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3-026 (Original)

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author,female,Brown, Eliza,41 addressee,male
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Hasluck, 1977
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Grass Dale October 6 1851
My dearest Papa
This post conveys to you a number of letters and newspapers. So long a time has passed since any mail has been forwarded to England that all our news of the last few months, namely since May, comes at once. The times have been eventful both for the Colony and ourselves and I have now the great pleasure of telling you that Mr. Brown has got the appointment of Police Magistrate. He is to sit in Perth in the first instance in order to relieve Mr. Mackie who was holding the appointment for another person for whom it is being kept in reserve until the Colonial Secretary comes out, but the duties became too arduous connected with his Office of Commissioner of the Civil Court, in other words Colonial Judge, so Mr. Brown was applied to. When Mr. Yule (now Acting Colonial Secretary) for whom the Office is intended is at liberty to hold it Mr. Brown will be appointed for Fremantle and it is hinted will have something else in addition, namely the Residency, but mind this is all secret, as also about Mr. Yule, but I must let you know, why should I keep anything from you. The salary as Police Magistrate is two hundred and sixty three pounds per annum.
Champion Bay of course is out of the question as a residence for us at present but the station will be kept on under a superintendant. Kenneth will come in very useful too and in a very few years will be able to take charge. He went down on Monday last as guide to a shepherd and two Natives bound to our station and to receive the stock from Davis, Walcot, and Logue whose time of engagement with us has come to a close, and he will have the principal charge until the horses go over in November and at the same time Alfred Thomson as managing man.
A number of ships are expected from England, some are already due but I must not keep my budget open any longer for fear of missing the chance of sending by the Leander, and there will be a chance again in a few weeks by the John Panter by which time I shall perhaps receive those long expected answers to our letters of November, December and January last. I had intended sending you my Journal in manuscript but as it has appeared in print I send you the Inquirer instead. There are some mistakes in the printing some of which have been corrected in an erratum. As I do not know whether that paper will be sent to you I must to save my own credit mention them. The first is "The Messrs. Burgess's" for "the Messrs Burges" - in another place "would" for "should" - "stopped" for "stepped" in speaking of the horses in riding [word lost by seal] the flat on the Irwin. "Out" instead of "on" to Wookerina - "embodied" for "embedded" in speaking of the lead stones at the mine on the Bowes. [122] Trusting to hear that all is well and that you will receive your rights and ourselves your blessing
Believe me
Your Affectionate Daughter
Eliza Brown