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3-057 (Text)

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Will you submit to be robbed of your rights? (Shouts of No.) A Committee of the Legislative Council has passed a New Constitution for the colony, by which it is proposed - 
1. To create a colonial nobility, with hereditary privileges. (Tremendous groans.)
2. To construct an Upper House of Legislature, in which the people will have no voice. (Great disapprobation.)
3. To add 18 new seats to the Lower House, only one of which is to be allotted to Sydney, while the other 17 are to be distributed among the country and squatting districts. (Disapprobation.)
4. To squander the public revenue by pensioning off the officers of the Government at their full salaries, thus implanting in our institutions a principle of endless jobbery and corruption. (Groans.)
5. To fix this oligarchy, in the name of free institutions, on the people irrevocably, so that no future Legislature can reform it, even by an absolute majority. (Groans.)
The Legislative Council have had the hardihood to propose passing this unconstitutional and anti-British measure with only a few days' notice, and before it can possibly be considered by the colonists at large. (Great disapprobation.) 
Colonists! speak now, or for ever hold your peace. (Loud cheering.)