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GCSAusE05 (Raw)

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Contributor :
Kirsty Knight
Date transcribed :
7 October 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between male and female friends that occurred at home.
Participants :
Angus (29, New Zealand, male, L1 English, NZ, Postgraduate, Graphic Designer) Fiona (31, New Zealand, female, L1 English, NZ, Postgraduate, Graphic Designer)
Transcribers :
Kirsty Knight (March 2008) Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE05 (Text), Text GCSAusE05 (Original), Original GCSAusE05 (Raw), Raw
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
8 minutes 38 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2008
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Transcript Coversheet

|                      |Data                                      |
|Title                 |GCSAusE05                                 |
|Number of people      |2                                         |
|Description           |A transcribed conversation between male   |
|                      |and female friends that occurred at home. |
|Participants          |Angus (29, New Zealand, male, L1 English, |
|                      |NZ, Postgraduate, Graphic Designer)       |
|                      |Fiona (31, New Zealand, female, L1        |
|                      |English, NZ, Postgraduate, Graphic        |
|                      |Designer)                                 |
|Date of recording     |March 2008                                |
|Place of recording    |Brisbane                                  |
|Length of recording   |8 minutes 38 seconds                      |
|Contributor of        |Kirsty Knight                             |
|recording             |                                          |
|Length of transcript  |1,303 words, 6,480 characters (with       |
|                      |spaces), 158 lines (0:12-6:31 only)       |
|Number of pages       |6                                         |
|Transcribers          |Kirsty Knight (March 2008)                |
|                      |Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)             |
|Date transcription    |7 October 2009                            |
|last modified         |                                          |
|Creator               |Michael Haugh                             |

1     A:    so I ↑ca:lled Harvey Norman after this phone ↓call
2           (0.3) and speak to this dude and I’m like (.) I came
3           into get this computer (.) oh who was the salesmen
4           I’m [like=
5     F:        [hhhh
6     A:    =I can’t I honestly can’t remember he was like (.)
7           oh if you can’t remember you’re gonna have to come
8           into the store and give us all °the paper wo↑rk
9           (0.7) I was like (.) I’m gonna ring them back (1.0)
10          like (.)°you know I was saying to Kirsty I’m gonna
11          call them back and go (2.0) oh hey um I got this
12          computer and it’s just (.) ah in your stock there
13          I °just °°wanted to see if you’ve still got it
14          avai↑lable for me↑=
15    F:    =um:
16    A:    and if they go oh yeah: Angus I’m gonna go
17          yeah well you know that computer can you cancel it↑
18          and by the way can you ring up GE finance and say
19          put that u:mm the thousand dollars (.) oh just you
20          [kno]w and just tell them that the sale just didn’t
21    F:    [um:]
22    A:    go through, (1.3) because GE credit seem to think
23          that Harvey Norman can just make a pho↑ne call< I
24          don’t even need to go in↑ there=
25    F:    =yeah
26    A:    and if he can’t do it I’m just gonna say look man,
27          can you just put me through to the manager↑ cos I’m
28          speaking with someone who ca:n’t obviously get
29          something done when I need it done?
30    F:    but you: umm (.) why have they- why have they tak-
31          (.) why have they taken it off the card a↑nyway
32          (1.7)
33    A:    it’s not ↑o:ff↓ the card (.) the GE finance people
34          (.) the paperwork hasn’t been sent through °ri↑ght
35    F:    hm
36    A:    and I’m like yeah that’s ‘cause I don’t- I didn’t
37          get that I didn’t up getting (.) and they’re like we
38          haven’t received anything from Harvey Norman↑
39          I went (.) I didn’t get the computer that’s why=
40    F:    =yeah
41    A:    and they’re like well they need to ca:↑ll us and so
42          every time I call them up (.) they’ve given me three
43          different excuses on three different occasions?=
44    F:    =yeah
45    A:    so I’m just going to ring them tomorrow and say
46          (0.8) oh look you know have you got this order and
47          if he goes yep↑ oh what’s your name blah well you
48          know you guys have basically just given me the run
49          around (.) I’ve been told three different things
50          every time I’ve called up (1.5) I wanna speak to
51          your manag[er no]w,
52    F:             [hmmmm]
53          (5.0)
54    F:    >I think it’s the other way around though< to speak
55          to the store mana[g]er
56    A:                [I] (.) I ↑can↓not see how they can’t just
57          (.) I don’t know what’s going on (.) it’s really
58          frustrating.
59    F:    it’s just (.)↑salespeople. (4.3) so you still- you
60          still get that um: (0.3) money on that card though?
61    A:    well yeah they said they’ve given me finance [for ]it
62    F:                                              [mmmm]
63    A:    (2.5) and ↑if↓ they haven’t I don’t ↑care I’ll just
64          (.) I would just quit I’ll just close the ↑card
65          (1.2) I didn’t use it [so]
66    F:                          [um:](3.8)
67    A:    if they explain to me that it’s only for that
68          particular compu↑ter,(.) and for that particular
69          purpose (1.5) that you got the ↑fi↓nance (.) [the]n=
70    F:                                                [yep]
71    A:    =sweet but when I go to the website that’s not what
72          it says.
73    F:    you [can use]               [um ]
74    A:        [it says] use the Go Mas[ter]card use the Go
75          Mastercard here there everywhere bar use the bloody
76          credit card here’s the names of the stores you can
77          u↑se it at,=
78    F:    =hhh here draw draw money out it out of an ATM and
79          we’ll charge you thir[ty percent i]nterest hhhh
80    A:                        [twenty eight]
81    F:    hhhh
82    A:    yeah man
83          (1.0)
84    F:    yeah right=
85    A:    =I was even prepared to do that man you know in
86          order to establish a credit rating=
87    F:    =yep
88    A:    I thought just thought I could pay that back as
89          well? (.) °but (3.7) but it’s all just a big drama
90          now,
91    F:    um:
92    A:    I mean it would come in handy ‘cause °I plan to move
93          soon° (6.0) so yeah it would be a safety net
94    F:    a thousand dollars
95    A:    (     ) which come at su:ch a cool time=
96    F:    =yeah hhhh
97          (2.4)
98    A:    and I still haven’t been able to figure °my rent
99          thing out (.) I still get rent arrear things↑ coming
100         through?
101   F:    ya wha↑t
102   A:    rent arrea↑rs (.) like your rent is in arrea↑rs=
103   F:    =u↑m::↓
104   A:    so can you pay u↑p thought I ↑did (.) thought I payed
105         ↑up (1.4) I don’t know ↑what’s going on
106         (2.0)
107   F:    excellent=
108   A:    =there’s a (.) combined property rentals are the
109         only people I’ve ever been (.) in the arrears with
110         rent, and I ca:n’t figure it out why its happeni↑ng
111         Like (.) I a:lways think I’m paying two wee↑ks (.)
112         I’ve pa- I’ve payed °fortnigh↑tly=
113   F:    =hm:
114   A:    I was late last week and I knew I was gonna get one
115         but then I thought fortunately for me you know when
116         I got paid three weeks (.) you know it’s like it’s
117         just real bizarre=
118   F:    =yeah hhh .hh
119   A:    till I get the payout or else I’m gonna [beat- (.)
120   F:                                            [hhhh
121   A:    beat you up (2.0) °pay up bro
122         (5.0)
123   F:    °it’s so crappy isn’t it?
124   A:    it’s seriously lu:dicrous man,=
125   F:    =hm:
126         (3.0)
127   A:    it’s a:ll my fault though like, (0.5) I just need to
128         (.) go get a driver’s licence, (0.4) get it renewed
129   F:    well you do need to go back to New Zealand to get it
130         ren↑ewed ↑you know
131   A:    should just go to Ca↑nada cos you can a learner’s
132         licence and then come back o↑ver and you get your
133         full Australian one?=
134   F:    =yeah hhhh .hh (0.4) you’d probably have to be a
135         resident in Aus- in Canada though? Hhhh (1.8)
136   A:    they’d be like you’re out of the country for too
137         long u↑h:::
138         (3.0)
139   F:    ↑can you actually get (2.4) time (.) because you’ve
140         had your licence in New Zealand↓ and it hasn’t been
141         cancelled (.) its just lapsed, (.) can you actually
142         get (.) like (.) go straight from ours to a full
143         licence or anything?
144         (1.5)
145   A:    no:: (.) they said I had to sit the: (take) the test
146         again (4.0)
147         gotta go ↑in an (2.0) pay fo↑r it and (     ) °all
148         the other (.) hoo haa (.) should have done it when I
149         got my eighteen plu↑s card but(.)I obviously I was
150         in a little bit of a rush that da↑y (2.0) °so I
151         didn’t end up going↑ (.) aga:↑in
152         (3.0)
153   F:    it’s not like you’ve got a car?=
154   A:    =I know?=
155   F:    =h(h)hhh
156   A:    it’s disincentive but then [there’s
157   F:                              [hh .hh
158   A:    so: much i:ncentive to do it