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21st January 1851
Dear Kate, 
Mary came here for a little change with baby a few weeks before Xmas.
She wanted it for she had got one of her low fits on her and was not, as fancied, very strong. She was wonderfully benefited by it and writes me word that everything at home now wears a different aspect. I never saw a baby thrive as hers does. She is a sweet little thing and would be very handsome had she a better nose. Oh dear, that nose will stick to the Earles! I never thought Mary would be such fidget with a baby. Indeed there is a pair of them and Henry spoils her - Mary I mean.
We are in the middle of harvest, the wheat spoiling for want of men, who are very scarce. What we have are earning 10s or 12s a day with beer and spirits and the best of living. George has a splendid crop and I think he will get a good price as there has been very poor ones in every other district but the Port Fairy. -
It was reported that the Bishop was putting up prayers and exhorting the people to be careful for fear of famine in Sydney - and with these men I have in the Kitchen! [184] Each has a lump of beautiful bread after every meal - I suppose they think it ill manners to eat up all they cut. The waste makes me angry. If you said a word they would talk of the feed at the
different places and won't go where it is rough. Fortunately there is less used here than at some they do not like, but I have the scraps cooked up a second time which they are very fond of, in fact any mess. Of course they don't suspect it is the bits they leave.
Believe me always,
Your affectionate sister,
Penelope Selby