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GCSAusE01 (Text)

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participant,GCSAusE01 - Participant 2,42 participant,GCSAusE01 - Participant 1,55
Contributor :
Weilin Chang
Date transcribed :
7 October 2009
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two female mature-age students that occurred on University grounds.
Participants :
Hannah (55, Australia, female, L1 English, AU, L2 Chinese, Undergraduate, Student) Sandra (42 Australia, female, L1 English, AU, L2 Chinese, Undergraduate, Student)
Transcribers :
Weilin Chang (April 2008) Yasuhisa Watanabe (June 2009)
Audience :
Small Group
Communication Context :
Face to Face
Related Document :
GCSAusE01 (Text), Text GCSAusE01 (Original), Original GCSAusE01 (Raw), Raw
Interactivity :
Word Count :
Mode :
Plaint Text :
Speech Style :
7 minutes 51 seconds
Michael Haugh
Discourse Type :
Interactive Discourse
Recording Date :
April 2008
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Access Restrictions :
Data or documents associated with this record are available to the School of Languages & Linguistics only. Please contact the CGSAusE collection custodian to request copies.
Contributors :
Chang, Weilin and Watanabe, Yasuhisa
Custodian :
School of Languages and Linguistics
Data Owner :
Michael Haugh
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Transcript last modified :
Description :
A transcribed conversation between two female mature-age students that occurred on University grounds.
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Original Transcriber :
Chang, Weilin and Watanabe, Yasuhisa
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1,325 words, 6,700 characters (with spaces), 143 lines (0:00-5:55 only)
File :
GCSAusE01 - pdf-a version.pdf
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Name :
GCSAusE01 - Transcript
Haugh, Michael
GCSAusE01 - Transcript GCSAusE01#Text

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File contents

I’m glad I saw you I thought I lost you
no I’ve been here for a while
hm if I couldn’t borrow  second   book of reading
for communicating at cro- no for family gender and
ah that’s the second edition
I think it’s same family gender has a second book not
whatever communicating across cultures  
family gender book two
can-       can I borrow
yeah yeah
thank you
ah but all my-   all my reading books are all together  so that  
‘cause I do use them  I do sort of think ‘cause I don’t
      think that one I’ll be using   particularly will be using
which one
the family gender   I don’t think it’d be-
although  you know something in- in the social
      context of Asian business ‘cause I missed half of that 
      there was a little bit on sort of   Chinese society or
      something or so I just go back to Chris’ notes and  
      find it 
             this morning we- I think we got through  
      three slides
he gets to carry away doesn’t he   wha- I know the
      lecture on Chinese family
today’s ones
yeah I said to Sylvia   it could have been gone four hours
      and he still wouldn’t have finish   it just-   yeah it
      must have been the same with you as with us he just gets
      right into it   and ahm   yeah  
      it- it’s-   it’s amazing
ahm what am I goin’ to tell you  no I haven’t told
      you anything  ah yeah   did you get an email
      from Gary     
hm   hm hm  I thought I’d go  
me too   I was going through it   and-
I checked to see your name was there
and I was going   who is this person   and then
      I went through an’         all these people went to China
      and it still took me  you know I was going  he must have been someone I hardly noticed
how could you not notice he
exactly   and then
he- he’s just one of these peohple
no but how close through our room
ah  it’s you oh scary   oh Gary  
      yeah Bill’s working that day  so
        I’m just gonna get a bus
  oh he goes by train or bus or something  
      I just get on a bus into the Valley  
we could go on a river cruise   things that-  
      you know we could do-   if we buy a daily ticket 
      we can go cruising up the river after the picnic 
      Bill said he might meet me up afterwards   but I thought
      I’ll take that day off from assignment work  an’
      I’ll get a bus or whatever from new- from the Valley  
      I’ll just get a train into the valley or I’ll get a bus
      ‘cause   I can get parkin’ around there on Easter
      Sunday     it     will be   hell
yeah it will be hell            actually I’ll tell you
      what I might do is to catch a-   a ferry over from
      Bulimba   it’s m much easier for me than  
      driving all the way- yep an’ ‘cause you’re right
      parking’ll be a nightmare
well   I might even go into the city
      and get a ferry I’ll look up and see what- what I’ll either
      get a bus from  Brunswick street   out there or
      I’ll get a ferry from the city up   which will be much
      nicer than driving  yeah  I thought   I’ll
      go on that picnic  then I’m gonna take my Frisbee  
I’m gonna bring Frisbee because the other day I got one
        in      my    goodie bag
I got mine-
        I think I got one from the guide dog
fold up thing
hhh   you got a fold-up Fris- ah  maybe we can
      take the shuttlecock   ahm