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GCSAusE03 (Raw)

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Contributor :
Julie Esbensen
Date transcribed :
24 September 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between four family members talking after lunch at home. Melissa (M) has given an unusual present to Cindy (C) and Bryan (B). They are trying to guess what it is, along with Tim (T)
Participants :
Bryan (37, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Postgraduate, Musician/Teacher) Melissa (64, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Secondary, Retired) Tim (45, Australia, male, L1 English, AU, Postgraduate, Carpenter) Cindy (40, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, Postgraduate, Music Teacher)
Transcribers :
Julie Esbensen (April 2008) Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
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Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
7 minutes 45 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
March 2008
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Transcript Coversheet
|                     |Data                                     |
|Title                |GCSAusE03                                |
|Number of people     |4                                        |
|Description          |A transcribed conversation between four  |
|                     |family members talking after lunch at    |
|                     |home. Melissa (M) has given an unusual   |
|                     |present to Cindy (C) and Bryan (B). They |
|                     |are trying to guess what it is, along    |
|                     |with Tim (T)                             |
|Participants         |Bryan (37, Australia, male, L1 English,  |
|                     |AU, Postgraduate, Musician/Teacher)      |
|                     |Melissa (64, Australia, female, L1       |
|                     |English, AU, Secondary, Retired)         |
|                     |Tim (45, Australia, male, L1 English, AU,|
|                     |Postgraduate, Carpenter)                 |
|                     |Cindy (40, Australia, female, L1 English,|
|                     |AU, Postgraduate, Music Teacher)         |
|Date of recording    |March 2008                               |
|Place of recording   |Brisbane                                 |
|Length of recording  |7 minutes 45 seconds                     |
|Contributor of       |Julie Esbensen                           |
|recording            |                                         |
|Length of transcript |1,205 words, 6,069 characters (with      |
|                     |spaces), 189 lines                       |
|Number of pages      |7                                        |
|Transcribers         |Julie Esbensen (April 2008)              |
|                     |Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)            |
|Date transcription   |24 September 2009                        |
|last modified        |                                         |
|Creator              |Michael Haugh                            |
B:    that one’s bent.
M:    oYou’re getting closero
T:    oh boiled egg
M:    hh[hh
T:      [yeah jam that on the spike there.
B:    so you [can] crack open your egg dank dink dink dink
M:           [no:].
M:    hah
B:    um (.) making rude [signs at people]
M:                      [something remem]ber the last time we were at your
      place for dinner I think it was the night we went to: look at the=
B:    =A:H and ↑we said can you get one of those metal blue bendy th[ings
      that] we haven’t got on our
M:      [hhhaha   ]
B:    table ‘n’ Mum went ↑yeah I’ll get you one of [those]oin
M:                                               [hahuh]
B:    [Bundaberg]
T:    [it looks ] like dinner forks or it used [to be]
M:                                          [no:: ][after we-
B:                                                [A fork, well, it used to
      be a fork yeah]
M:    after we came home from looking] at the lights remember we went down
      and sat at th[e table under ]the house?
B:                          [Telekinesisss]
B:    >This is the result of an [experiment in telekinesis<]
M:                             [and remember what (.)     ]you did Cindy
M:    do you remember what you did
C:    oNoo
M:    haven’t got a clue↓ there were lots of buzzy things around
B:    oh: it holds the mosquito coil
C:    ↑UH[O:O:H  ]
B:       [aa↑::h↓] so how the hell does that work?
M:    I don’t know [but thought I thou]ght we:ll it was
B:                [Hhh neither do I]
M:    goin- they did have one actually and the coil was sitting on there
C:    Uho[:H ]
B:       [How] much did ya pay for it?
M:    three d(h)ollars hhhh
B:    ↑I wanna go home and get our forks do you know how many forks you can
      buy for three dollars?
C:    Kha: h[hh   ]
B:          [‘nd I’m] going to bend them and paint them different colours
      and say hey it’s a mosquito coil holder guys, here you go (.) ↑We
      could make a ↑killing!
T:    you could take that in to show the (.) manual arts teacher and the
      kids could make [one]
M:                           [↑ye:]s=
B:    =that’s ↑right [a mosquito coil holder.]
M:                  [we:ll it was just so:  ]funny because=
B:     [how would you grade that?]
M:    =[Cindy sat there and made-] remember you made one out of the alfoil
      (.) thing?=
T:    =the art teacher would have [to grade it.]
M:                               [and ahm: that]’s why I [thought (I’d
      gedit for you)      ]
B:    [you’d ‘ave t’ get the art teacher] in to grade it.
M:    it was only three dollars so I thought oh=
B:    =I mean, is that a crap paint job↑ or is it- is that art[istic?]
M:       [oh:: ] I just pulled the price tag off it
T:    it looks like [it’s been done-]
B:                 [no: I’m talking] about the paint job in general like it
      looks it looks like obviously they were holding this bit here because
      they haven’t painted that bit (.) [where they] were holding it
T:        [ah right ]
M:    [o::oh   ]
T:    [it looks] like it was done with a pen
B:    does it?
M:    ↑oh::: I didn’t notice that,
B:    it looks like Joanna’s painted it
C:    ohhhh
M:    no, I didn’t notice that,
T:    where did ya geddit?
M:    ah:m at (1.2) Moor Park (.) the craft shop at Moor Park=
B:    =so when you’re in Moor Park next
T:    wo:w
B:    we’ll have to go there.
T:    we will.
B:    get up and [our-]
C:               [you-], I bet you bought it (.) blind drunk.
B:    hhhhh
T:    after you’d been to the Bundy Rum fac[tory ]
C:                                       [hhhhh]
B:    I reckon th(h)is is [what Dad t(h)ried ]to eat his Chinese
C:                       [what a great idea]
B:    with after the [rum and coke] they sold him with too much
C:                  [Hahahahah   ]
B:    rum in it
T:    Yeah, he was [chewing on it ]
B:                [and this is the] result He’s chewed [on
C:                                                   [hh
B:    it] did he have to get some new teeth while he was
C:    hh]
B:    when he came back
C:    (uh)Heheha.
C:    ooh, [that’s funny. ]
M:         [owe:ll° I thought] it was a joke really,
C:    I: love it
M:    ah[hhh]
T:      [what] else did you get (.) at the Moor Park markets?
C:    hhhhhhh
M:    I bought ↑nothing for you!
B:    [yeah:] (.) she knew you [wouldn’t appreciate it]
T:    [hhh]
M:                             [I bought um::         ] a washer-
C:    she thought of me
M:    A washer [for Cl]aire and Joanna and and >oI was going to
C:             [on you.]
M:    osay Habibi< um
T:    HaBIbi!
B:    [He needs a bath  ]
M:    [Hahaha          ]
T:    [He needs a washer]
M:    ahm: (.) ’v just given Claire hers↓ (.)
M:    [but Claire’s n n Joan]na’s [has]got a dolphin on it and
B:    [bloody wog terrorist,]
C:                               [oh:↓]
M:    I got a teddy bear one for um (.) Andrew.
C:    .hh c(h)ool- and I got this.
M:    Ye(h)(h)s ha ha!
C:    hhhhh[ha!]
M:          [just] be careful though I mean I wrapped it up in this to come
      home because it was pretty sharp hhhhhh
C:    clean your teeth
T:    yeah don’t leave it on the seat
M:    no: no: no: just be <careful where you put it>
C:    hhhh[ah:]
T:          [hhhh]
C:    that’s oh: (.) that’s brilliant
C:    (hhh)
B:    did you see what else Cindy got from Moor Park?  A Sydney Opera House
T:    wow!
B:    you can’t get them in Sydney, you have to go to Moor Park for those
      too ((Clatter)) that’s gonna go straight to the pool room that bloody
      (2.4) oholder↑ up there with the (1.8) keyring (1.6) that’s [pretty
C:                        [no: it’s go]ing to go- it’s gonna go on the new
      deck that Tim thinks is a good idea
B:    ↑we ↓should eat out tonight,
M:    uh? hhhh[ha]
C:            [h]hhha I can’t wait to hear hh um [(about this)]
B:                                              [outside] I mean,
      [ou]tside we can put this up, set this up outside
C:          [Um]
B:    and eat outside [(                                 )]
C:                    [oour new deck. Now, because you’re a] carpenter that
      means that you can do a <↑DEck↓> [out there]
T:                                                 [yeah::   ]
B:    did you know Karen? (.) and Richard?
T:    who?
B:    Karen and Richard Fields
T:    Fie(h)lds? (.) nah
B:    you didn’t know them?
T:    nah (1.1)
C:    that would be brilliant do you think (.) if we just got a builder in
      (.) got him to do the outside ↓or her being politically correct=
T:    =yeah (1.1)
C:    hah (.) and then we did the internals or (.) you’re good at the
      internals, so yer still okay to do that?
T:    yeah: (1.1)
C:    °hum hhhhhh°
T:    take a couple of years
C:    .h huh
T:    doin’ it on [one Saturday a month or whatever] hhhh=
C:               [hhhh:                         ]
B:    =hey (.) [HOW did George’s dinner-]
C:             [that’d give us enough ti]me to save up, pay you, save up,
      pay [you (        )]
B:                [how did Georg]e’s dinner with Kiss go? (1.0)
T:    I think it went alright, they took the baklava home, or back to their
      motel, or something
B:    ah right