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3-041 (Raw)

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author,female,Hart, Lucy,un addressee,family
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Connell, 1980
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My Dear Mother I have had many trials and troubles since I saw you and a great deal of sickness but I have never wanted for anything amongst it all and for the first twelve months we was geting what I call on step forine and to back [one step forward and two back?]. I think I told you when I was home that Hart was very saveing and very fond of money which made me very uncomfortable has I could not save anything out of his wages has we had so much sickness and of course I had many little things to buy for such a time I could not save much you might think but Mother I have never been without a pound in my pocket since I have been John Harts wife and I think that is a great thing to say.
Should I have been so well off in England NO work hard and be half starved Australia is the place to live I would not come back to England again unless I had enough to keep me without work on no account neither would my husband I am speaking now the very sentiments of our hearts but people must be saving industrious and persevering we have deprived ourselves of many things we might have had but what was it for all to try to do something for ourselves so that my husband should not allways work under a Master and happy am I to inform you that we have gained that point he is now his own Master, My Dear Mother after I had quite recovered from my confinement and quite strong I was determined to work to help get a living I began to take in washing and ironing at 3 shillings per Dozen so I used to earn about 15 shillings per week which was as much as I could do with a young Baby then we could save a pound per week and live comfortable was then paying seven shillings per week for a house garden we was then geting on in the world very well for working people and just got things comfortable about us when my poor husband was taken ill with a violent fever fevers are very prevalent here and so they are in most hot climates when he was taken ill we had about 20 pounds in the house it was twelve weeks before he went to work again the very day he went to work we had but one shilling but thank God we did not owe any person a penny piece he went Back to his old place to work and you see My Dear Mother that through our own industry it kept us from the cold hand of Charity I still kept on my work all through his sickness so you might think my hands was full enough then I never expected him to recover the Doctor gave me very slight hopes of him after he got well and went to work again we was obliged to begin afresh and try to save a little more that is two years ago this month since then we neither of us has not had a days illness and everything have prospered then in a month or two we bought a cow and she used to turn me in about 12 shillings per week and a lot of poultry of my own rearing we was then doing well I had by that time a great deal of washing as my little girl could run about I did many weeks earn 30s myself by my washing so I have not spent much idle time I was exactly like that when Mr. White Brought the letter to me that Stephen wrote and we had got 50 pounds in the Bank and all got by real hard work I must tell you Mother that Hart is a very steady sober man and would not spend a shilling in waste on no account neither would I myself. . . the diggins Broke out soon after Mr. White called on me well I beged of my husband to come here and try his luck has so many Adelaide people had been here and done well at last he made up his mind to come and leave me in Adelaide has I could get my living without touching the little money we had saved. . . in about 5 weeks after he left I received a letter from him containing the joyfull news that he had got his own share 200 pounds worth of gold and also to tell me to sell my things and come to Melbourne as quick as possible so My Dear Mother gladly did I comply with that request. [167] I sold my things and took the first vessel Bound for Melbourne. . . where I found my husband anxiously waiting my arrival he was then determined that I should not work so hard any more of course I have no need to now for with the money that I Brought with me we could raise 300 pounds and now I consider myself well off in the world so I do nothing but my own work now. . . now Hart bought 2 Horses and a Dray he gave 100 and 50 pounds for them he is now taking stores to the diggins for shopkeepers and he is making 30 pounds per week and making money fast but he will be off to the diggins again as soon as the rain comes as they are obliged to wash all the earth after they dig it to get the precious metal I hope he will do something handsome this time.