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Regulations For Ticket of Leave Holders in Van Diemen's Land
1st Ticket-of-Leave Holders on arrival in a District must register their residence at the Police Office, and also change of residence while they remain in that District.
2nd Ticket-of-Leave Holders are not to remove from one District to another without a pass from the Police Magistrate of the District in which they last registered their residence.
3rd Ticket-of-Leave Holders are not to be absent from their registered places of residence between the hours of ten o'clock at night and daybreak, except in actual attendance on their employers, or by a pass, either from such employers or a Police Magistrate.
4th Ticket-of-Leave Holders in the Months of December and June respectively must personally report themselves at the Police Office of the District in which they are resident, or forward to the Police Magistrate a Medical Certificate showing that they are prevented doing so by sickness: the indulgence of any Ticket-of-Leave Holder failing to comply to this Regulation will invariably be revoked, and in no case restored in less than one year. 
5th Ticket-of-Leave Holders are prohibited from entering any Theatre or Billiard Room.
6th Destitute Ticket-of-Leave Holders, unable to obtain their own livelihood, will be received into any of the Hiring Depots and maintained at the expense of the Government until they can find employment.
7th Ticket-of-Leave Holders are allowed to acquire and hold personal property, - to maintain any action or suit for the recovery of such property, or for any damage sustained by them; and in all contracts or other civil matters over which Magistrates have jurisdiction, will be treated under the Hired Servants' Act and other local laws applicable to free people.
8th Ticket-of-Leave Holders must bear in mind that their Indulgence is revocable, and that good conduct is the condition upon which it is held.
J. S. Hampton, Comptroller-General