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3-029 (Text)

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addressee,male author,female,Brown, Eliza,41
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Private Correspondence
Hasluck, 1977
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Grass Dale November 23 1851
My dear Thomas,
I have received your double correspondence, I may say triple there being three letters: the first two came by Cowan, the last by post, and your sentiments have not failed in their cheering influence. Have I not often told you that I only wanted a little encouragement.
Carter wrote to me yesterday (somewhat late in the day I must confess) to say that he should be starting for Champion Bay on Monday. I immediately wrote to Kenneth and enclosed your letter along with mine together with a note to Carter which I took to Church this morning, and not finding him there forwarded them by Chas. Wittenoom. I asked Miss Helms if she was going to Carters and finding she was not invited her together with James Brockman to dine with me, but no, she had promised to be home by two oclock.
I intend Aubrey to drive me to Gwambygine tomorrow morning and intend taking Matilda. I shall tell them I should have done myself the pleasure of calling before but did not like to go out before going into mourning having lost some relatives and having all to do ourselves it took some time to prepare and then invite Mr and Mrs Wittenoom and the whole family party to dine at Grass Dale on Wednesday next offering to lend the spring cart and fix country hours 2 oclock at latest. I dare say they will not come but if they should do not be afraid as to the entertainment. I will do if possible more than if you were present except that you are a host in yourself and there is a piece of flattery from a wife one who thinking no little of herself has often experienced the mortification of a defeat. It gratifies me much that you wish me to be your companion in reading, how could we not improve if this is your taste.
November 24th. I have just returned from Wittenooms, they are going to dine here on Sunday next, the visit has been an agreeable one; they pressed me very much to stay dinner but I declined saying the cart would be going into York to fetch a person who is expected to be called for, which is the case. Fanny and dear little Janet are going in principally for a drive and Mrs. Colville the superintendant's Wife is to be brought out to see how she can acquit herself in making dresses, and if she does the first well and fashionably perhaps more may fall into her hands as we must not disgrace you when we come below. I must ask you to send me five yards of diaper to make pinafores for Matilda and to send me another cap. I like the bonnet cap very well, apply to the person who made that and say I should like white feather flowers just like the black ones, white goffering without the rim of black, and an additional row beyond that, bordered with white ribbon, and it would make a very pretty half cap.  Be it known unto you I am too juvenile in age or in spirit to wear a whole cap which perhaps may impart some knowledge to your already over wise pate.
After all this rodomontade I come to a very serious matter. On Sunday being too early for Church I took Matilda and the rest to the 1st Vernon's grave. Matilda had often been enquiring and had not the story only by heart but at heart about the bird's nest and fatal catastrophe attending it.
I wish before leaving the District to have a railing round dear Vernon's grave, I know you will not deny me.
Thomson did not take the trowel with him but I will send it by Taylor if he should call. De Burgh's foal I hope you will forgive us for not knowing whether it was turned out or taken to Champion Bay. Thomson started very early and Aubrey was not up but I watched from the verandah, saw Thomson's earnestness but it appears did not sufficiently enter into particulars. The horses were driven from the field into the stockyard, some separated and left, Filly, Pony and her foal to my knowledge, these I was most interested in. There might have been others without my knowledge belonging to other people turned into the bush. Pony, the foal and Filly were turned into the yard.
I have heard that Stephen Parker is going down tomorrow and have just despatched a parcel to him for Mrs H