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GCSAusE08 (Text)

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Contributor :
Andrew Brown
Date transcribed :
7 October 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two male students that occurred on University grounds.
Participants :
Ben (32, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student) Alex (21, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Andrew Brown (April 2009) Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE08 (Original), Original GCSAusE08 (Raw), Raw GCSAusE08 (Text), Text
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
5 minutes 17 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
April 2009
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Data or documents associated with this record are available to the School of Languages & Linguistics only. Please contact the CGSAusE collection custodian to request copies.
Contributors :
Brown, Andrew
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Haugh, Michael
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Description :
A transcribed conversation between two male students that occurred on University grounds.
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1,678 words, 8,933 characters (with spaces), 307 lines
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GCSAusE08 - Transcript
Haugh, Michael
GCSAusE08#Text GCSAusE08 - Transcript

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File contents

okay where were we
             aww that’s right Woolworths sucks
um working like a mother
             so anyway yeah I don’t work there
             anymore thank God
            it’- it’s- alright money though I was-
            I was clearing nine hundred dollars a week 
but yeah working’s stupid man
what fulltime
that’s fulltime
that was 40 hours
I couldn’t give a crap about money
            these days everythings fallin a
Yehah man

yeah it was fucking really bad I
            didn’t like it
            I wouldn’t do it again fuck that
hhhh just go around
            in circles go there
it was crap man15 secs
            it’s the worst job you- I
            could possibly think of it ‘cause it screws
            your body up right ‘cause you’re lifting  
            like no shit your lifting one point two
            tonnes every 40 minutes 
and your doing it   your doing
            about a hundred eighty boxes an hour   so you’re
            lifting   like   one point two tonnes or whatever
  in a hundred eighty units 
            over 40 minutes to an hour and
            you’re  doing that 8 hours a day 
            you know 5 days a week 
            it jus- it just fucks you up
so you’d be like lifting the wrong
            like with your bent
            your back bent
yeah ah no no like I always had a
            good good technique
            but still it doesn’t matter
            like your hands get really sore 
            ‘cause like I got to play the guitar right 
            and you just you can’t play because
            your hands are um   just your joints
            so yeah I won’t might do that
            I must admit it I did it for nearly two
and your whole back’s- your back’s
            screwed now
no nomy back’s not too bad that’s
            the thing I- I sort of looked after myself
            pretty well but yeah   I mean you
            wouldn’t want to work there for
            I mean I don’t think you wouldn’t want
            to work there for 6 months to be
            honest with you 
            But yeah I mean everything’s ‘cause-
            everything’s sort of   like I said my
            joints aren’t too bad now my fingers
            are they’re pretty good but yeah 
            you wouldn’t want to go there for 
            like I’ve seen people there who are
            like forty who uh like can’t lift
            because they’ve actually physically
            broken their backs on the job 
LIterally Broken
yeah literally
           literally   broken
ah         ha
their backs on the job
haha         HAgasping 
hhow does THat work   how does
           that work
well they   throw a disk or they’d ahm
ah because of the 
           the   plates and the
there’s one g’- the like then- the
           thing is that Woolworths 
           because they are such a a company 
           they um what they’ve done is they
           hire like cuz I wasn’t actually
           working for Woolworths 
           I was working for a labour hire
           company called IPA  so if I did
           my back  if I broke my back on the
           job Woolworths doesn’t pay any
           hh says IPA so they’ve
           put all the   put all the um all the
           risks under this other company 
           so yeah they really worked me the a
           contractors worked really hard like
           the Woolworths employeehs 
           were picking orders at like
           say a hundred boxes an hour 
           and the contractor employees was
           picking at a hundred eighty 
           and if we didn’t keep that that level
           up we were sent home
ah  so you have a standard to reach
Yeah that’s right and if you if you don’t
           stay at that level then they
           just send you home and they’d just
           get more contractors so they just have
           this filter like if you- if you
           have people working there for like 4
           like I mean I was doing 8 hours shift ‘cause
           I could work all day
           but yeah they- you know like they
           just send you home after 4 hours if
           you’re not performing 
           and then they’d just hire and get
           other contractors then
so you- that you could be fired
           any day for not keeping it up
           that’s right yeah absolutely they
           send you home   on the like-
so you’re fired okay go home and don’t
           come back
ahm it’s not so much fired cause
           you’re a contractor it’s like ah we
           don’t need you anymore
if we want you- if we want you- you
           know I mean generally like they’ll
           give you like four shifts a week or
           five shifts a week right 
but you might- they might be four
           five hours shif- they might be four
           hours shifts hh
           but if you-if you worked really hard
           then they- you know they
           they might offer you 10 hours 
so yeah but I never did 10 hour
           I can’t- I couldn’t take it
            it drives you insane
like seriously   like insane
like you- your body would just fall apart
yeah that’s- that’s right see because
           your on the- strapped into the computer you’re
           not thinking- you got- you
           can’t talk to- ‘cause as soon as you
           talk to somebody 
           the computer re- hears what you’re
           and it just starts saying stupid shit 
           because it’s voice operated 
aw  h      h    h     h
so you can’t- you can’t say anything if
           you say anything to anybody the
           computer fucks up
aha ha ha hh ha ha ha ha ha
           ha hh
           it’s really bad it sucks man 
           you’re like- you’re just- all you are is a
           and this machine is just telling you
           where to go
ahhh so it’s- you’re- you’re not there
           to socialise whatsoever you can’t
Noh mahn
you can’t even say a worhd   huh
if you say
           as soon as you say hello the
           computer starts going did you say go
           to aisle xx whatever and you’re like  
           fuck I didn’t say that
hh                hh
           hHahahhaha hh
           haha hhhahaha   
it’s shock
           ing it’s really bad
hhh So
           obviously you had someh experience
           when you first started hh how you
           going how’s your       
you lose your order don’t know where
           you are
           ‘cause that’s a thing you like   you’re
           supposed  to go to aisle L or
           something and then you s-   then you say
           hello and you’re sent to aisle H   or something
so you’re getting- you are lost
yeah   anyway yeah I wouldn’t work
           there I don’t wan- that’s apparently
           it’s the only-
           it’s the only factory in Australia
           that’s got that picking system 
but yeah I don’t think that it
           should be in-   input anywhere else 
           because it just drives you insane
           ‘cause like your head your actual
           head you’re still thinking but you can’t
           you can’t
           do anything with it so you’d just go
           nuts going around there 
prehtty retahrded job
it is it is the worst job I could
           think of 
Toihlet cleahning’s probably worse
Nno I don’t know at least you won’t
           break your back 
           and you can
           at least you could- at least you could
           talk to yourself 
hhh you may not have anyone with you at
           least you can say something
  so yeah^