what I th- well like yeah she was
         pretty good I mean speaking she was really
         really good   so yeah- understanding so yeah
           there’s another competitor
           hhhhh ha
doesn’t even study for the test just
         turns up
yeah I know
I know I’ll be studying I’ll have- I just gotta
         get that   memorise the practice test that’s
         my- ah that’s my strategy   that’s what I did
         last time it was almost exactly the same  
         so yeah   
you mean the dialogue in the book 
yeah   well NOT the dialogue in the book last y-
           like last year they gave us practice exams
there was a thing you had to uhm translate
         from English to Chinese and one you had to
         translate from Chinese to English 
and I just r-   memorised the ones that-
           that they’ve given us in the practice test  and yeah it was basically the same thing
           I think they changed some of the-  
         changed from xia yu to xing mung or something they-
         changed the name   the person’s name  
that was it I hope they do that this year  
         or this semester yeah   ‘cause otherwise I
         could be   
hmm  good old Chinese days an-   I wish
         I could do that instead of   Spanish or Italian
YEAH  I think I recon I would probably
         prefer Spanish now I have had a bit of a look at
I just think I would probably understand it a
         bit and I’d pick it up better 
yeah everyone is picking it up really  
         really quick
they can understand   a lot better than if they
         learn Chinese word  
yehah hh h    
because there are so many so many
         tones in the damn language
I was looking in Jed’s work book he had a-   a-
           a-   noun el presidente  
it was like-  
it’s exactly the same as English
half of the shit you can just
         understand yeah it’s like fuck  
HA ha hh
‘cause all you got to do is put on an accent and
         speak English
HA ha hh el presidente  hh  he   hhhhhhhh
I know   just
         add the el and la   hhh
hh hhhh hhhh hhh hhh   ha hhh  
la presidente de  de Griffith
           universidadha ha hh
ha ha ha hhhhh
 hh ha ha   just change the end to AR do
           and then add a lah
you did it then did you 
unlike Chinese its fuckin’  crap  I don’t
         even know how to say el presisente in Chinese
ahm zong tong
ah Zong Tong 
yeah hh hh hhh
you know I’ll forget that   in like twenty
         secondsas I said I listen to el presidente once
naa hh HA hhhh
and it’s   burnt on my brain forever
hhh ha
yeah but what you just told me what was it zong
Yeah zong tong ha ha
that’ll be gone in twenty seconds